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  1. Jules Catlyn

    What is your opinion about the Roman Empire?

    I thought of the wrong Roman Empire
  2. Jules Catlyn

    Problem regarding billing

    if that is the case you will have to submit a support case
  3. Jules Catlyn

    Problem regarding billing

    Thats your problem then. You can use a creditcard, Paypal or Skrill
  4. Jules Catlyn

    Problem regarding billing

    What kind of payment method are you using? Credit card, debit card, Paypal,Skrill
  5. Jules Catlyn

    Everything about deleting your Second Life account

    I never said that. I said that most people do not DELETE an account. They just let it be. If you never delete it you won´t have to recover it later and big chances are things like inventory will be intact.
  6. Jules Catlyn

    Everything about deleting your Second Life account

    You can always try to file a support ticket and ask if a deleted account can be recovered. Most people don't delete an account. They just start a new one and let the old one be as is.
  7. Jules Catlyn

    Graphics issue while trying to start Firestorm viewer

    Thank you LittleMe. We managed to get it fixed by downloading the correct driver again. It seems a Windows 10 update made that necessary.
  8. How can we fix this issue for a Nvidia Quadro 400 graphics card?
  9. Try logging into a different location. And an ISP saying everything is fine is the most common answer i see here. They can be wrong as well.
  10. Jules Catlyn

    caspervend discounts

    I stand corrected Thank you Casper
  11. Jules Catlyn

    caspervend discounts

    "If you wish" is not the same as "You can make the change yourself". If you wish you can contact the creator and discuss with them the promotion you want to do. They can then decide whether to participate and make the necessary changes.
  12. Jules Catlyn

    caspervend discounts

    Correct but the settings will still have to be changed by the original creator.
  13. Jules Catlyn

    caspervend discounts

    Cindy beat me to it and she is right. Only the original creator can make changes like that.
  14. Jules Catlyn

    caspervend discounts

    If you are the owner of the Caspervend main system you will always get support in the Caspertech support group. If you received the vendor from a creator to sell their products, you will have to get in touch with them to make any changes system wise.
  15. Jules Catlyn

    LL advertising private businesses in their blog?

    Personally i hope this thread doesn't prevent Xiola or any other Linden from posting things and brands they like in future.