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  1. I have had this OW stilt on Leaky Hold since early Jan (over 6 months now), and just love it. It has some really nice features including a boat rez zone right in front, a pier very close by, a small public island just meters away with a really cute fish bar and a few other fun things on it. I built a deck extension that goes 3/4 around the house. The only downside is that no matter how many invisible cat barrier prims I put up, and no matter how short I set their wander range, my two kitties kept "falling" through the floor and ending up in the water under the house. Once I removed t
  2. So at his talk today, Patch said that the homes will have regular day cycles and that the glow would only be on at night, not during the day. He also said the glow will do seasons of a sort.. for example winter will have a region-wide blue color, and each of the seasons will have their own color scheme. He also said that the fantasy region would not be inside Bellisseria directly but its own subcontinent. And when asked "when" he did his usual Trademark "Soon" .. with the caveat that it could be a couple of months because LL still has some details to sort out... including how the fan
  3. I will definitely get one. I am awed by the beautiful plants/surroundings. However, I am not sure how long I will want to stay there... I am a bit concerned about the "always dark outside" environment and not sure I can decorate those large houses to my satisfaction with only 351 LI. I will have to play with it and get my hands on it to determine if it becomes a forever home or not.
  4. here is one end of it. if you want to see the other end, then walk/fly/drive through it http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brady Stream/127/227/23
  5. Rabid, thank you for all those lovely pictures!! Abnor, thank you for the information!
  6. I have visited and revisited the demo area and I have a couple of questions for the developers (moles and/or Lindens). 1. Every time I have gone there, it is always nighttime.. stayed for 2 hours and was night the whole time. Leads me to ask, are the environments for these homes always set to night? 2. I noticed that the LI allowance on the demo parcels was 468 instead of the usual 351. Is that just a coincidence of the demo area, or will we get 1/3 extra LI on these homes? I would be very grateful if someone official and "in the know" could please answer them. Thanks much.
  7. So what do you think of the new Fantasy release that was revealed today?
  8. here is a video of the reveal that my friend Pantera recorded:
  9. Patch said we would be Wowed.. .and he was right. Personally I am not into fantasy at the depth many of my friends are, and I was prepared to "not like" fantasy.. envisioning homes in trees and mushrooms and maybe under lakes. But what the Lindens and the Moles created... Truly Amazing. It is stunning... and even believable. The homes are large, well laid out and very practical The landscaping is beyond description. I am impressed and I think I want one when they come out. How about you? I took a couple of pictures. they dont begin to do justice to what was created.. but if you
  10. wow sehra, that is stunning. It's easy to understand why you love it
  11. abandoning a stunning chalet in Geppetto with water and windmill. Had it for 2 months and over time just got tired of the windmill. Instead of hanging on to it, decided to release to someone who would love a windmill. (Hint.. use sound explorer to turn off the grinding and clicking noises coming from windmill... they get loud). This may be they nicest location in all of Geppetto, esp if you like windmills. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Geppetto/182/100/23 Will release at 3:45 AM SLT hard to catch a specific chalet atm cuz so many in the system, but wanted to let you know
  12. Yea, funny how that works... you can be in love with a place for a long time and then suddenly be "done" with it. I do hope you find one that "settles" perfectly for you
  13. I want to start what I sincerely hope will be an upbeat thread. It is intended for people who have a home they love and have kept for a "long time" .. .whatever "long time" means in SL. I will start it off with my story. I had a few premium alts for ages, but I had never owned a Bellisseria home -- I used the premium alts to pay for a large second store location on Idunn. I decided to close that location at end of October, 2020. I got my first Bellisseria home (a log cabin) on November 2, 2020 -- but did not love it. I played around with switching homes for about 3 weeks and landed a co
  14. Thanks for sharing this I thought it was cute so I went and joined group and got sofa
  15. looks like RL is interfering... I have to let it go a few minutes early ... letting it go now.
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