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  1. Disclaimer: I don't know how valid (as in indicating true state of lag or not log) this is, but this is what I do. Perhaps it will be helpful (or pershaps someone else will come along and correct what I wrote, or offer better explanations or things to check). I bring up the Statistics window (Ctrl-shift-1) and check the following: FPS Scripts Run (currently, where I have my mainland parcel this is 100% - when I'm looking for a parcel to buy I try to find a location where this is at least in the 80's, or preferably in the 90's percentage wise). Physics Time (I glance at this because usually it's less than 0.999 ms, but a few times I have seen it significantly higher, so I've generally not considered those parcels any further. I don't actually know what this represents, but when it's a value a lot different than what I normally see, I get wary). Script Time Spare Time If the script time is really high and the spare time is extremely small, than I'm wary, because that is before I've put out anything that might have scripts. I do try to remove unneeded scripts from things I put out, but there will be some percentage of items that need to keep their scripts and may have scripts being used on a regular basis, so I like to see some spare time available for my things. I try to read and follow the discussions here in the forums about what these different statistics numbers mean, and how they indicate good or bad performance, but a lot of those explanations don't stick around in my brain.
  2. In regards to new styles for a new theme, there is the initial preview (entire region with all the home styles for the theme) when the theme is introduced, generally at a large grid-wide public event, such as SLB or the Home & Garden Show, for example. It's true that the preview only occurs once, so perhaps it would be cool if they moved those preview regions to a special LH demo region afterwards, which would end up with a demo region for each theme. None of the content packs have enough furnishing items to furnish a home, and I don't think that they should. There are a couple of threads in this section of the forums that you might want to look at: -Bellisserians Show Off Your Home and Garden- to see how other residents have decorated their homes, to get a better idea of how different themes look inside, and to see some of the resident created add-ons that are available though the marketplace. The all-in-one home Furnishings Topic - where residents hightlight good deals at sales for items that they think might work with one or more of the themes. The Bellisseria Citizens Group had (and perhaps still have?) a list of "open house" homes - ones where the resident has indicated that they are open to people stopping by and seeing their house and how they've decorated it. This is another way to see what the houses in a particular theme look like on the inside.
  3. Like others have suggested, join groups for the types of activities that interest you. There is value even in just traveling around to explore when you're new - learning how things work, what's out there, learning how to use search to find places or groups, getting ideas about avatar customization and clothing styles, just seeing the variety of opportunities available. If you find a place where you like the atmosphere, be it a dance or music club, or a newcomer friendly area, if the location has scheduled events on a routine basis, start attending those so that you start to become familiar looking to the other attendees and start to participate in the local chat for the location or the group chat for the location. Filling in the 'about' section on your profile with some of your interests and having a profile picture are also helpful. Many people read profiles of avatars that they encounter out and about, and if yours is empty except for some groups that you belong to, the profile doesn't offer any clues or hints for others in starting conversations with you.
  4. I understand what you mean, I think. People tend to have certain types of interests or things that they like to do inworld, and so tend to look for locations that meet those criteria, and we tend to not realize the sheer number of other regions for other types of interest that are out there. I remember being surprised, when I was relatively new in finding out that one of my friends, who had been here for quite a few years, had not heard of Bay City before when I told her I had rented a home there. It turned out that she never went to mainland regions because the types of things she was interested in were on private estate regions. Sometimes people tend to not realize how many other regions there are that do meet their criteria as well - which is why when someome comes here to the forums complaining about being stalked or harrassed at a particular region, or being banned from a particular region, we tell them to move on and find another location of that type, because there are many out there. I enjoy seeing the destination guide highlights when I log in, also. In terms of mainland, I'll explore by choosing a location from the inworld map because I can see where public roads or waterways are, or tell where abandoned land is located to use as an exploration starting point. I'm not brave enough to just pick random private islands from the map and TP to them to see what is there, though I know some do explore in that fashion. So the destination guide does help me find the types of regions I like to explore which are generally countryside, or nicely done cities or resorts, or interesting looking art installations, as examples. I like places where I can walk around, imagine myself living at a place like that, and take pictures. I'm not as interested in horror or sci-fi, though sometimes I will visit one if the destination guide entry looks particularly interesting. I am aware though, that there are many other types of locations out there besides the type that generally attract my attention.
  5. If you do get your dog back, before you attach him again, you might want to check to find out the preferred way for him to be removed afterwards. I've not had a Zooby pet before, but I know with KittyCats which can be attached to be carried around, once they attach there is a message in local chat to "drop" them instead of "detach" them, so that they don't get lost. It would be worth checking with the Zooby group if that is true for the Zooby pets as well.
