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  1. My guess is that some of them were renting out land with little margins and are now taking the chance to get a little meat on the bone. For the other part: It is how the economy works. When things get lower in supply and the demand goes up, companies will profit from it. Our rent hasn't been raised yet *knocks on wood* .
  2. *Takes notes* Keep going there, those are some solid ideas! 😁
  3. Whatever it is, i want to have what he is smoking!!!
  4. Thank you very much. Back to the drawing board for me then
  5. Thank you for your answer. So people visiting my store wont be able to see the windlight i edited and set for the parcel?
  6. So i edited a windlight in the Firestorm viewer and then saved it. I then applied it to my parcel via the code in the description field. How can i now share this windlight with my neighbour so they can have their parcel set to it as well and others can see it. I hope i worded this right.
  7. Very much in their speak and how they engaged me.
  8. I have to disagree with you there. I recently was involved in an event where i met quite a few tinies and although they were fun and polite, they were far from a-sexual.
  9. This is probably the reason why. It is the same on our sim
  10. We all got ejected or banned from places at some point. And then we move on. Nothing you can do or Linden Lab will get involved in.
  11. You can go to your dashboard and top right will be a picture that will lead to the selector for the Linden Homes. If there are any available they will show there and you can select a theme (Traditional, Victorian, Camper,Boathouse) and one will be assigned to you. Then you get the location and teleport there.
  12. I think "Life Socks" would be more appropriate
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