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  1. I agree that it would be nice to have an initial amount for new users to start their journey. I also agree with Chic that you can have a decent avatar and a decent sl with little to no investment. But it is also very much possible to finance SL with your SL if you put a little effort in it. There are plenty of small jobs in SL that can make you a nice amount to buy the things you want. That is the beauty of Second Life. I haven't been able to upload any money to Second Life since 2015 due to rl circumstances. I had to look for other ways to finance my SL and managed to get several income strea
  2. Make a smaller club. I am still baffled as to why clubs in SL need to be massive. They can never have more than 100 guests and even that is unlikely because you have to set the avatar limit lower to make sure lag doesnt become insufferable. We have been experimenting with smaller clubs and they have a much better feel to them. They dont take up a huge space, they dont need tons of avatars to fill them. I have become much more partial to smaller clubs instead of the big ones. With smaller i mean clubs that can still easily hold 50-60 people
  3. Thank you for everything and i hope you will find much joy in the next step in your life ♥
  4. I am allergic to cheese! 😪 What i love is almost anything potato and i wouldnt be able to go to a diet without meat,
  5. I used to have a friend who used some kind of voice-to-text application to communicate in Second Life. I have no idea how they did it but they had a pretty active Second Life. It made mistakes of course but in general they could make themselves understandable. I am sure technology has advanced since then and gotten better. This might be a solution to look into.
  6. So now we get "payment in exposure" in Second Life as well? How modern.
  7. In a romantic forest, come spend time with us. Dance, meet, enjoy!! Clothing is optional!! 3PM-6PM slt Slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amityville/136/11/4079 See you here!!
  8. I did that as well. In my case it is cars, People want to Mod their car and one of the first mods they want to do is change the wheels. These are scripted to work in conjunction with the main car script. Not just a matter of swapping them out. I would tell them this and then point out that the car is also copy. So they had a fresh copy they could use in their inventory. Then they would get really insulting and demand i change the wheels. At no cost of course. So i just decided to just sell No Mod.
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