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  1. I am kinda new to this, having gotten my first Bellisseria home on Nov 2. I was in the unusual situation of having used a few annual premium accounts to pay for a mainland parcel that I gave up end of October. Now those alts have Bellisseria homes. I dont think I am actually a GOH player... I swapped out homes a few times on each account until I got locations I really liked, then kept them. Even thought I am not changing homes much, I have been really enjoying this thread. I find it exciting to see what all everyone is doing. But I am still learning some of the technology and issues,
  2. Last chance to see the art display at Firestorm Gateway Art Gallery. It is a collection of Bellisseria photos taken (with permission of the one who took the shot) from posts to thread and turned into an exhibit. The exhibit is up through end of day Feb 28.... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firestorm Social Island/190/173/28 Display has pictures from a bunch of regular posters to this group... come take a look....
  3. I looked at the place you are releasing out of curiosity. It is a very nice spot and I suspect that whoever gets it will be very happy. I love that it is away from the road and accessed by a very cute boardwalk sidewalk.
  4. If it is that hard to decide and you can afford it... perhaps you would be happier keeping both.
  5. @Pussycat Catnap So what did you decide? are you keeping both or being nicer to your pocketbook and giving up one? if so, which one did you keep?
  6. @Pussycat Catnap I can relate to your dilemma ... I have 3 stilt homes... was going to give up the Pier one because it is somewhat similar view to the OW one... but when push came to shove, I just couldnt abandon it and ended up renewing that alt for another 99 USD annual fee.
  7. One more photo of Vic near Railroad station .. did not fit in above post....
  8. you know, the map can be deceiving and give you the wrong impression of a property. Let me share a quick story... I gave up a pier that I liked cuz someone really wanted a pier and the alt that has it will expire in April anyhow.... (sad part.. even though we coordinated carefully and there were no other piers on the land page.. another one popped up just as I released. She got the wrong one and someone else got the one I was trying to give her.) Anyhow since that alt who gave it up doesn't expire until April, I decided to get another home for her.. tried a vic. When I looked at the
  9. I am planning to release an extremely nice Pier Stilt at 4:30 PM SLT today ... I love this location... sort of an end in that there is no house to one side... only 1 close neighbor on the right... even the house across the pier is staggered and not directly facing you. There is a wide sailing channel near it, so houses across the water are far away and from time to time you get some nice boats sailing by. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Null Quay/52/60/23 I am letting this go because my alt's premium expires on the 19th and I since I have on OL and OW pier, it just doesnt seem
  10. I have a stunning pier that I plan to release about Feb 19. I was originally gonna keep it cuz it is so nice, but decided it is too similar to my OW to merit paying another 100 USD for. So I plan to let it go the day before that alt's premium expires. I am guessing there will be others in a similar situations. So dont give up hope. There will be some nice stilts out there for you!
  11. that is a lovely lot! Before the stilts that is very close to my dream home.. but now I have a beachy stilt with 2/3 sand and 1/3 water -- so I am not thinking about relocating Whoever gets that spot should be very happy! It is an awesome spot
  12. Announcing an art display of Bellisseria photos mostly taken from this thread... displayed at the Firestorm Gateway Art Gallery for the month of Feb 2021. There are 21 different artists and each artist has given permission for their photos to be used in this display. The hope is that this display will encourage some of the new residents to become premium members and get their own beautiful Bellisseria Home. You can come see this art display at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Firestorm%20Social%20Island/190/174/28 It is up now and will remain up for the entire month of February
  13. That is a lovely trad! My fav are the sandy beach ones... you did well. I think you are smart to hang on to it
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