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  1. I thought they had Facebook for that.
  2. Jules Catlyn

    Remitly as payment/credit method

    I just did a little Googling and the number of countries it seems to be available in is very limited.
  3. Jules Catlyn

    Remitly as payment/credit method

    I live in the Netherlands and my bank account is supported just fine by Paypal. Plus they even have a Dutch contactnumber with a very helpful supportdesk.
  4. Jules Catlyn

    Store photo contest.

    Create a store group. Get people to join it. When there are enough people, think of a contest with prices. Send out a group notice. Wait for people to send stuff in.
  5. Jules Catlyn

    IM and Teleport

    I have had the same issue with a friend. I filed a ticket with LL and they did something and then gave me instructions on how we both had to proceed. They fixed it for us. So i suggest filing a support ticket.
  6. Jules Catlyn

    Seraphim Hud abandoned.

    Yes i use the Seraphimsl website itself
  7. Jules Catlyn

    tmp body

  8. Jules Catlyn

    tmp body

    Alwin has sexy socks!!
  9. Jules Catlyn

    Who is here?

    Not a fan of a feature like that. I prefer lurking in the bushes
  10. Jules Catlyn

    Second Life Buggy Today

    I have no issues at the moment but it can differ from account to account. Looking for the cause in your connection is a good start. You could also try relogging into a low lag region like Cyclops. Clearing cache is something a lot of people advise to do but in most cases it doesnt solve anything and only slows you down. So stay away from doing that too often.
  11. Jules Catlyn

    Need creator of radio spot

    Sorry for sounding daft but what is a radio spot?
  12. Jules Catlyn

    Why Has The Price Of Land Sales Doubled?

    It might have something to do with the fact that premium members now get the chance to own 1024 sqm of mainland with their subscription instead off 512 sqm.
  13. Jules Catlyn

    Graphic Designer looking for work

    It might be wise to start something like a Flickr account to showcase examples of your work.
  14. Jules Catlyn

    Buying lindens with skrill - Please help

    Judging by the fact that she didn't post any further replies in this thread and is still active i guess her issues got resolved. Maybe you can give a little bit more information on your background and what problem you are encountering.
  15. Jules Catlyn

    Does the HippoRent system still work?

    I would suggest looking for a more up to date system with support.