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  1. I had the complete opposite experience. Nothing bad about the operating system but i found Iphones to be too delicate and they broke easily. For my every day use i would not call either iOS or Android superior to the other. Both have their advantages and drawbacks but the wide range of available mobile phones that run on Android make it much easier for me to find a phone that will survive every day use (abuse).
  2. That might very well be true, i can't find much data on that so i can't comment. What should be interesting though is a survey to see what the Second Life population uses as a mobile device of choice. I think that is a far more important factor than what they spend in RL. I still believe that, outside of a chatclient, mobile devices in general are not suited to use for Second Life. Regardless of what operating system they run.
  3. I am, in the North Americas iOS is indeed going strong but worldwide it is Android https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/iphone/iphone-vs-android-market-share-3691861/
  4. Given the marketshare of Android vs iOS globally it would make more sense to develop for that first. I do think that Second Life is not suited to be used on any mobile phone. Even a tablet isn't really adequate enough.
  5. I have been around in Second Life for quite a while and have owned several venues. Ranging from clubs, shops, residential community etc. I have never had any issue that i ran out of space in my banlists. My venues were never overrun by lots of griefers or other unpleasant people. Yes, of course we had the occasional person griefing or misbehaving but never so many that it filled up the banlist. I do know that it is common practice for club owners to warn each other of potential griefers or otherwise people that misbehaved but in most cases it turns out it is usually people that didn't agree with their ego or there was some other reason they didn't like them. That usually was enough grounds to declare someone persona non grata and tell other venue owners to ban them. Don't buy into mass hysteria, run your own place and ban if you encounter issues. That is usually the best way to go.
  6. I know it helped and still helps with mine. As long as i take my meds
  7. There is a Babymetal tribute band in SL even.
  8. Go get another coffee while remembering that things are never as good as they appear at first sight.
  9. I know Caspervend offers the giftbox option for no trans items. They just deliver a box that the buyer can hand to their friend as a gift and then the giftbox delivers the item to that friend. Per their wiki https://wiki.casperdns.com/index.php/CasperVend_2/Gifts_%26_Giftboxes
  10. Sad to see an institute like that go. I have mixed feelings about the venue and the news of it closing but i know it has been a place that many loved.
  11. I had one in the past week and that is nothing unusual. So i have to agree with Minuet
  12. We are looking for a full perm status online indicator. We want to have a way to show people which staff is online. It will be put in a frame which changes color depending on online/offline status of the staff member. requirements: -Change the avatar it indicates for by avatar key. -Color change when avatar is online/offline -Preferably works in a linkset while it is not the main prim I have tried looking on MP but it is a jungle. Thanks in advance!
  13. Curious to see how he calculates the buying price of a profitable business.
  14. I love shopping inworld. More fun than the Marketplace and often better deals
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