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  1. HoneyLove004

    Blurry Pics

    I have been having an issue of seeing pictures (mainly in profiles) that come out blurry. I have no idea how to fix this issue, I believe it started after an update but cant remember. Does anyone know how to fix this? Its getting extremely annoying.
  2. Hello, Is it possible to tag people in someone's profile feed? For example if you spot them in a snapshot and want to tag them in it?
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to block your profile from showing up in search? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Today I just started filling out the picks in my profile with my parcels I'd like to show off, and I'm just curious if people check out your picks if they view your profile, and if you visit other users' picks. I haven't browsed the "picks" section of profiles I've viewed but maybe I should start doing that to find some cool places!
  5. I am a photographer/blogger ( Graphic Designer in RL ) and i have been wanting to work somewhere ( preferably as a photographer ), also i do commissions! ♥ Here is my flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/elisesummer/ ♥ My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/elisamoon.sl/ ♥ do IM me if interested. ( elisesum ) thank you ! ♥
  6. After logging into the official SL viewer, I notice that the Avatar profile floater GUI will require me to login again if I want to get full access to it. After providing the login credentials a 2nd time, it works as expected and seems to persist across logging out and back into the SL viewer for a day or so. But eventually the profile will again be "logged out". I've tried re-installing the viewer, clearing cache, even clicking the "remember me on this computer" checkbox (all inside the viewer gui), but the issue seems to remain. Is this normal? I feel like I shouldn't need to login again when I'm already actively in the viewer. And to be clear, I am only referring to the profiles accessed from inside the viewer itself. This has been going on for many months, but I finally got annoyed enough to ask about it. Is this something on my end I can fix?
  7. For almost all of my characters, I do not. I do give out my real life picture on one character but I do not communicate anything about my "First Life" in the text box....just some extended lore about the character.
  8. So There is this problem with Firestorm and i don't know what it is or why it keep happening and it's starting to drive me crazy! Recently i Made Friends with someone on Second life and well the thing is they go afk alot. But that's not the Problem. When i send them a message as soon as i send it it comes up with [12:20] Second Life: (Name here) is offline. [12:20] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. And it comes up with that as soon as i hit enter. IT dose not do it to anybody else or any of my friends except her. It Drives me crazy if there is a way to fix this let me know. i think it's a glitch.
  9. I've been many years in sl and never had any issue's considering being called out for harrassment. So I have a question over something I've put into my profile. I used the name of said certain person who had stolen orginal content of something I created to keep people aware that this person is stealing things. it's just a name not a full explanation, Now I get bombared with pm's to take said person's name out of my profile as it's considered against the rules. Or so the they say. My question is, is it? I see nothing of the sort back in the rules or anywhere on google and most of my friends also use names into their profile. I get threats to be reported if I don't so I am asking is, how serious should I take this? I'm not a bully I'm not a mean person but I do get threatened almost as if they like to do this, They won't leave me alone even when I said to do so. I've muted every single person as I'm not here for issue's I just want this person to stop stealing orginal content and make it's own. So I said if this person does I will. I'm a little bit confused to be honest, I never had any problems with this game until now, In my believe it's neither allowed to steal someone's content or even copy their profile, but I might be wrong If someone has the answer then I be grateful, ~x~
  10. (I'm just posting this here in case a tech person happens to see it.) The SL Profile Feed is not recording "Love". If you love someone's photo or comment, it seems to register it, but when you go back to check the Love isn't there (Maybe the profile feed is some allegory for rl.). This seems to be happening throughout the feed. Comments work, but not the Love. For all of us seeking the approval of others, please fix this.🙂 But more seriously... This is such a basic feature. How does something like this break at all?
  11. On the "interests section" of updating yer profile, we are allowed to add just about anything including dirty, adult content. I've added several interests including motorcycles and Star Trek. However, Star Wars is banned. What did Star Wars ever do to get banned from Second Life?
  12. ok so I am wondering if there is a way to add a note card to my profile as a clickable link, the notecards has a UUID and since you can make inventory items as a autogive when someone clicks on it, there should be a way to do the same with something as simple as a note card. any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  13. I have my group linked to my land and I configured that some members do not have permissions to rezze, however they rezze, I have already verified the options of the land and also the permissions given and even then these people can rezz. I appreciate any help. https://drive.google.com/file/d/172ab25JeWECY9mAj1fC3IW7-hb8MXjak/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SXGUrV0q69DnesX6giwv9_hvfgKBSX2x/view?usp=sharing
  14. I am a photographer/blogger ( Graphic Designer in RL ) and i have been wanting to work somewhere ( preferably as a photographer ), also i do commissions! ♥ Here is my flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/elisesummer/ ♥ My Instagram https://www.instagram.com/elisamoon.sl/ ♥ do IM me if interested. ( elisesum ) thank you ! ♥
  15. I consider my age in SL private, and wish I'm able to hide it like we do with groups. I see no reason to left this details public.
  16. Hi, Im having an issue in the my.secondlife.com profile. My friend profile doesn't show anything even when she has everything open. And I can't see the follow button as shown in the images below. If someone here has had any expierence with this, please advice. Thank you!
  17. So, I'm having this issue where my profile picture is being replaced on DJ boards and on staff board as the wrong picture. Its using a picture all of a sudden from like 2009. I've had the current picture for like 3 years. This just started happening. So when it asks for my profile picture from the server on SLs side Is giving it a very old one all of a sudden. Anyone have any Ideas?
