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  1. I really strongly suggest that you spend some thought and time working out some RP for the massage session. Not just a canned set of phrases that you can copy and paste out the same for every session, but an assortment of different phrases that you can mix and match and improvise from, based on responses you might get from the customer. In my mind, a quality RP'd massage would be the piece that would make the massage without sex session worth the lindens. I would also spend some time on the setting/decor and overall atmosphere of your massage studio, to contribute to making it an overall quality experience.
  2. If this person was another resident, most likely they didn't answer or tell you what was wrong, because nothing was - they were making it up. Contacting LL about it would not provide you any answer in that situation other than that some residents like to bother other residents, and if someone is bothering you, use the tools that LL has provided in the viewer for such situations, which is to block them. If you're worried that you might be doing something that could get you in trouble with LL, then you might want to re-read through the Terms and Conditions that you have to agree to when you created your account. You can find a link to them at the very bottom of this web page, in blue letters "SL Terms and Conditions". As long as you know the types of things that could get you in trouble with LL goverance, and you know that you are not doing those types of things, then you have nothing to worry about when some other resident threatens you about reporting you or that you're "going to be kicked off the grid".
  3. If the harassment behavior continues - for example, if you believe the person is creating alts to continue harassing you after you have blocked them, then the best course of action for notifiying LL would be filing an AR (abuse report) that outlines the harrassment, and then filing a new AR (referencing the others) for subsequent harassment actions, so that LL can see a pattern of harrassment occurring. If it was just this one single incident, and blocking the account takes care of it, I don't know that there's much sense in reporting it - it would probably be viewed as a resident-to-resident dispute, which LL doesn't usually concern themselves with. Any text or message about trying to get you off the grid - unless it comes directly from Linden Lab - can be ignored. Someone was just trying to get you upset.
  4. CORRECTION TO MY POST ABOVE - I wasn't paying attention and confused LI and sqm when I wrote the post above. If over 18,000 prims are needed, then a full region would pretty much be needed - which would be quite a bit more in costs - a full mainland region is $175 / month, and a full estate region is even more. Which just underscores the fact that if this is your passion, you should find a way to fund it. Asking for someone to fund a full region for you each month, on an ongoing basis, is asking a lot. Sorry for my confusion earlier. I should have logged out before commenting on this thread earlier, not afterwards.
  5. Dynasty, I know you mentioned that you can't afford to rent or buy land for your amusement park, but it running this amusement park really is your all-consuming passion, then you really do need to figure out how you can rent or buy your own land. 1/4 region has a 16,384 LI allowance, and it sound like you'd probably need at least that, perhaps a little bit more. I would suggest checking out rental prices for 1/4 region parcels, so you have a good handle on potential costs. I think that renting would probably be the least expensive option, but there's also a lot to be said for owning a mainland 1/4 region and paying tier to LL for that each month (after the initial purchase cost and if you were a premium member). Owning a mainland parcel would mean that you wouldn't log in some day and find out the rental company abandoned the parcel, or changed their rental covenant - if you owned the parcel you could pretty much have any type of business there that you wanted to. Monthly tier for a 1/4 mainland region is $67 / month. I believe it's still possible to put in a support ticket to purchase a section of abandoned land, which if approved, is usually set to sale to the requestor for 1 L$ per sqm. Once you have some hard figures about the monthly costs, take a look at your other expenditures - perhaps there is something else that you could cut out, or cut back on, to help free up money for funding your dream here in SL.
  6. Which viewer are your referring to? In which way is the voice toggle broken? (i.e., does the control not visually change state, or is it that voice is just not working for you? It's possble it may be an issue with the voice service itself, and not necessarily an issue with the viewer control itself)
  7. The premium category is still included on the webpage Destinations guide. Second Life | Destination Guide - Virtual World Directory The viewer destination button just displayed a handful of all the categories and places, so my thought would be that they decided to highlight some other categories and places instead of the premium only locations.
