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  1. I stole this: "'Hotel California' is a negative Yelp review with a two-minute guitar solo."
  2. Have a look at Wasabi or Exxess.
  3. This is going out on a limb. Maybe virtual worlds will have the effect that people feel less inclined to have real life relationships and are also less inclined to have children. I think that is the case in japan right now that people prefer to stay single and find their relief through other means. So less children would mean less people and less pressure on the environment. Just a theory.
  4. Jules Catlyn


    Afaik that is not possible.
  5. To my computer fan . I think the bearing is going out.
  6. I teleport a lot as well and without any issues. I am on a low end computer but with a decent connection, wired, no wi-fi. So no, i do not agree that they haven't fixed the issue. I would look into things at the user end as well.
  7. If your Paypal is linked to a good credit card and/or bank account and you have followed the steps given in the link below and it still doesn't work, contact Linden lab support.
  8. It should be on your dashboard under Billing information. There will either be a message that they have everything they need or you will be asked for extra information.
  9. Maybe next time try it during opening hours, unmasked and without tools.
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    VIP Increase

    This is the blogpost and you can find several threads on this forum
  11. Verification didn't take more than a couple of minutes for me. Wondering if they do it manually or an algorithm does it though. So i don't know how long it will take in your case.
  12. Dang i need new glasses.
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