  18. I have seen people do it, but I can not make it work. I put in a notecard my profile UUID in this format: secondlife:///app/agent/UUID_KEY/profile But it not work. I tried adding http:// and https://, but I can not seem to make it clickable, by me or anyone I share it with. Thoughts? Thank you.
  19. I got this Problem and i hope someone know why and can please help TYSM I get me my Display NAme Signs mostly from here: https://coolsymbol.com/cool-fancy-text-generator.html The Fontstyle works, cause i see it after add it to my Display Name in Profile, LL is ok with it, otherwise they Message would show up: Those SIgns are not supported in Firestorm! Now, when i log in next Day, the Display Name is gone and i cant change anything anymore? And this is not the first Time, that happened already. Can LL delete without Warning a Display Name and Why, i took as Display Name a normal Standard Human Name "Natalya" Tysm for help out
  20. My profile biography in firestorm will not update after making changes. Please help.
  21. Is there a way to erase what is in this tab (profile web tab)? A friend of mine started his avatar as female now changed to male and their profile still shows them as female at first
  22. This is just a wish list, so not actually sure where it should live. Over the years I have used notes in profiles for many things, to indicate someone is the alt of another account, that someone has been banned or ejected from somewhere for some reason. That someone was abusive and what they said when they were. That someone owned a store that I blogged and the link to the post. That I met someone the day they rezzed, helped them etc. So many uses for that section of peoples profiles and a great thing to utilise, but I realised that it would be really cool if like a website showing you you have used a link in the past, the profile had an indicator that there were notes you made on a person in the past, it would be a really speedy thing, it could also help people that may have recurring issues with an account or it just may bring up some good old nostalgia. If a little light or frame or something was possible Wants @Whirly Fizzle to see this too
  23. Guys, I have been trying to understand how I create a button in my profile with a link to Flickr, other profiles or any other external page. This is so common in sl but I still don't know how to do it. I found an answer in the Forum (from 2014) but the suggestion they gave didnt work for me. Please, help me understand it. I uploaded an exemple of what I'm talking about.
  24. Hi everyone reading this. Just wanting answers on whether or not it would be possible to Hyperlink an actual firestorm icon that has been put in the about me part of my profile.?
  25. Read it in english language below italian. Negli ultimi dieci anni sono avvenuti grandi cambiamenti nella comunicazione globale. Siamo probabilmente passati da una rivoluzione industriale quella dell'informatica dopo la seconda quella della scoperta dell'elettricità, quasi senza accorgercene. Il web 2.0 e la maggiore interazione sociale spinta anche dagli smartphone che hanno consentito di aumentare il tempo a disposizione per una platea più ampia di persone e hanno aperto l'immaginazione a nuovi orizzonti La nuova rivoluzione industriale è definita industria 4.0 dopo che l'introduzione dell'informatica che a detta di tanti commentatori sarebbe la 3.0 oppure terza. Dato che le rivoluzioni industriali hanno cambiato radicalmente lo stile di vita umano e l'occupazione, personalmente preferisco 3 suddivisioni la seconda l'eletronica nel secolo scorso e probabilmente la 3 quella della robotica che sta appena cominciando. Questa rivoluzione industriale va di pari passo con il nuovo modo di concepire il web che si apre alla realtà virtuale, sicchè, penso che il 3.0 sia utilizzabile sia per il web che per la robotica. Philip Rosendale ha creato il Second Life® anticipando il web 3.0 e la realtà virutale con le sue 3 dimenzioni. Oggi con nuovi mezzi interattivi disponibili grazie alla robotica è in atto questo cambiamento. E' offerto in termini di nuove possibilità di costruire siti web e culturale in quanto già la possibilità di costruire in modo più semplice simulazioni utili per la didattica. Possiamo vedere oggi tante realizzazioni concrete di quello che negli anni 80 era ancora fantascienza e Ready Player One il film di Spielberg è un libro che spiega bene questa dinamica guardandola però dal punto di vista del cinema e dei videogiochi. Non posso che essere la vostra guida (o il vostro Cicerone o Virgilio) in questa nuova avventura della cultura umana. Nome utente Alcorshadow Resident Blog Second Life Community Gruppo: V&R Identity - Drew Youngson Mappa: Amiata's Peack Aggiornato in data 03/07/2018 da Drew Youngson Last ten years there have been major changes in global communication. We have probably passed from an industrial revolution that of computer science after the second one of the discovery of electricity, almost without realizing. The Web 2.0 and the increased social interaction pushed even by smartphones that have allowed to increase the time available for a wider audience of people and have opened imagination to New Horizons New industrial Revolution is defined as Industria 4.0 after the introduction of computer science which according to many commentators would be the 3.0 or third. Since industrial revolutions have radically changed human lifestyle and employment, I personally prefer 3 subdivisions: the second with electronic discovery in the last century and probably the 3 focus on robotics that is just beginning. This industrial revolution goes with the new way of conceiving the web that opens up to virtual reality, so, I think the 3.0 is usable for both the Web and robotics. Philip Rosendale has created the Second Life ® by anticipating the Web 3.0 and the reality virtual with its 3 dimentions. Today with new interactive media available thanks to robotics is in place this change. It is offered in terms of new possibilities to build websites and cultural sites as they already have the ability to build more simple simulations useful for teaching. We can see today so many concrete realizations of what in the years 80 was still science fiction and Ready Player One the Spielberg movie is a book that explains this dynamic well, looking at it from the point of view of cinema and video games. I can only be your guide (or your Cicero or Virgil) in this new adventure of human culture. Username Alcorshadow Resident Blog Second Life Community Group: V&R Identity-Drew Youngson Map: Amiata's Peack Updated on 2018/07/03 by Drew Youngson
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