  8. True, but this down-the-rabbit-whole started because of snapshots being shared that violated privacy (?) and this whole part of the thread discussion has nothing to do with name change privacy issues, either, which was the original complaint. I just can't imagine what would be so terrible that LL would need to contact Google (and presumably all the other search engines) regarding having something taken out of search results (if I'm understanding the copyright issue as she brought it up here initially). I need to do something else than read this thread...
  9. Noelle, I have no idea what site you were referring to when you started this part of the conversation, so it's hard for me to even figure out what type of personal information or privacy violation you're talking about. For me, it seems like the take-away is to not share personal information in-world that you want to be sure isn't inappropriately shared with others.
  10. I thought that was referring to the items being included in the snapshot or machinima - as in being able to include them in the snapshot or machinima, not referring to the resulting snapshot or machinima.
  11. Sorry I didn't catch that the issue was from your profiles being shared on a platform outside SL. That does make it a lot more complicated (and is another reason to be very careful about what type of RL info is put on profiles).
  12. with blended alphas everywhere because
  13. This may be a repeat of what live chat told you, but it may be helpful for others reading who may have a similar problem: First, be sure that you have the person muted and blocked. Second, change the places that you frequent and make sure that you do not have your house or the new places that you frequent in your picks (or as a location for pics posted on the mysecondlife.com feed, if you use that). It's also possible that one of your other friends is communicating with the stalker, giving the stalker updated information about where you hang out at, so you may want to temporarily hang out with different people, or by yourself, for a bit to see if that makes a difference or not. Also, make sure you are not wearing anything that the stalker may have given you, or that there is not anything on your parcel that was left by the stalker. In terms of AR's, I think the key is being persistent and filing a clear and calm AR each time there is a stalker incident, with the report being factual and non-emotional. It will take a series of well-filled out AR's over a period of time in order for LL to be able to see that there is a pattern of stalking, even after you have impelemented all of the viewer/land tools for preventing harrassment and/or stalking.
  14. You might want to look at some of the pictures in the following thread. It's relatively new, and isn't in the same section as most of the avatar pictures, so hasn't developed a big following yet, but there's some good anime avatars pictured in it, and if you see something you like, you can always message the person who posted and ask where they got various things...
  15. I would suggest asking either in the inworld group for that system, or asking in the inworld group about locating other communities that use that system.
  16. This trying to find any way (except normal vendors) to sell items that had been sold in gachas has been eye-opening, to say the least. There's almost a feel of desperation to it. There was a comment back someplace in the thread that where a poster said one of the reasons they bought gacha items was because they knew that they would be higher quality than non-gacha items. In another thread, there was a comment that some events had trouble finding enough creators. A former gacha-only seller (with some supposed better quality than anyone else) and empty stalls at an event sounds like they were made for each other. The former gacha seller could sell items the normal way at the event, but would have the additional eyes on their product that a well-attended event brings. It could be a way for former gacha-only sellers to start getting their wares out to an expanded audience and start to build an expanded customer base.
  17. I guess one of the things I don't understand is this fixation on "rares". Even in this solution, a certain number of other items have to be purchased in order to get enough points to get the "rare" item. If all I wanted was the rare item - becuase it was the house, as an example - and I wasn't interested in anything else, in particular, I would still need to look through all the machines to find enough other things to buy - that I might only be lukewarm about - in order to collect enough points for the rare. I would rather see the items for sale individually, and if some sense of "rareness" was important, make it a limited edition, with a limited number of that item to be sold.
  18. If you're going to be getting a random item for each token, and the items are no transfer, what are you going to do with the 35 blue oval rugs you got because you kept trying over and over to get the couch? If the items are no transfer, the duplicates can't be given away, passed to an alt, or sold. Which is why I still think that the best thing for creators to do is to display the set in their store, rezzed out, and let people buy which ever of the pieces that they want to buy - in which case I could just buy the couch intially, and not have to worry about having to buy other parts of the set when I'm only interested in one of the items. If they make a nice display showing off the pieces and how well they go together, it is likely that a number of customers would buy a majority, or perhaps even all, of the items.
  19. Thanks - I've never purchased a powder pack or subscription box, so I wasn't sure. It was my hunch that they were non-transferable, but I didn't want to make that claim without knowing for sure.
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