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  1. Yes, I am a little baffled - maybe fault in latest NVidea driver, but then it should also happen in your viewer.
  2. SLURL: Halloween Haunted Neighborhood
  3. Good idea is first to walk slowly around the the area on the round surrounding it - there is a lot of things to load and going on. Be sure to have sun position set to estate time as the wind light is superb made as everything in the Halloween Haunted Neighborhood. Then take the balloon ride - after that explore all houses, don't forget to visit the lake next to the haunted area. Thank you Moles and Lindens for making this amazing experience 😃 SLURL: Halloween Haunted Neighborhood Flickr image: Halloween Haunted Neighborhood
  4. Nothing wrong with taking a pause and reconsider, when Premium Plus is a reality. I took a break some years ago, rented a nice cheap apartment in a skyscraper at a NY style sim. Used public sandbox in that period to create and build. I chose to renew membership annual and rented a tropical homestead sized island besides my free Linden home. With all that space (and prims!), I can build, create, make like themed skyboxes and experiment with art, creations. So creating, building, scripting were my main reasons behind becoming member again, besides just loving SL with all its amazing stuff a
  5. It works perfect. And the programmer, creator of the KCP/ACS vehicle system is a woman Karyn Vaher. 1. Make a prim - name it redirect, in the description field specify TP point: 128,128,22 2. Place the KCP script in the root of the vehicle 3. Drive into the prim - vehicle is transported to position 128,128,22 Contact me in world: Rachel1206, I will help you.
  6. What a lovely place. For ppl liking to drive bike or car, there is a vehicle rezz zone nearby Ufeus Route 5, Heterocera. @Ingrid Ingersoll's cafe is a perfect place of excursion. Ohh, there is also a rezz zone vis-a-vis the cafe Goodelli
  7. Using Firestorm and lately I experienced slow rezz of regions, slow FPS and not able to move as long textures are rezzing. Tried Black Dragon and noticed huge difference in usage of my GForce 1060 6 GB graphics. I used same settings and adjusted to same settings in both viewers and a low draw distance of 96 meters. Firestorm 6.3.9 (58205) May 27 2020 01:20:51 (64bit): GPU VRAM usage 3.2 GB Black Dragon (64bit): GPU VRAM usage 1.6 GB That is a huge difference! Notice Black Dragon uses the CPU more but at same time the memory more efficient. I am a lit
  8. Got my Winchester home at Fox Chase, NE of the original Bellisseria continent on the second day or so, when the homes became available. And still got it, just love that little home with the view north to the marina and south to the mountains.
  9. Exploring the lakes on Bellisseria and found the remains of An Ancient One. This is an important Second Life scientific finding! Buried deep down in the digital layers of the main server and fossilized by ages of recycled pixels, The Ancient One appears in perfect condition. URL: Gridlock
  10. Yes, just use collision. Of course you can use llSensor, the alternative is just a suggestion from my side.
  11. You cannot if the scripts are no mod - what I would do, try the KCP Redirect in another vehicle with another vehicle script, if it works flawless with that, it is clear the vehicle script in your first one somehow interferes.
  12. I would make an invisible prim and let it detect, when an avatar enters, let it send a command to the prim with the media player (PARCEL_MEDIA_COMMAND_PLAY), remember to enter some logic handling if playing. If you make it a part of the prim handling the media player, inter object communication using llMessageLinked() - if you make it a stand alone prim use llRegionSay() and listen for the event in your. Making the hidden prim a part of the media prim is the most efficient way, avoiding a listen event and the listen handling impact of the region. Same by using a prim to detect, when a per
  13. Yes, simple llGiveInventory will give a notecard as shown below: touch_start(integer total_number) { key ID = llDetectedKey(0); llGiveInventory(ID, llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_NOTECARD, 0) ); } OK, now the more complex thing - you want them to be able to pick a notecard and delete it. One way to do it, build a list of the notecards, present this list in a dialogue-box with options for GIVE and DELETE. Use llGetInventoryName to do the proper action either llGiveInventory or llRemoveInventory Find inspiration in Kira Komarov's http://wiki.
  14. A good little trick - force an update of the part in question, for example simple forced texture update.
  15. 1. This rules applies for non free KCP/ACS scripts, I would assume so with the free KCP Redirect script if used with KCP/ACS scripts. 2-3. You can use decimals, but no spaces in the description. 4. In theory yes, if the vehicle script is full perm, you can see this easy.
  16. Add to this the lately extreme slow rezz of mesh objects and texture loading - simple texture loading some times even stops everything.
  17. The most common errors are spelling error in the name field of the object or not proper coordinates in the description field of the object, on which your vehicle is going to hit/touch in order to be transported. Be sure the KCP Redirect 1.01 script is placed in the main root of your vehicle (permissions COPY or COPY/TRANSFER). The vehicle transportation can only happen within a region (SIM) - not between two regions. The mandatory name field of the object to be touched/hit is: redirect The description field must have a valid point within the region as for example: 172,40,20
  18. I just did a drive of the Robin Loop (2020-09-25 22:45 PM SLT) and did not encounter any of the problems above. Last time we both were there, I had the problems as you just had - I would not call it a bug, but some latency internet problems. BTW - proof I was there, got a ticket passing The Nightbell Fire Station😂: RS Wasp v1.25, Owned by Rachel1206 Resident 53.072479 KpH Fine L$23
  19. Windows 10 Home costs 139 US$ (Pro 199.99 US$) - 3rd party/OEM version typical very low prices or free delivered with either PC or hardware. Windows 10 still free to update if you have a Windows 7/8.x. See this article in Tom's Hardware on how to. Notice student version is free. I do not see any adds on my Windows 10 Home, which was pre-installed on my ASUS ROG laptop. US only? Anyway, to disable adds, check the privacy settings.
  20. Recently I experience this quite often, like last two weeks. It is independent of the region I try to login to. The Second Life Status page does not report any problems. Anyone else with same problems?
  21. @Kyrah Abattoir I am sure @Lucia Nightfire means scriptable interface, I could imagine something like link_message direct among objects only independent of the existing chat system.
  22. Could it be copy/paste with extended character set, where you get some hidden chars added in the LSL script?
  23. In general when making a video, it is a good idea to prepare the shooting. TP into a given region and let it rezz all surroundings and textures - looking around 360 degrees, before you start video recording, typical this can take up to several minutes. Also rezz items you want to show, so they are in the cache and ready to be shown. Same with clothing and wearable, add the clothing/wearable, wait for it to rezz completely. Lately I and others have experienced slow texture loads in general - and slow rezz of for example mesh heads, skin, makeup - where those items/parts are either mis
  24. Here is some raw ping times from Scandinavia: Second Life server Pinging sim10786.agni.lindenlab.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=148ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=148ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=149ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=148ms TTL=50 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 148ms, Maximum = 149ms, Average = 148ms AWS Pinging aws.com [13.33.
  25. Try first: Avatar Health -> Refresh Attachments. Wait a little like a minute or two and see it this helps and the HUD is working again. The refresh attachments will force the server to synchronize, what you are wearing. Are wearing more HUDs? If so, detach all other HUDs, wait a little and see if the Maitreya HUD works again. Are you wearing pets/animals? Detach those, wait a little and see if the Maitreya HUD works again. Check you are allowed to run script in the region, where you are! If not, go to a region, where you allowed to run scripts. At the Maitreya store scr
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