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  1. They basically got the same advice people gave to you. Mute/block and move on. And it seems they have. The original person in the thread you quoted also remained quite calm in their responses. Something you might want to keep in mind as well. Also that person probably hasn't been the target of as much controversy as you have been. So my advice stands: Keep a low(er) profile and let hings die down. And before you say "You don't know what it is like to be a target of false accusations". Trust me, i do. And all i did was keep to myself, let it blow over and the truth won. If you keep doing what you do now, you will always have a big bullseye on your behind.
  2. It is not against the rules but if one posts on these forums one can expect responses of any kind to those posts. Especially if one seems to be a subject of controversy. Then posting here will not have a positive effect by any means.
  3. I am not saying you should quit the game but it might be wise to stop drawing attention to yourself in places such as this forum.
  4. Maybe it is just time to keep a low profile and let things settle a bit. It seems that your current conduct is a road to nowhere and only amuses or triggers the people who seem to have an issue with you. If you pull out from the public view and just do your own thing, it will probably die down.
  5. I don't even want to know how much i spent in SL in all my years here. Probably enough for a nice car!
  6. I looked it up and maybe it is just me but the website url looks iffy. The link is also not secured. The webpage is in the style of Second Life so it tries to look legit but says 2017 all rights reserved. So i hope maybe a Linden (perhaps @Dakota Linden ) can shed some light on this because it feels a bit like a scam. If it is not i will of course amend my post! EDIT: Whirly showed me that the website actually is legit. It just requires some updating imho.
  7. We all need a little help sometimes. Yes, it is not the players responsibility to research an issue but helping LL along a bit with data never harmed anyone.
  8. If you want to know if it is Firestorm or SL in general just download the official viewer and start testing. Maybe if you make a more pinpointed case of issues and file a Jira.
  9. We talked about that!! Fondling the coconuts is fine but NOT the avocados!
  10. So you want someone to devote hours of their time making your club successful for 40 cents a shift and rely on tips to make up the difference? I do wish you good luck with that but i would be a little more generous if i was looking for good staff.
  11. As many variants as cheese! More yucky bacteria in cheese and you probably don't like all cheese either!! DROP RULEZ!!
  12. No urine involved and it comes in a larger number of varieties. DON'T DISS THE DROP!! 🤬
  13. Mmm salted caramel and licorice (Dutch drop)!
  14. I just did some research and 20 chicken nuggets is too many.
  15. When my dad got angry he used my full name (including Catholic birth names). Which was long enough for me to consider my options.
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