  6. The closest I've come is to have a friend's son ask if that was Second Life on my computer screen when he stopped by our house and was standing across the room. He said he used to play it. Even if he was still active, or became active again in-world, I don't know if we would ever cross paths, as I don't believe we would have very many common interests, and I do not date nor seek out any type of involvement with anyone beyond platonic friendships. This possibility of encountering someone you who might actually know you is part of what generally keeps my answers pretty vague when someone asks me questions about real life, or when just conversing with a friend about real life stuff. There is quite a bit I might discuss with a close friend in-world, but not enough specific details that they would be able to identify me out of a town full of women of my age group.
  7. I agree! Isn't that one of the rules? What's wrong with people ?!?!
  8. The best thing about inventory organizing, is that anyone who feels that they have the best organized inventory is correct, because each one of us who organize our inventory do it in the way that works best and makes the most sense for ourselves, and may not make any sense to anyone else (so of course, one's own is the best)
  9. If there are people coming to your club who do not know how or where to set their own viewer's media preferences, than a notecard giver with a notecard explaining the settings for the commonly used viewers would be beneficial for others visiting your parcel. This knowledge about viewer settings is useful not just when someone is at your parcel, but for them to have in their back pocket, so to speak, for other media issues they might come across in-world.
  10. Found you in-world to send an IM to? or found you in-world as in appeared at your doorstep? All you need is the avatar name (which is the same as the name displayed here in the forum on posts) to search people in-world, bring up the profile and choose to send an IM to that person. Sometimes I think, if by reading posts here, someone thinks that you would be an interesting person to be friends with, they may look you up in-world to send you an IM and see if a friendship develops or not... I would hazard a guess that there are a number of friendships started that way from the forums. If it's someone sending you an IM that is not friendly, then I'd think about blocking them. Finding your location in-world and showing up there is more difficult (if not nearly impossible) but if you have picks in your profile of places you like to go to, or a pick for your home parcel, or you mention in the forums places you frequent, it's not improbable for someone to find you at one of those locations if they are persistent.
  11. While it's true that not everything on everyone's "must have" list is in the default LL viewer, I think it's still important to mention that a number of the "must have's" may be also available in other 3rd party viewers - not all are exclusive just to FS. So I would still encourage people wanting to change to a 3rd party viewer to give more than just FS a try out. Depending on what exactly is on a particular person's "must have" list, they may find that they have more than one 3rd party viewer to choose from.
  12. I have one from Fancy Decor that I felt was a perfect size for a grandfather clock. At the time that I bought it, it was out on display in his in-world store, so I was able to stand next to it and get a good sense of it's size.
  13. I enjoyed reading all the interviews last year, and look forward to reading the next batch.
  14. What controls exist in the standard LL viewer in regards to media are: in Preferences -> Sound and Media When media is enabled, the Media auto-play options are Yes, No or Ask. I do not remember what the default out-of-the box first installation of viewer choice was for media. From the toolbar is a pop-up box that can be displayed (which I can't seem to get a picture of) which lets you stop or start media, as well as see all media or just media on this parcel, or outside this parcel, or on other avatars. When you have selected one of the displayed media sources, there are also buttons to stop selected media or zoom into selected media. There is also a button on that pop-up box to directly open the Preferences -> Sound and Media page. Also on the toolbar is the quick access version pop-up of the volume control and enable checkboxes that are also in Preferences -> Sound and Media. I generally only enable media when there is a specific reason for me to do so - otherwise I leave in un-enabled, and have not had any issues when it is off. Editted to add: Molly did go out to the parcel yesterday using the LL viewer, and was not able to replicate the issue either with that viewer, so it doesn't appear to me to be a deficiency in just the LL viewer.
  15. I don't find it kind of silly, rather it is something I enjoy. There's been very few times that I haven't owned mainland, even when I've also been renting a parcel on an estate. I feel closed in on estates and miss all the variety, and all the connected regions, that one finds when exploring around mainland. When I do travel around on mainland roads, I do usually stop to take a quick look at stores I'm passing by, and if it looks interesting enough, I will go into the store and check it out further.
  16. Perhaps it's more difficult now with all the mesh bodies, but when I started back in 2014, I managed pretty well in figuring stuff out. By the time I was 6 weeks old or so when I got connected with a RP community where I made a couple of friends, I had already found the Free Dove, the 30-day Fab Free list, visited several new resident destinations and did the various tutorials at those locations, took some basic classes, did some building, got a LH, rented land, bought some mainland, bought and furnished a house. I did a lot of reading in the Q&A section of the forums. I didn't have prior virtual world or gaming experience, so everything was new to me, but I was curious and wanted to learn things, find out how things worked, explore and figure out what I could do here (and how to do it). I knew I had a lot of things to learn, and I accepted that as part of the challenge, because that was also what had drawn me here to begin with. I was entranced by every thing. I hadn't viewed joining here as something to do just (or primarily) for the social aspect. So I didn't have any issues about exploring and learning on my own, and didn't really go out of my way to try and make friends for the sake of making friends.
