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  1. Looking at the contents of the guidebook in the 2 screenshots posted here, I would imagine that a completely brand new user to SL would probably read and click through the "next" buttons on the guidebook until the end, where there was information about how to remove it from the screen. Honestly, if a new user doesn't have the attention span to at least cursorily scroll through the guidebook, then I would wonder if they will have enough attention span and focus once they get in-world to do anything worthwhile or interesting. I have a feeling that the guidebook is much more irritating to old users creating new alts than to brand new users.
  2. The role that they are assigned to has the ability to create objects? Have any of the tenants been able to succesfully rez a furniture item? Are they trying to rez items inside a building (trying to rez an item on the floor, for example)? What happens/what message do they get when they try to rez an item? If they are trying to rez inside a house, you might have one of them try rezzing an item directly on the ground (not on a ground covering or other landscaping, but directly on the bare parcel ground). There are sometimes issues with trying to rez an item on top of another mesh item (i.e., a mesh table or cabinet, or the floor of a mesh house...). If that is the issue, they can create a prim, flatten and lengthen it, and then move that into their house to rez items onto while they are furnishing. If that's not the problem, hopefully someone else will have some other suggestions of things for you to check. I haven't owned my own full sim before, so I'm not aware if there are region settings which might prevent someone from placing items even if they are in a land group role which allows that.
  3. I'm always surprised a bit when someone makes a post in the forums, and in the post, states that they don't check the forums. If you're interested in photography, in particular, I'd suggest checking some of the threads in the forum (there are several in the "People -> Your Avatar" section that focus on avatar photography, and several more - some avatar focused, some landscape photography focused - in the "Creation -> Art, Music, Photography" section of the forum). There is also "The all-in-one Home Furnishings Topic!" highlighting some of the home furnishing items found in current sales in the "Land -> Linden Home" section of the forums. I mention these other sections which may match up with some of your interests because if you were to check out and participate in some of the threads, it might also be a way for you to make some friends in-world that have similar tastes. There have definitely been shared photography sessions (even leading to true in-world friendships) that have started from participation in common threads here in the forums.
  4. I don't think this is a LL bug at all, as my understanding about avatars like TWI's is that often the default LL human avatar body is deformed in order to make the animal shape, and even in the above information, there are references that make it sound like some of the default avatar bones have been re-purposed - all of which is fine to do when making a non-human avatar, and why these types of avatars will often come with a specific AO just for that non-human avatar. I believe TWI does have an inworld group - was there not anyone in the group that was able to help you? The only thing that I can think of off-hand, is that you mentioned it started going awry when you were using voice, and if you had the checkbox in the Viewer Preferences checked to move the avatar's mouth when talking using voice, and the TWI avatar/AO has its own animations for talking, perhaps that is causing some type of conflict with the TWI avatar head. If you do have that box checked in the viewer Preferences, try unchecking that to see if that makes any difference or not. (I don't use FS viewer, but in the viewer I use, the "Move avatar lips when speaking" check box is on the "Sound and Media" -> "Voice" tab of the viewer preferences.
  5. It may or may not be either a known bug problem, or even a bug problem. However, what type of avatar is it that you are wearing? Are the head and the body from the same creator (and therfore presumably made to work together)? Is there a store group for that avatar (or a website possibly with either a FAQ or a support area)? My suggestion would be to start with the in-world group for that avatar - if it is a known issue for that avatar head, it seems most likely that those in the group will be aware of the issue and perhaps even know of the solution or a work around for the problem. You might also check the product box or folder to see if any notecards were included - those sometimes will have a list of common situations and their solutions, or may have information about who to contact if you have issues, or a link to the product's web page, if one exists.
  6. The best place to ask this type of question about a specific product is in the group for that specific product, or (if the creator of the product has one) the product's web page support area. This part of the forums is for more general SL related questions than questions about how a specific 3rd party item or system works.
  7. I had forgotten about that one, because it has only been occasionally when I've needed to use it. However, when I have had to use it, I've always been glad it was an available option.
  8. Am I missing out on some fun? I can't remember the last time I had to relog! Before relogging have you checked the statistics window to see if there are issues with ping time or packet loss? Perhaps there's some issues in the chain of network connections from your PC to SL's servers. Personally I would not have expected "being in the cloud" to be a fix-all either - whether I'm connecting to a server at a private data center A or a business that hosts other businesses' services at data center B, there are still the network paths to be navigated there and back from my PC at home.
  9. The main reasons I went premium were: - ability to buy mainland - free 1024 sqm tier or a free Linden Home - stipend (even though it's not much, but there are times when the amount of L$'s I can buy per month is very limited, so knowing I'll have at least 1200 L$'s a month from the stipend is nice) - premium sandboxes Premium cost is still less per year than some other entertainment type subscriptions, especially when paid annually.
