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  1. Jules Catlyn

    Gacha category? or still just dump everywhere...

    Thank you for this clarification. I did flag a few gacha items because i didn't know they could still be outside of the gacha category. Glad i know better now.
  2. Jules Catlyn

    Teleport problems

    I was not implying that. If they had answered yes i would have gone further into the specifics. I am aware that RLV doesnt prohibit anything without being told to do so.
  3. Jules Catlyn

    Teleport problems

    Do you have RLV activated?
  4. Caspervend is the vendor system and Casperlet is the rental system. If you choose to complain about something and name a product; at least name the right one. There probably will be no compensation given because this is a virtual world and hickups happen. Maybe next time pay your rent a little more in advance so the landlord has time to react in case of an issue.
  5. Jules Catlyn

    To much Hatred! Something wrong!

    I don't see certain locations having restrictions on what an avatar should look like as racism. Some sims have a dress code, some are for men, some are for women, some have restrictions on how many scripts you can wear etc. I just adapt or don't go. You can make a mountain out of a molehill but it isn't racism. Plus, and this is my opinion, furries aren't a race. This is Second Life and just like in real life people have a right to associate with what ever group of people they want to associate and decide who they want or don't want to let into their own personal space. And yes, even though regions are open to the public, in the end there is one owner and it is their space.
  6. Jules Catlyn

    Account Hacked

    I have been in SL for quite a few years now and in all those years most people i encountered who claimed their account got hacked either accepted and wore/activated items or clicked a dodgy weblink. So i guess Linden Lab's security is pretty reliable.
  7. Jules Catlyn

    1950's husband required

    I think it would be more appropriate to handle this in private like an IM. I just checked inworld and the person is online.
  8. Jules Catlyn

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Due to financial restraints i play Second Life on a rather old low end computer and have found the experience still to be very pleasing. I can't run the latest and greatest graphics but the interaction with friends and others plus being creative makes it totally worthwhile for me. I do not experience any other major technical issues at all.
  9. Jules Catlyn

    My 1 topic

    Coffee only if you have stroopwafels
  10. Jules Catlyn

    What do you hoard in SL?

    Combine the two and have a blast!
  11. Jules Catlyn


    How do you mean that? Matching outfit for him and her?
  12. Jules Catlyn

    Trans People, Assemble.

    Basically why one disorder should be regarded as something that needs to be treated so people can conform to society's standards. In my case an autism spectrum disorder and in other cases society should just accept the disorder and even integrate it in every day life and law? Where is the line of what is a disorder and what is not? And who decides what is acceptable?
  13. A: I did not say that everybody should be a creator. There are other ways to contribute to SL which keep it more interesting. B: Creators are consumers as well
  14. Jules Catlyn

    Trans People, Assemble.

    Even in most links i see here posted by people trying to prove their argument it is mentioned that gender development psychologically outside of the binary is a disorder. So my question still stands.
  15. Jules Catlyn

    Abuse by Linden Employee

    And leggings aren't pants. I can't stress that enough!!