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  1. Oz Linden


    Auctions have started again. See the status update
  2. Oz Linden

    Advice on http error codes, please

    llHTTPRequest will return a null key whenever there is any error that does not send a request, so you could do something like key request_id = llHTTPRequest(strURL, [HTTP_METHOD,"POST"],llList2String(lRequestsToBeProcessed, 0)) ; if (request_id == NULL_KEY) { llOwnerSay("invalid url " + strURL); }
  3. Oz Linden

    Advice on http error codes, please

    No request is sent for that error, and no response is generated. It is true that some url parameters that were actually invalid used to be accepted and are now rejected by stricter tests. Feel free to post examples.
  4. Don't believe everything you hear. We are not phasing out classic avatars.
  5. We have that now under Preferences > Advanced. The slider is labeled "UI Size". Use with some caution - it's hard to test everything in the UI for all languages at all sizes, so this slider has been referred to as the "UI Bug Slider", but it does make things much bigger. For example, I'm going to have to edit my preferences by hand to undo it after this demo because I made it so big that the "Ok" button on the Preferences no longer fits on my (not very large) monitor:
  6. That won't change from the way it is now: if you select a personal environment (for example, by selecting "Midday", but it can be anything you pick), then that applies until you choose "Use Shared Environment" or until the end of your session.
  7. The ability of an Experience to set an environment has not yet been released (soon!), so whatever is happening there is not Experience-based.
  8. any time you go from one environment to another, whether by moving to where a new one is in effect or because a day cycle is changing, the setting interpolate. For movement the change takes a few seconds.
  9. Our monitoring doesn't show that. If you are having repeated problems that you can describe more specifically, we could try to help diagnose them, but Jira is a better way to communicate about them than the forum. If you have local recording capability on your system, recording the audio for one of your sessions (with the informed permission of the participants) would be one way to start diagnosing voice issues (many problems produce recognizable audio artifacts). We could also help you learn to do packet captures of the relevant network traffic for analysis.
  10. Oz Linden

    ping time

    The speed of light in optical fiber is about 1/3 slower than in a vacuum (the number you used), and there are lots of electronics in the way (a repeater about every 15km on undersea cable, for example).
  11. Oz Linden

    ping time

    Sorry ... that's not possible. You were not doing what you thought you were doing. The speed of light isn't that fast. animats is correct; the 'ping' time in the viewer measures the viewer->simulator->viewer time with the message being handled at the application level at both ends, so it is affected by the load at either end as well as the network you're sending over.
  12. Oz Linden

    SL Viewer fails to launch

    No idea, but your request for the logs is the correct next step.
  13. Oz Linden

    Animesh in Firestorm - how soon?

    That was a bug in the Release Notes - sorry; simulator animesh support is live everywhere on agni, and the Animesh viewer has reached Release Candidate status. This means that it's believed to be at least very close to its final form. We're monitoring how the Release Candidate viewer behaves in production use... so by all means use it. As for Firestorm... you'll have to ask them.
  14. Oz Linden

    So when can we auction our own land?

    Our team is working on it. The Linden-created auctions we've been running have uncovered a few minor issues and elicited a few requests from our Land team for improved (even over the old system) administration features. When those changes are done, we plan to enable Resident auction sales. Sorry, I try hard not to produce time estimates (it tempts fate), but rest assured that they're coming.
  15. Oz Linden

    My most wanted feature yet to come! Terrain!

    I don't expect that we'll provide owner control for the conversion. Instead, we'll have some extended period (tbd) during which owners will be able to see both the old and new values are but all enforcement will remain only on the old values. We'll be monitoring closely how much content would be disrupted if/when we were to throw the switch to using the new values. At some point, with ample notice, we'll switch to enforcing on the newer more accurate values. This is not something you need to be concerned will sneak up on you; we'll be very public about it. We're making progress on developing better formulas and testing them; when we think we're close enough to where we'll end up, we'll document how the new formulas work, and hopefully provide tools in the viewer that will help you analyze costs.