  10. Chroma, I do hope that you will eventually find a place and a vocation that will bring peace to your soul and allow your creativity to blossom. I think those types of places often keep themselves well hidden, perhaps in a shadow or behind the early morning mist, so sometimes we may not even recognize them for what they are, at first glance. Keep your dream alive, but remember their may be other waystops along the journey which may require a bit of hard reality or being pragmatic, before you are able to finally find what you seem to be searching for.
  11. Do we actually know the percentage of regions or areas which have an age-limit restriction (which may not necessarily be a 30 day restriction) ? When I was a new member, I only remember 1 place of the many places I went which had an age-limit restriction. I would tend to think - or at least hope - that the number of places with an age-limit restriction is in the minority - especially for places in the Destination Guide.
  12. I'm confused. To be fair, you had made comments earlier in the thread which had made it sound like you were in need of being able to earn money because of bills and other stuff with the current-ish situation of the world. I'm sorry that you have had difficulties on your path through life, particularly this past 18 months. The state of the world has been challenging for many people, in many different ways as we each have our own individual issues and ways of responding or coping with situations that arise. I'm just not sure whether any of us here are realistically going to be able to provide, or even help get you pointed in the right direction, what you seem to be needing. I would suggest to keep exploring options and potential sources of help or guidance out in the real world.
  13. I was responding more to what I saw as a specific criticism that people in this discussion were not reading all of the articles being linked to in posts in this thread.
  14. When the subject of a conversation or casual discussion is telepathy or some other similar type of ability, I think it is natural that the question of whether it is real or not comes up - I don't think that is off-topic or disrespectful for this subject. If this was a different forum - perhaps one that focused on metaphysics or one that focused on scientific studies of the supernatural, I could see being upset or disturbed with people not appearing to have read studies that were posted, or to not be including other non-western scientific disciplines. However, I don't come to this forum expecting to be involved in academic or serious metaphysical/spiritual/scientific discussions. If I wanted to really study and deep dive into those types of subjects, I would be reading books or papers somewhere else - not here.
  15. If the age being displayed was the RL age of the person behind the avatar, I would say that could be a potential data privacy issue, but I really don't see how the age of the account would be a data privacy issue. Even just about every forum I've participated in has shown the age of the person's account for that service or platform. Although in some ways, by some people, the avatar age is like a badge of sorts, and can also be a cause of drama. <shrugs>
  16. There have been times over the years, particularly with people switching to mesh bodies, or to mesh heads, or trying to figure out how appliers work, or how BOM works, that we have had this type of helping thread, but generally it has been in the "Your Avatar" section of the forums. As someone who doesn't like to ask a lot of questions, I found those threads very informative as they helped me to understand how to make those changes successfully for my avatar. I don't know that it's very much different than the threads in the scripting forums where pages of posts are often written trying to help someone with a scripting issue.
  17. Look in your "Worn" tab and make sure you're not wearing anything still from the older version 4 folder... Other than that, I'm not sure what it would be. (Looks like we went full circle, lol)
  18. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. At least you have a nice new house here in SL to decorate and get away from RL issues. Hope things will smooth out for you.
  19. Just one last quick note - in the WORN tab - the object called "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.2 (Boxed)" is probably the "black bag" in your hand, and that object should be detached.
  20. Yes, I think finding a time when you won't have other distractions would be a good idea.
  21. The "Help/Info" button is the one that should give the online documentation link. The body that you want to wear is NOT in the objects folder - if - in the objects folder, "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara" shows that it's being worn, you need to detach it. You need to go to the "Worn" tab in your inventory and detach all of your Maintreya version 4 items. Then go to the "Recent" tab in your inventory, and in the "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3" folder, ADD the following items: Maintreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3 Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha (and if not already still on your screen): Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara HUD V5.3
  22. Definitely do that first. I should have mentioned that.
  23. You already did that, I beleive. That is how you got the "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3" folder in your inventory (which you have displayed in your picture above). From inside THAT folder, you want to right click and ADD "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3" and right click and ADD "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara HUD V5.3" and possibly add "Maitreya Mesh Body - Alpha" .
  24. The link I posted a couple of comment above is the "Getting started" part of the online documentation - as you might have not been around when BOM was introduced, I thought the "Getting started" page might be the best place for you to start at.
  25. The HUD it's referring to in the NC is the "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara HUD V5.3" in the "Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.3" folder in your inventory. Add that HUD, and the go to the Misc tab on it. The bag in your hand is probably the initial object that you unpacked - look in your Objects folder and detach the Maitreya object there. If you did "wear" instead of "add" initially, it may have caused your left shoe to be taken off - just find the shoe in your inventory and re-add it. This is part of the "add" items instead of "wear" items - adding will add more than 1 item to the same attachment point, while "wear" replaces the item at the same attachment point.
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