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  1. Thank you for that mention. Though the place was quiet when I went, it looks like it has potential so I grabbed a landmark. And of course, still looking for more nude friendly dance places.
  2. Anyone have any more? This is my somewhat alt. On my other account I've enjoyed House of Blues, and tried out Furnication. Though Furnication seems to be only furries (kind of like a lot of places say they welcome furries and then none show up, Furnication welcomes humans but none showed up while I went there, once as a furry and once human - funny how in dance clubs these two types of people don't mix). I did find another too, a place that got mentioned in a 'party naked' group: Sunshine's Cove. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spirit%20Marina/32/203/23 - Mostly a clothed crowd, but the owner is a nudist guy that hangs out in the club, so he helps "magnet" people in and you don't have to feel "weird" as the only naked AV. A lot of places I've seen, even in that 'party naked' group - I will go and find myself the line nude person. And one person in that group last night was even complained about being evicted from a club for being nude, while standing near the clothing optional sign...
  3. Thanks for the suggestions so far. Checking them out, and have been to some of them, to see which fit me. List isn't too long but I got stuck shopping last time I was on and didn't get all the way through.
  4. I'm looking for some active dance clubs in SL that welcome nudity among the guests / visitors. I see plenty of places in search with 'dance' and 'nude' but they seem to always either be XXX clubs with no one dancing, or performer places where visitors are expected to stay clothed. Or lesbian clubs (which seem to always be drama fests with fights in local everytime I've been in one... or say they welcome nudity but give you that "WTF are you doing" reaction when you strip down). Maybe I've just entered the wrong lesbian clubs? :) Not too concerned about the music style, as long as it gets the people to put their avatars onto the dance floor dancing, and not just standing around in IMs (IM all you want, but move your butt too please). :) Don't really care if everyone else is human or furry or elf or whatever - just as long as I'm not alone being nude (but prefer a place where I don't HAVE to be furry or human or mythical, but can be what my mood tells me to be). :) - My avatar here is a blue alien, but in SL I'm mostly human with some RP looks. And just to be even pickier, prefer a place that doesn't require me to be 100% nude or swimwear, so I can come in costumes, jewelry, and other things. Or enjoy the fashions of other people also. Is my list just too picky for SL? Maybe some places that just have some of my desires?
  5. Well in Gor, female characters either have to wear a burqa or be nude slaves, or bikini panthers that "secretly want to be a slave". None of those options work if you lack a sub personality or lack a desire to RP one. Not really concerned about whether or not such a character would be 'ill-equiped' or not. Just whether or not its allowed or not. I can craft a character to what I desire, and have no expectation that my sense of character fashion should let me be entitled to the powers of superman. What I have been finding a lot of lately is places that, as A or M rated, allow it, even in public, ONLY while 'engaged in certain conduct.' And once the conduct is done, you're to dress up again. Which again just sends me off looking for some other place.
  6. Strong genre theme. Fantasy or Science Fiction. - But in a recognizable genre. - Allows humans and furries and some nonhumans (even if science fiction). - Allows public nudity, but NOT requiring them to be subs or slaves or sexual. - Allows the public sexual content, but does not enable it (bring your own emotes/huds, no poseballs around) - this to prevent 'tourists looking for a free-xxx spot. - Uses a mainstream 'combat meter' that is supported by a wide variety of weapon makers. So likely DCS, CCS, or Spellfire. But -NOT- Gorean as that has built in gender imbalance (despite low gravity worlds actually making women the stronger sex). But do -NOT REQUIRE- the meter. People would only need to wear it when going for combat and wanting to use it. The problem I have with un-metered sims is that I really like buying all those weapons and they look really nice. Gets annoying when told never to 'wield' your guns or bow. But I also don't like being told I have to have it on all the time. And I can't stand the places that have meters that level you over time. - Has an integrated merchants area. But this I could shrug on if it was too hard to get merchants to be in theme in their builds. I actually think instead of renting stalls, a RP merchant area could rent out cheaper LM/NC/MP-loader boards. A board you rent that when clicked gives the clicker your LM, a NC, and asks to open the browser to your MP store. - Has a theme that allows a good selection of different human ethnic groups. So for fantasy, set it in a place modeled off of the mediterranian or the silk road. Somewhere "everyone" could be in. - No voice. If voice is around you end up with a split community. Those that type and those that voice. Just disable voice, to get the widest selection of players. I find length of posts rules silly. Some of the best roleplay I've seen over the years have been one-liners. Some of the worst have been long speaches. But the opposite also happens. Typing or saying more doesn't change the quality. It just makes bad look even worse - but does little to help good.
  7. I guess I'm fine with sexual elements. But I don't want to be forced to be submissive or a slave or something. I see no reason why those concepts would be linked, but they seem to be on every sim in SL that I've found so for that has nudity as an element in RP. Almost makes one think that not only is the internet only men, but its all old men who missed the 60s.
  8. PM? So no one has any suggestions? I've been searching for something like this for months.
  9. Looking for somewhere I could roleplay, with an always nude avatar. Fantasy or Science Fiction - I like both. Prefer mostly non-sexual - can make exception for a fun enough RP but I am -NOT- seeking a sex-sim. Or I guess, I can be ok with a sim with a lot of sexual themes if its really a roleplay sim, and not a poseball hangout. And -NOT- as a submissive, sub, or slave. But just as a nude character; sensually nude or just nude. :p
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