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  1. I didn't say the complaining of the Blacks was an effort to usher in a socialist state (though considering BLM's stated objectives that could be argued) but wondered if it was yours. Yes, I'm sure there is still predjudice against Blacks, just as there is against whites, asians and aboriginals, as there is against skinny people, fat ones. short and tall ones. The list of potential discriminations are as varied as there are people on the face of the Earth. As far as the Youtube videos I come across, I don't have to dig for them. Seem to be quite a few out there, even more then one's focused on the racism. What they point out is that perhaps there is more then one solution to racism. And honestly, I think it is too important of an issue to drag it down with petty politics.
  2. At around 2:57 she mentions that maybe white sjw's have this white guilt because they really do feel a sense of superiority but basing it on an illusory privilege.
  3. You assume a lot, so much for an open mind. No wonder you can only see what you have already decided to see. I question whether the experience of the poor black is much different from the poor white. Is the experience of the middle class black much different from the middle class white? I haven't seen much difference and have lived in both those economic states. I have also had a wild youth which though I thankfully survived, also showed me that my "whiteness" didn't mean squat when it came to not being beat up by police in a late night empty subway car by 4 policemen, given the maximum sentence every time I faced a judge, overdoses, DUI's, profiling etc. Makes me wonder if these white people who think their color has given them some sort of privilege are just nice people who had a reasonable upbringing, in a nice neighborhood, did their schoolwork and went to college and started their careers without any major run in's with drinking, drugging or other dysfunction and now comparing their "normal" lives with the often dramatized stories of the underprivileged. Start doing those sorts of things and you will quickly realize that there is no magical white get out of jail free card unless you have a good lawyer and even then it will only go so far. It is interesting that when I post links to talks by black people who don't see the racism you claim, they are Uncle Tom's or black conservatives. Ever considered that maybe they just had a fairly functional life that didn't put them in harm's way like white "privileged" people? The privilege comes from living a functional life that doesn't put you in harms way and that comes down to making wise choices. Not the color of your skin.
  4. I have seriously been wondering whether your main concern here is the actual discrimination of Blacks and other minorities or whether this whole thing is just a convenient piggyback ride to political upheaval and the ushering in of a more socialist state?
  5. Some of like to check out both sides of the controversy, not the just the Luna one.
  6. You perhaps misunderstand. The word "woke" is from the black community referring to their own view of the paradigm, not what the rest of the population may or may not think.
  7. She defined it well enough for where I am at but at the same time she pointed out that those with white guilt and yet still feel superior, may have a harder time with being able to recognize that they really are not privileged.
  8. The way I understand her, she is pointing out how not to walk into the gas chambers voluntarily by taking on a victim mentality. She along with some others I have posted already, are better examples of what it is to be "woke" as originally defined: "Stay woke became a watch word in parts of the black community for those who were self-aware, questioning the dominant paradigm and striving for something better", the dominant paradigm being that which the masses of people you refer to as holding on to.
  9. After listening to this gentleman, one the recommended videos to play next was this woman who I think gives some good rebuttals to his talk. (for those so inclined, some of the comments below it are insightful too)
  10. Your encounter rang a bell for me as a couple years ago my partner and I found a big afro hair while out shopping. We both grabbed a copy in case it would ever be useful for any themed event and it was less than a month later that at an inworld dance we were attending, the DJ played a set of 70's style funk that we were really getting into, being both old enough to remember when those tracks were hits on the radio. I messaged my girlfriend that this was a perfect opportunity to wear the afro's we had picked up, both to be in theme and as a tribute to the DJ for the great tunes being played. Certainly no intent as any sort of put down of either. The hair and event I am talking about was actually in Osgrid , not Secondlife but on the off chance that this happened to you there also, I will just say that I am sorry you were offended and that in our case at least, causing any hurt with our outfit selection was the furthest thing intended.
  11. Probably a result of the rationale that those who have an active lifestyle are less prone to feeling pain than those whose lives were more sedentary. I've certainly experienced that phenomenon over various periods of my life. Probably safe to assume that a slave of child bearing age would be quite a bit more active than the one's benefiting from her labors and as a result of that work, have a higher pain threshold. Even backed by science https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5303119/
  12. Having a non english name in real, it was something I have wondered in past when applying unsuccessfully for some positions I was very qualified for, expecting at least a call back.
  13. Actually your study proved employers preferred anglicized names, not necessarily white or black people.
  14. Pet peeve at the universal law that when i point my finger at others, I have three pointing back at myself.
  15. There is but it is currently only in Beta.
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