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  1. Not completely, no. We want to unambiguously identify what is being done with LSL so that it's more difficult for bad actors to use it inappropriately.
  2. Maybe they don't want you doing that? If they really are blocking requests from LSL, they most likely are matching on the presence of the LSL version, which is included automatically and you cannot remove; see the wiki page : Have you tried asking them?
  3. Why are you trying to set that elaborate User Agent header?
  4. As much fun as it might be to watch the continuing speculation, I'm afraid there's a simple explanation.... We're in the process of upgrading some of our inventory database servers, which means moving each users inventory data from an older server to a newer one. We can of course only do that when the user is not logged in, and before we start the copy we lock the account to prevent them logging in while the move is in progress. You just happened to try to log in while your data was being moved. The lock lasts for 6 minutes, so if you happen to get that message go make a sandwich or your favorite hot beverage and you should be able to log in when you're done. If you happen to get that message separated by more than 6 minutes, file a ticket with support and we'll look into it promptly.
  5. Good point - my mistake. Fixed. It will of course be moved back if/when the 3D view is in production.
  6. The functions will not change; the values returned by them will, since we won't be using the 'lindenlab.com' domain for simhosts in the cloud (they'll probably be in 'secondlife.io'). They will most likely still have the grid level in the name, but I strongly recommend not counting on any particular structure or content in the value.
  7. For future reference; if anything in your infrastructure relies on simulator IP addresses being in a particular range or having a particular domain name, you should reconsider it - when the simulators are in the cloud (none you can see are, yet) both of those will change.
  8. No one told me I needed to pick a name until the Thursday night before my Monday start date, and the first 4 or 5 I came up with were rejected for one reason or another (most because they'd been used... we normally require that no Linden has ever used a name before). By Saturday night I was getting desperate and enlisted a bunch of my friends to come up with suggestions; one came up with Oz, and I texted the HR person and my soon-to-be boss and they said it was ok. I was coming in as the Open Source Director, and already had an 'Open Sourcerer' t-shirt (still do, but it's getting pretty ratty now), so the wizard angle was attractive (setting aside that the character was something of a fraud). I won't deny that the fact that the then most popular of the third party viewers I'd be dealing with was 'Emerald' wasn't a factor (the friend who suggested it had no idea)... and one more little bit of Linden lore... at work, nearly everyone is known primarily by their Linden name; there are plenty of people I've worked with here for years that I'd have a very hard time coming up with RL names for (makes creating LinkedIn connections a bit more difficult). I rather like being called "Oz" and it feels as natural to me as the name my parents gave me.
  9. A change is a change and will cost the same (and require a Premium status) whether to a new name or back to a previous one.
  10. Inventory size does not affect lag in any way that I know of (where in this case 'lag' means impact on movement and visual updates). If your inventory has more than a few thousand items in the same folder (where an item is either an object or a sub-folder), it can affect the time it takes you to log in; if that effect becomes large enough it can cause your login to time out.
  11. See Channel and Version Requirements You can, within limits as described there, choose your own.
  12. Nope. I queried the URL you posted and got back reasonable looking XML, so I suspect the public/private setting is the real issue.
  13. What you describe is what happens when UDP is blocked - this is common in free public access networks. Second Life can't work under those conditions, so you'll need to find somewhere else to connect.
  14. That is incorrect. New accounts will always be Resident whether Premium or not. New Premium accounts will have the same ability to change the last name that an existing Premium account has, and will pay the same fee.
  15. Incorrect I'm afraid. New accounts will not select last names - they will continue to be created as 'Resident'.
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