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  1. Alternative way is to use Grid Survey API by Tyche Shepherd, either internal by writing a script or external calling the API with URL inquiry.
  2. Adding to @Mollymews excellent answer. If you do not use Experience, you make a simple detecting prim with your sensor to rezz the HUD ( using llRezAtRoot() )and let it attach to the person who you detected. It is a good idea to make a time out for the HUD for example 60 seconds and let it die, if the person do not attach the HUD for what ever reason she/he has. Use llAttachToAvatarTemp() as this will not kludge the users inventory and the HUD will disappear by it self, when the user detach it or log out. And always check llRequestPermissions(), do not assume any permissions are
  3. For people on a budget a GForce 1050 with 4 GB, alternative AMD RX560 good basic alternatives. The 1060 6 GB is an excellent graphic card for HD resolution gaming and will perform excellent in Second Life, this though nearly twice the price of the entry 1050.
  4. Thanks @Beq Janus, using conversations contacts tab and did not notice the person icon. And the popup says "Peron online", works as it should, I simply just did not see it.
  5. Took little sail tour test at Blake Sea - Atlantic - WOW, smooth flawless very fast region crossing entering adjacent regions. Boat 3rd generation BOSS Dynamic Sailing Engine, 10 running scripts, 640 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.118628 ms of CPU time consumed. My self full mesh avatar/head on purpose with skipper HUD, 22 running scripts, 1264 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.071830 ms of CPU time consumed. 20 knots, 30 knots (yeah summer storm with strong winds!) and crazy hurricane with 60 and 90 knots just to push limits. No problems 😁 Looking very promising.
  6. Very professional, but I wonder if the video only shows signs made with the Unreal engine combined with DirectX, with which incredible lighting effects can be made. The creator is very skilled and talented.
  7. I clicked my friend list in Firestorm to sort and suddenly I cannot sort by status. The List icon is gone. My Firestorm is version 6.3.9 (58205) May 27 2020 01:20:51 (64bit) (Firestorm-Releasex64) with Havok support. The help to Firestorm on People Panel, Friends states: The List icon to the right, has these functions: Sort by Name: Sorts the friends list alphabetically. Useful on the All view. Sort by username: Only useful if you also have display names enabled. Sort by Status: Sorts the list by online status. Useful on the All view. Well, no List icon
  8. Sunday morning thoughts.... Maybe from the old LSL pre Mono days, I really wish, the wiki entries was date marked and clearly referring to version of script implementation. Notice, the wiki states: "Under both Mono and LSO-LSL you may find strange results if dealing with strings containing more than 9 decimal places." Now casting floats to string truncates the floating number to max 6 decimal places, although this is an academic problem, it could be a problem if doing and representing scientific precise calculations.
  9. Yeah @Alwin Alcott, I worked supporting 100 Windows users in a big organization when young, so more detailed how-to-do-it often needed. No need to be confused 😛 And we really need information on @Sandra8675's system, we only knows, she uses Windows 10 64 bit.
  10. You normally pack into one delivery box containing all the items, the buyer then rezz the box and unpacks it content to her/his inventory. Alternative offer a single delivery HUD, which deliver items to the buyer. A delivery HUD sounds as the best method in your case with what sounds like rather complex product.
  11. Second Life had inventory and log-in problems yesterday, so the problems you encountered could have been triggered by this. Now, a clean install will NOT make you lose your wardrobe or inventory, all your belongings, clothing, items in Second Life are stored in an internal database and will be recreated external for faster access, when you have installed Firestorm. Normally you chat logs will also be kept, but to manually backup chat logs, you must find the roaming folder used by Firestorm on your system. To see where Firestorm has stored your chat etc., find C:\Users\[User_Name]\App
  12. For publishing scripts, I can see the purpose with beautifying headers, else keep it simple and notice if you use an script optimizer all remarks, none-script related entries are removed. Although this limit can be tampered, the default max size of script code is 65,536 characters, where this is one byte per char (ASCII range). Using Unicode characters will typical use 4 bytes per character, so the beautiful header could use memory, you need for your high complex advanced super script.
  13. Cannot change saved clothing - guess best to log and await update on grid status.
  14. I doubt any serious designer/creator do not work with ALM enabled. But I noticed lot of creators/designers going on vogue with über shinny products, be it clothing or makeup, lipstick, eye shadow. And yes, it looks terrible, when glossiness and environment values not used wise and discreet and if normal and spectacular maps not well made.
  15. Or simple texture animations combined with parts shown and hidden, which bends lights into complex vibrant figures.
  16. Did you try and contact the creator of the 3D hotel you bought. I am quite sure, most professional creators would be happy to assist you on exporting it correct, I assume you bought it with full rights to be used, as you want to.
  17. Riding it? I had to read it twice, as a man normally don't ride during the act. The joke is still good thought! 😂
  18. She can try and adjust glossiness, environment (and intensity if supported in HUDs for the body and the head) on her head and body. Type default values down before adjusting. Only minor adjusts should be needed and it is trial and error for her. A slight difference will always be visible unless everything is made by same creator. Adjusted good though, this difference will be like real life foundation on face/neck, where this is visible to some degree, but acceptable. Her lifted summer hair also makes it quite visible, long hair hanging down helps covering the difference, and of cours
  19. LeLUTKA Evolution Erin Head 1.2 ▪ Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V5.0 ▪ Full BOM, standard LeLUTKA BOM makeup ▪ Ultra graphics, default midday, no post processing of image.
  20. A solution would be to use a CAM HUD used by many drivers. Contact me in world for link to such a free HUD.
  21. Most scripters, creators and builders have an alt to test scripts, builds, notably mostly for testing when no full rights for permissions etc. available and to test conditions for end users.
  22. If it is differentiate between simple prim and mesh, how about using llGetObjectDetails OBJECT_PRIM_EQUIVALENCE , OBJECT_SERVER_COST, normally a mesh item compared to a default prim would have server cost>0.1 This is by no means a bullet proof approach, but the only one, I can think of.
  23. Be aware the original NVidea GForce 1030 had 2GB of GDDR5 memory with a 64-bit memory bus and is 100% faster(!!!) than the versions equipped with 2GB DDR4. This is a GPU with the GDDR5 RAM : GIGABYTE GeForce GT 1030 Low Profile - 2GB If you by any chance can afford to pay twice as much, go for at GForce 1050.
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