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  1. It is not "just like gacha" because with the powder pack or subscription box everyone is getting exactly the same thing. It's OK for the contents to be random, as long as everyone is getting the same thing exactly (unlike gachas where each person can be getting a different thing).
  2. I'm using Edge browser, and when I go into Edit on a post, I see the full formatting window toolbar. The only difference between the formatting window toolbar view when creating a post and when editting a post is that the "Font" and "Normal" labels and their dropdown arrows are wrapped around to display on a second line rather than at the end of the line.
  3. The stipends are paid on Tuesdays, so if you just became a premium member this week on or after Tuesday, it should show up starting next Tuesday (and then every Tuesday after that).
  4. I have not played very many gachas at all in the past several years, and the few times that I have, it's been at a H&G store, where there was a display version of the item rezzed to try out, and there were not any rares - just a selection of different fabrics on a lawn chair for example, or different color trim on a beach cabana or a shotgun house - and I didn't really have any personal preferences about the different patterns or colors offered. Outside of that, there have been a couple of times in the past year when I've been out exploring or on a hunt, and happened to come across a gacha resell store or yard sale, and I've stopped to take a look and picked up an item or two that were rezzed out and caught my eye. So I don't really think the removal of gachas and the introduction of the 'conveyor belt' will impact my way of purchasing things at all. I'm somewhat curious to see what this 'conveyor belt' idea might look like when it materializes and makes its introduction in world, but at the same time I'm hoping that I won't come across them at the places where I normally shop, and I don't think I would try it, even if I did see one. I don't have the lindens available for just "shopping to shop" that I used to when I first started, so I am more mindful and picky these days about what I actually buy, when I do decide to purchase something.
  5. If I remember correctly, a lot of time kids clothing stores are located in a shopping center, so if you get a LM to one store, there often may be other kids clothing stores in the same region.
  6. Patch said in the FAQ regarding breedables "Lastly, the resale of any breedables will require at the time of purchase that the purchaser knows what they are purchasing at the root level (for example, it is a blue cat). " To me, the key part of that sentence is the "what they are purchasing at the root level" where I would interpret "root level" to be the most important aspects/traits to be known about that type of breedable which is in the box or bag being purchased (such as color for a cat, for example). I don't do breedables, so I don't know what the most important aspect(s) are for any given type of breedable, so if for cats, it's color, ear shapes and tail, than perhaps that's what should be included in the description, just to be on the safe side - if those are things that are actually known?
  7. Most likely that was the issue, if your friends had not previously verfied their email address on their Account page.
  8. Just wanted to add, that this part about ALL subscribers getting the same content is another nuance - in this situation, a GOOD nuance, because it means at this time, subscription boxes that provide the same no-transfer content to all purchasers are not likely to be affected. (and hopefully it remains not affected, going into the future).
  9. True, and we went through similar stuff when the new Linden Homes were released and people said they never saw any notices. If the email from following the blog sections isn't reliable, I don't know if any other type of email blast would be any more reliable - or if people who don't come to the forums or don't look at their dashboard would receive and then read an email from LL. I think they only email out to confirmed emails, as well, so that's another spot where email communication could break down, if someone hadn't logged into their dashboard and confirmed their email. I don't follow SL on Twitter, Instagram or FB, so I don't know if there were any links to the announcement blog on those other social media platforms. Online skill gaming is regulated as well. There is a LL application process for getting a new skill game approved, there's an application process for being a skill game operator (running a skill game region), there are fees and additional costs for having a skill game region, there are requirements as to which residents are able to visit a skill game region... I don't think converting some existing skill game to give out gacha objects instead of linden dollars would be a walk in the park, even if LL was able to modify their policy to include that type of skill game and still be in compliance with the various U.S. state and international online skill gaming regulations.
  10. However, when I was reading about some of the gaming loot box regulations that have been put in place in some countries, at least one only considered the loot box as gambling if the game had the possbility that prizes could be sold for real money either in the game, or outside of the game (which in SL would correspond with selling the gacha item for linden dollars and cashing out for real money). So, the transfer part may not be "totally added" from LL, but may be one of the nuances that they are looking at in how various governmental jurisdictions are looking at a similar situation.
  11. There was a "Featured News" blog about it, and if you use the LL viewer or one of the 3rd party viewers which has the same splash screen as the LL viewer, you would see the Blog title ("Policy Change Regarding Gacha") and link on the viewer login screen Blog feed section (which is actually how I first saw this news). Also, the Blog title and link are displayed on one's secondlife.com dashboard page Blog Feed section. If you "follow" the Featured News section of their blog, you would have received an email with the contents of the "Policy Change Regarding Gacha" blog post as well. If nothing else, it's worthwhile to follow at least the Featured News section of the blog, because sometimes the blog posts do contain important information.
  12. My understanding of the idea of this forum was that it was to share and discuss role play experiences, but that's just my interpretation. However, if every - or even just a portion - of active role play communities published their role play transcriptions here, even if it was 1 continuous thread for each active role play community, I can see this sub-forum getting very large and unwieldly and most likely most transcriptions not even being read after the first several posts from the thread. I used to clean up role play session chat logs and post them on a role play site, and if the role play session lasts for any length of time, for example, an hour or more, the transcription can get very long.