  17. Graphic presets were introduced first in the SL default viewer.
  18. Many of the items listed as reasons why people use Firestorm are items that are also found in other 3rd party viewers - for example, Kokua has session or permanent derender, built in AO, chat bar commands, parcel lines on the mini-map, RLV, larger texture memory than the standard SL viewer, area search, old-style (non-web) search. I used to use Firestorm because I thought I needed it to get the features I wanted in a viewer, but one time when it looked like it was going to be months before a FS update was going to be released with new functionality that was just released in the SL viewer at that time, and was something that I really wanted without having to wait months, I started checking out other 3rd party viewers and found that other 3rd party viewers also had the features I liked. I started using Kokua, because it more closely follows the updates to the SL viewer, and the interface is closer to the SL viewer (especially the opening screen) which is something I liked. I do use the standard SL viewer quite a bit also. The only thing now that is a drawback for me with the SL viewer is the smaller texture memory, but generally that's not a big issue for most of the places that I visit in SL. I do download the updated FS viewer the few times a year it is updated, and I try it out for familiarity with how it's handling new things, but for the past several years I have not found anything compelling enough in FS to switch back to it as my everyday viewer. I do think it is good for people who help other new users a lot to have some familiarity with the SL viewer and new functionality/features introduced in it. In some ways the viewer recomendations in the forum - the overwhelming use FS because everyone is using it - reminds me of the majority of the female mesh body recommendations here (use Maitreya because everyone is and it's the only one everyone makes clothes for) instead of encouraging people to try out multiple options and finding the one that works best for them or that they are more comfortable with using (or wearing, in terms of a body).
  19. I was actually pleasantly pleased with the UI enhancements and the Guidebook functionality that were made in this current version.
  20. Another scenario to look at, especially as you say the payment was declined - was the amount shown as taken out of your account for each payment the full amount of the payment you made, or was it $1.00, and showing as a pending transaction with your bank? When a new payment method is added, LL does a 'trial' withdrawl transaction of $1.00 and then reverses it. If your payment method is a pre-paid card, or even some debit cards, the reversal fails and the payment method is declined. In this situation, where the transaction was not completed, the $1.00 pending charge expires and is not actually withdrawn from your account.
  21. However, on the first page of this thread Quartz Mole stated that it was not the same type of HUD, and that it's not attached nor detached from the screen like we generally think of HUD's being, but it is a floater window. I think it's a feature of the viewer rather than something just associated with "linden lands" like the social island HUD was, because if you have the latest LL viewer, you can open and browse through the guide book no matter where you are in SL by using the F1 key, the Guidebook menu option from the Help menu, or the guidebook toolbar button, and then close it by using its menu option or toolbar button. It's available to me in the LL viewer, even though I have not been to the welcome island or social islands for years. It's very possible that this new Guidebook functionality is not in the FS viewer yet, as they don't release updates very often. It is in the latest Kokua viewer, as a toolbar button option, as Kokua tracks fairly closely to changes made in the LL viewer, generally doing an update and release after each LL viewer update and release.
  22. True, but I did scroll through it when it was first introduced in the LL viewer and it's not a lot to read if I remember correctly (and it's definitely easier to read than instructions for other things in-world which are presented on notecards). If you are truly brand new, it's all useful things you should know if you're planning on leaving welcome island. If you're not truly brand new, you can click the tool bar button or the menu bar option to close it.
  23. This is a different thing than the guidebook that was very recently implemented, and what is shown in your original post. For the item in this screen shot, which is supposed to detach itself when you leave the area, the suggestions at the very top of this thread dealt with removing it when it didn't do so on its own. I think guidebook with its directions about how to detach it, the toolbar button and the menu bar option is an improvement.
  24. Technically, if you look at the description at the top of this section of the forums, it says: Make Friends It’s easy to make friends in Second Life. Discuss the best ways to connect to other Residents. So while many do use this section as an ad-board for advertising for friends, it's also for sharing of tips about finding friends. The first friends I made in SL were from a RP site I frequented. I've also made friends from a residential community I lived in for several years. There are other groups which I belong to because of interest in the regions the groups are for, and through participation in the region's activities and in the group chat, friendships can be made, if desired. It's also helpful to have some information about what types of things interest you on your profile. I think you indicated in another thread or two that you participate in one of the fishing games? Have you looked at any profiles of people you often see at those events and reached out to anyone who's profile indicates that they may have some common interests with you? Another way to meet potential friends is by attending repeating events - such as a particular DJ at a dance club, or weekly events at some other community, so that others who attend those events get used to seeing you there, and the opportunity for chatting and developing friendships becomes more likely.
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