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  1. Jules Catlyn


    It is actually Doux Marilyn and it is available at the mainstore
  2. If LL blocked you, the website or the viewer would display a message that your account has been put on hold or something.
  3. I run SL on a cheaper machine that i bought in 2012. It runs Windows 7, Intel onboard graphics with an I3 processor. I open it up at least once every 3 months to do a clean and check the fan and i monitor the temperatures. It still hasn't failed me. So it can't be the game that's ruining your computer.
  4. Sansar will never replace SL for various reasons and i also don't see a heavy decline in users online in-world. Otherwise i think enough threads have been started on this subject and it is kicking a dead horse by now.
  5. I am a premium member and have been for a while now. In my personal opinion it is worth it but not just because of the benefits i get but i also like to support the company that has given me a lot of benefits that can not be put on a list of perks. These perks include: Helped me get through a very rough time in life, meeting people from all over the world, being able to express my creativity in a big number of ways. Such as performing and creating. Helping me enhance my language skills and in general bringing a lot of joy to my life. Yes, all these things can be done without being premium but i like to support a company that put in effort to make my life a whole lot better. In this day and age it is all about "what do i get for my money and i am owed this or that if i pay". I look at it from the perspective of sustaining a service that brings joy to me on a daily basis. I pay them and they provide me with a big part of my life. That makes it worth being premium to me. If they get a good base line turnover, they keep SL running and that is all i expect them to do. So go ahead and tell me 1000 times that premium doesn't give you your money's worth, i will tell you that there are loads more than me who feel the same way about SL and gladly pay the fee.
  6. If it were on a rented plot of land, it has probably been returned to you and it is on your Lost and Found folder. As a coalesced item (looks like a jenga thingy)
  7. Springtime!! Getting those milkshake cravings!
  8. Because for that you need to have a premium account and some don't want to invest in that for whatever reason they have.
  9. Most traffic does not mean most popular. I know that most sex places have lots of traffic bots.
  10. Yes probably a commercial one. I also think that it would give LL a lot of administrative hassle from people getting them at will and then realizing they cant afford them. But hey, you can always rent one!
  11. The subject had been pretty much beaten to death by now i think. I will add this.I know plenty of people in SL who already pay their subscription with L$. They just sell L$ and have the usd added to their usd balance and Linden Lab takes the fee out of that balance.
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