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  1. You need to bring up the group window for the group you donated the land to, then go to the "Land/Assets" tab and clear your land contribution amount (change it to 0) and then click the "save" button at the bottom of the tab to save your contribution amount change.
  2. But when it does go on-sale, it will be on-sale for everyone on that day. It seemed to me that it wasn't just the not knowing what you were purchasing that was the issue with gachas. If I remember correctly, Patch has said something like the monthly stash boxes would be OK, because even though no one knows what will be in it before they purchase it, everyone that purchases one that month will be receiving the exact same set of items (and I also believe that things like the stash boxes contain no transfer items, as well). There's no correlation really between what items might go on sale at a weekend sales event and purchasing gachas, other than the general randomness of life and not being able to know exactly what's going to happen, or exactly what someone else will do, at some point in the future. If you really liked the particular hair you saw, and like the work of that creator, you might just consider buying it at the normal price the creator charges. Otherwise, it sounds like you don't think the creator's work is worth their normal asking price.
  3. When I was in junior high and high school in the mid-70's, I had friends in the folk music community in Sonoma County, and I was fortunate to have heard Kate Wolf perform live a handful of times.
  4. I have not noticed any complexity issues being caused by wearing a BOM version of a head or a body, nor have I ever experienced being so high in complexity that my avatar isn't able to move. Did you display your complexity value to confirm that it was an unusually high number? (and what was it?) I would also look at what else you are wearing at the time when you experience these problems (clothing, jewelry, hair, etc) - I think that if you use the firestorm viewer and look at worn or wearing tab in the appearance or outfits window, you can see the complexity of each of the items you're wearing. The other way to find out which item you are wearing has high complexity is to display your complexity values, and then take off items one by one, looking to see how much (or how little) your overall complexity value goes down. In terms of the not being able to move issue, I would be more inclined to wonder if that is being caused by a network/connection issue resulting in an overly long ping time or too many dropped packets.
  5. You can also access the support portal and file a ticket as a "guest" account, for account type issues.
  6. What type of stuff? Do you mean "Builder's Buddy" where you can pack something up and then re-rez it out again? If so, you might take a look at: Second Life Marketplace - GNU Builders Buddy or Second Life Marketplace - Builder's Buddy Rez Derez Box The first one is just the scripts, which you could then use in a box of your own, the second one appears to be a packaged product including instructions, which use the Builders Buddy script. I have no experience with either of these - they were the most relevant search results for my "Builders Buddy" search on MP. There are other similar products, I'm pretty sure - pershaps others will chime in with other product names or links. ---------------------------------------------------- If this wasn't what you were looking for, then please provide some additional details about what you're trying to find.
  7. I think this is the best way to go, and for authors who have given guidance about RP of their material on fan sites, this may be what the author (or the author's estate) has requested - no official storylines or official characters from the book or film. I know that is the case for a RP I was involved with which was based on a book series. In the background lore for your RP here, you could provide a brief overview of the official story/character that places the time, location, rules of the world that the story inhabits, etc., from which the new RP stories will emerge out of, but I would also include a disclaimer that except for the purpose of setting the initial context, the offical story/characters are not involved with the RP story line moving forward.
  8. No, in order to buy a mainland parcel, you need to be a premium account member.
  9. Which viewer are you using? and is it the most recent version of that viewer? and does it only happen when you right click on an object? What happens if you left click on something else (like the bare ground or the sky) - does that clear the blue lines?
  10. I'm a little hazy, because it's been awhile since the last time this was discussed. There was some trying out of different scenarios in that thread, and I think what it came down to, finally, was that if you were already in the region with the parcel in question, you could then TP anyplace you wanted (whereas those without the ability would still be only able to TP to the landing point, even if they were already in the parcel). I don't think any other sesttings were found that could change things, at least no by anyone who was trying things out in that thread. If you're interested in the prior discussion, it can be found at:
  11. Deleting the other levels from the region will not lower the current monthly payment. The monthly tier amount is based on whether it's a full estate region or a homestead region or a full mainland region, and if a full estate region whether you upgraded (and pay the extra monthly fee) for additional LI allowance. So how many levels you might have on that region doesn't matter.
  12. It's hard to know if other spots like that are way overpriced, because asking price is often tied to the location of the parcel - which continent it is located on, how much protected waterways there are (and how far can you travel in them from the parcel, etc.). Without a LM in the ad it's a bit hard to see exactly where it is located, or to see how large the parcel is. Based on your use of "protected view", I'm guessing that it is on a region edge? Also, is it a water parcel (all the sand shown in the picture are artificial islands?)
  13. Are you talking about when you do something in the viewer which opens a SL web page (like your account dashboard) or opens a web-based SL profile or search?
  14. You only have to be 13 years old to develop a game in Roblox (along with a few other criteria, like a validated email address, being in compliance of TOS, be a premium member, have a record of earning a specified amount of Robux in game prior...) and many of the games I can believe were created by early teens. One of the ones my grandson likes is the one where you go into some natural disaster and see how long you can survive before you get broken bones, squished, drowned or whatever and die. Another game he played had to do with injuring or killing a mean grandmother - and I told him he couldn't play that game in Roblox at my house. I think there are some knock-offs of Five Nights at Freddies or Hello Neighbor. There are more normal games as well - my granddaughter plays one where you have a house in a suburb (truly a ticky tacky every house and yard the same suburb), and you can 'work' at in-game places (in that mini-game) like the pizza parlor and earn tokens that can only be used in that mini-game and the stores there for buying furnishings and decor for your house. It also has some type of have to eat, have to sleep, have to get washed up type of stats. It's nothing though, compared to family style RP and any of the various farming/crafting/lifestyle HUDS in SL, or even the buy and decorate a house and then shop & play dress-up scene in SL. Perhaps there are better quality games beginning to be developed, but I still think the target age is kids (or maybe late teens/early 20-somethings). All the games that my grandkids play in Roblox seem to be free to play, and I don't beleive that they are premium members, or that their parents buy them Robux (or only very rarely, if they do), so I'm not sure what fuels the economy there.
  15. I had similar experiences this morning, and thought similar things - that thread broke the whole forum! Once I got the message that Quitess posted about techincal difficulties, I just closed the forums and went and did some other stuff (went and helped my mom with some technical difficulties she was having at her house).
  16. I so very sorry. Condolences to you and your Lady. I can imagine you are devastated - that is something no parent wants to experience. Treasure the memories of the years he was in your life. So glad you have someone to travel this journey with - you will need each other, and it will take some time. There will be good days and bad days, but you will make it through. ((hugs to you and your Lady))
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