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  1. My maturity level is usually questionable.
  2. Not a fan of the idea of inventory sharing either. If you want to share, buy stuff that is trans.
  3. Usually the lower the price, the bigger the risk ending up homeless. Yeah i would research thoroughly and pay a little extra and go with a reputable company.
  4. And keep in mind that the dimensions of a profile pic are 4:3. So a square pic will look squashed.
  5. I did them myself and have sent you the info inworld. And thank you very much for the compliments!!
  6. It is the "Fancy Decor: Visser Wine Cabinet" the bottles and glasses on the cupboard are sold in the shop separately but on top of it in the shop as well.
  7. You can "connect" MP to Caspervend for administrative purposes like tracking sales and provide redelivery but you will have to setup your products on MP just like you would if you did not own Caspervend. It only works one way. This knowledge base article gives more info
  8. They are not asking you to contact them from the stolen account. They are asking you to provide a ticket with the EMAIL you used to create the stolen account.
  9. Thank you. I wasn't sure if double posting was permitted. It usually get people a bit testy.
  10. It is raining today and i am out of coffee. I think this is the end of Second Life.
  11. I kept mine quite plain and modern. I might change the deco a bit but this is it for now.
  12. I think it is a great move. It was fun to see people party in the ballroom last night.
  13. I guess i will be able to dine on our little island as well soon
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