  13. The fact that you can resale that "free" gift to receive some money back (linden dollars which can be converted to real money and cashed out) is an aspect that some jurisdictions are looking at in order to determine if loot boxes should come under their gambling laws. According to the chart in the article https://www.natlawreview.com/article/legality-loot-boxes-primer showing some of the positions taken in the EU, in France, loot boxes only come under the gambling law when the player has the possibility to sell in real currency the prizes won in the form of virtual objects or game levels. Granted, a gacha machine is not exactly the same as a loot box in a standard video game, but there are aspects that could be considered similar, and law often seems to be about the nuances of something being like something else - often worked out in courts of law, with results then becoming precedents for future similar cases. Regulations also are not static forever - as new situations or circumstances arise, they can be amended or modified to either include some new situation or to include some new situation. Many jurisdictions (countries or states/provinces) have separate regulations for various types of in-person gambling, for various types of online gambling and different regulations for online skill gaming. I'm not too sure about whether trying to "shoe-horn" the gacha experience into a skill game (as some others have mentioned in previous posts) would be a workable idea or not. LL has a comprehensive policy and set of requirements around skill gaming so that they are in compliance with applicable U.S. and international law. It would seem to me that a skill game which would hand out an item (rather than linden dollars) would still need to follow the regulations and certifications that existing skill games are required to follow. It would limit where these gacha prize skill games could be located and would limit who could access those areas. It also involves applications being submitted by the game creator and by game operators. Even if LL modified the policy to allow skill games that give out an item, it seems like a lot of extra work just to try to 'retain' the 'game/fun' aspect of gachas. I would rather see the creators simply put the items for sale in their stores, at a price that the creator feels is the right price-point for the item, and/or create fatpacks to sell what would have been an entire gacha collection (at the price the creator feels is right for their work). No matter what happens to replace gachas, resellers can continue to resell gacha items that they currently have, and with all the gacha sales going on right now, they have an opportunity to pick up additional inventory at a reduced price, to extend the length of time they can resell gacha items.
  14. However, you did post your suggestion in a General Discussion Forum, so you can't really complain about others here contributing their thoughts or views about the topic.
  15. Generally RP session transcripts/stories are not posted here in the Forums. I would suggest creating a website for your RP (with Wix.com or a similar free or inexspensive hosting site) and posting the RP sessions there (where you could also have additional character information, general RP overview, how to contact you in SL, and so forth). Once you create a site, you can put the link to it in your "signature" area of your forum profile, and then it will display on posts you make here in the forums (for people who have the option set for seeing signature areas).
  16. Not all forms of gambling or skilled gaming are allowed in every state in the U.S. In some states only certain forms are allowed in person (brick and mortar) and/or only certain forms are allowed to be played online. I imagine most states have many nuances about what is allowed to be played and where it can be played. For example, I always found it interesting that residents of Nevada cannot play skilled gaming in SL. Although not SL related, I remember a hullabaloo over online Fantasy Football leagues some years ago, about whether it should be classified as gambling or should it be classified as skilled gaming ... and either of those options would have made it illegal in some group of states (and I didn't follow that controversy to the end, to find out how it ended up being resolved).
  17. They would not necessarily have to change the perms - they could list them with their existing perms if they wanted to. Just because an item is no longer being sold in a gacha machine does not mean it has to be sold C/NT. I could see reasons for keeping the original perms and for changing them.
  18. I'm not sure how LL "filling in the voids" would address or rectify the high cost of waterfront parcels near the Blake Sea. You could look into renting a waterfront property, rather than buying. Rentals are usually still reasonable, even in area that have high property sell prices. You could also get a parcel further in, along a road that leads to a waterfront area. Or a home in Bellisseria, and then travel the roads or waterways from there out to other mainland continents.
  19. The regulations apply to the large manufacturers of pre-built systems. The regulations don't apply to private individuals - even under the regulations, as a private individual, you could still legally purchase individual components and built whatever computer your heart desire's without any restrictions at all on any energy requirements. I beleive that there also may be exemptions for small mom-and-pop type computers shops that hand-build PC's for customers.
  20. Since the introduction of the Bellisseria linden home areas, more mainland continents have become connected via waterways.
  21. The requirements are around the amount of energy used when the computer is only in idle or sleep mode. It's also not a one-size-fits-all requirement - the more high-end the computer (larger power supply, graphic cards, other additional things) the larger the allowance of that amount is. There are also other parts of the regulations that apply to other situations that have been being phased in. The regulations were first released in 2016, I think, so all the manufacturers have had ample time to prepare, and I would imagine that most of them have. I think this came to the forefront right now because the part of the regulations that has to do with home PC's just took effect 7/1/21 and many of Dell's Alienware desktops are not in compliance (though apparently all their gaming laptops and other non-Alienware desktops appear to be in compliance - at least they do not have notices on the web pages about not being able to be shipped to California and the other involved states).
  22. If you are not the actual owner of the region, but are renting it through an estate company, I don't think that you can directly ask LL to move your region - I belive the request would need to come form the estate company. So I don't know that there is much you can do other than being patient, contacting the estate company again, or rent from a different estate company.
  23. I wouldn't classify turning it off if someone is going to be away from it for more than 20 or 30 minutes as "turning it on and off constantly". I always figure if something comes with an on/off switch, it shouldn't be detrimental to turn it off when it's not being used at all. If I'm going to go out to the store, or go for a walk, or do housework or yardwork instead of sitting at my desk using my computer, I don't see any reason for it to stay on, so I turn it off. I also turn it off at night while I'm sleeping. If I'm just going to be away a short while, like making dinner, or if a family member stops by for short time and I'm not shutting down applications I have running on the PC, I leave the PC on and let it go into idle/sleep mode, but I do turn off the monitor and the speakers.
  24. The point is that many people leave their PC's in idle or sleep mode for long periods of time, so it does makes sense to have the PC's be as energy efficient as possible during those times (though I imagine it would be even better if people turned them off completely instead of leaving them in sleep mode for hours on end). If you live in a part of the country where one does not need to ever think about how much electricity your home is using and you have the ability to pay whatever that might cost regardless of how much you use, yay you!
  25. Being as the topic is "Can't Use this Body Ever" as in "I don't think I could ever wear body x because..." it could be considered a positive that the body you wear wasn't mentioned?
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