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  1. I might have been a typo, but.. wierd BRIANS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuhQCMJtxkw
  2. I actually got this dress in berry from a "stay at home" event that was was held recently.. Since my avatar is a younger female ( past her teen years ) it suits her quite well.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Yara-Dress-Tie-Dyed/13720883
  3. I was just there and clicked on the 2 treasure chests but nothing happened.. oh well. Any way DAN sim has a underwater cave.. DAN 234, 168, 24 is the current entrance.
  4. I would look at your task #4 posting, while eating pizza (task #5) (i am drooling because of the pizza.. honest)
  5. Thanks all this block is now sold... for some strange reason it wont let me edit this post...
  6. Protected Roadside, Seaside, Water views. Odd shape, but almost square on flat grass land. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dosojin/145/213/32 ....460 L (may even reduce it further for quick sale.....)
  7. Well , that explains the groups of avatars you sometimes see underwater that look like they are not doing anything obvious. 😁
  8. just wondering.. Because i have a 1024 mainland i don't want anymore, and instead of just abandoning it, i was told there are land bots, and if you price it to sell at 0.5 L a meter, land bots pile up almost instantly and you sell it straightaway. Ok, i thought, set it for sale at 0.5 L .. waited.. waited.. nothing. Ok, set it for sale at 0.2L a meter.. waited..no land bots.. Oh well, if anyone wants a odd shaped 1024 for a few hundred L's, send me an IM or something, and i will reply as soon as i can.... ( if you reply i will give u the landmark) I know i probably should have put t
  9. why you young whippersnapper, i would use my belt on you if it wasnt holding up my pants!
  10. yes, where is this? ..need the juicy details..
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrG-lsrXKRM that explains nothing lol
  12. Ahh, finally found it. i think the bleeping instructions might be for the secondlife official viewer, me, using firestorm, found it in the viewer world preferences, but not easy to find. its now fixed and dont own it anymore.. glad i dont have to submit a ticket, would a been a pain..
  13. yes i can still rez, its a house and land . "Linden Homes are ready-to-move-in homes that belong to a themed community and are available only to premium account members." Note: Linden Homes are available only to Residents at least 18 years old. its the old style houses before they offered houseboats for premium member which you have to apply for. so i actually only have the right to rez and live there. i still have the rights to it, it is showing in the account. i know i could drop the account to basic, but that might only lock me out of the account until i resubscri
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