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  1. I am by no means a scripter or as tech savvy as you but it seems to me that in order to achieve the stability and features you compare it to, Linden Lab would have to start from scratch instead of trying to work with the current format. I don't think you can compare the infrastructure Second Life has to much newer games since it is much older. Those new games also don't offer the variety SL has to offer. So in my humble opinion all those comparisons go rather limp. I commend Linden Lab for what they have achieved with the tools available and hope to be here for many years to come.
  2. If i look at the stats i don't see the online user numbers drop massively. So it seems the ones leaving were never online much anyway (source: an online stats site with a bad word in the name i didn't realize was there)
  3. Be aware that the cheapest price also often has the risk of being scammed. I would advice to pay a little more and go with a reputable company. Do your research before it ends in grief.
  4. I would say if the changes are so big that it would warrant a big price increase, then it is almost a new product. Then it would be fair to make a new listing for it. If you keep the same listing for a heavily upgraded product i would still see it as an upgrade and provide my customers with that upgrade. I wouldn't see it as a loss of income but as a service. If you want to get the new price for the product AND keep the high listing, it sounds to me like wanting it all. In my personal opinion it would almost be as bad as using the ranking on MP for one product, for the purpose of selling a new product. Let's say a product is jeans and sells very well and is high up on the pages, i then change that listing to a jacket. It kinda feels like gaming the system. It is either updating a product and providing that to people who bought the original or create a new listing. Can't have it all. If the product is really good and has such a high selling price it will get back on the top pages on it's own merit again.
  5. If it is the same listing but only certain features have been edited (like the price or the item to be delivered) i think the system will still treat it as the same listing and it will be redelivered. That happens when i update a product, people will redeliver and get the latest version. If you don't want that to happen you have to create a new listing. I don't see it as a "hole" , i see it a an intended function. I believe most creators will see it that way since a lot guarantee free updates for the entire lifespan of a product. If the price change is that significant it must have been quite the change in the functionality of the item to warrant such a price difference which, in my humble opinion, would warrant it to be listed as a new item.
  6. I reserve full judgement but at a first glance it seems more tongue in cheek to me.
  7. I do the same. It just is not worth the headache.
  8. Still tinkering a bit and going for a bit of a vintage look
  9. Jules Catlyn


    No, but you can with your usd balance in your account. You just sell your L$ and it will create such a balance.
  10. Which viewer do you use? If it is Firestorm have a look at this link https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_missing_inventory
  11. On the point of using morphs to sell something, i agree that that is misleading the customer. With the current phototools available it is perfectly possible to make a very good looking and accurate shot of an avatar. As far as using morphs for personal vanity i have no issues with it. Not my cuppa tea but to each their own.
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