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  1. Counter to that I ran across this article/study by a former VP of Pfizer who is of the opinion that the virus is at about its end point: https://lockdownsceptics.org/what-sage-got-wrong/ I have no idea which opinion is the correct one but I do hope it is this one Drakon, no offence intended.
  2. My corner of the world is what I need to look at to do a proper risk assessment for me and what I need to do to protect myself. I don't have the option of huddeling at home working on developing both agoraphobia and PTSD and cashing the government cheque at the end of the month. If I don't work, I don't eat or pay my bills. Thanks though for prompting me to look even deeper at the risk assessment for the area I live and work in. From that perspective I found out that in my area just outside Toronto, the 700,000 residents of the area spread over 2,500 sq km currently has an active Covid case lo
  3. In the real world, companies that cater to our leisure times, are staffed predominantly during those times. So although the golf club has groundskeeper personnel on during the off hours, the customer support staff that interface directly with visitors, are mostly on during the evenings and weekends to address any problems coming up when people are taking advantage of those leisure times. That is the nature of such a business normally. From that perspective it strikes me that there should be Lindens available during peak concurrency times, not so much during the off hours. That doesn't rea
  4. My own scientific testing proves masks are dangerous because they make my glasses fog up and I walk into things.
  5. Meh I read a few articles in the past couple days that admitted that the medical authorities are not really sure how the virus is transferring in about 50% of the community as contact tracing has been running them into dead ends in an increasing amount of cases. A lot of the lockdown stuff is them grasping at straws and its starting to be admitted. Honestly it is my own opinion that some are being overly melodramatic about it. I am an essential worker who covers a 500 square kilometer area daily, have a very large extended family as well as a good network of friends and acquaintances wher
  6. I find wearing an N95 mask causes me a little problem when shopping a larger store. I do have some respiratory issue but not normally enough to impair me when walking store aisles for half hour or so. So I guess others mileage varies. Then there was this guy who wore an N95 while driving and found it to be bad for his health: https://people.com/human-interest/man-wearing-n95-mask-passes-out-while-driving-car-crashing-into-pole/
  7. In firestorm you can see the complexity of others by going to Preferences-General-Show Avatar Complexity. It will then be shown above their name tag
  8. Nothing wrong with voicing a complaint. How else will the Lab know where they might need to add some personnel especially considering their client base is multinational and it is only the USA that has a thanksgiving holiday. Perhaps they did not realize that and needed to have it pointed out.
  9. Sometimes it is easier to get someone in by telling them the group needs help from one who already knows it all.
  10. Its the way the thread was going and so my comment was simply a recognition of that as was Drakon's post. Reading of Skel's post I am not sure if he has been personally affected by a covid death so am a little confused as to whether I need to apologize for the dark humour intended in my own post. I am missing why the sudden need to freak out at Drakon's post specifically. I do hope he/she works out the bitterness at life that seems prevalent in many of the posts I see but that's for them to recognize and deal with should that path be chosen. I don't see it helping when a slew of posters do a p
  11. In spite of your own projecting about me, I am left of center and would usually choose the path of liberals if the party leader is someone reasonable. However, Clinton was not a good choice imo and Trump seemed a better choice, especially since the far left broke a cardinal rule in sales while arguing for a democrat vote. Instead of focusing on Clintons strong points (did she have any?) the norm was to criticize and make fun of Trump as being inept for office, as you continue to do to this day. I've taken a few sales courses over the years and in all of them one of the first rules was to
  12. Problem as i see it is twofold. 1 you still need a desktop/laptop capable of running S/L well in addition to a reasonably good tablet or phone. The second problem is that the viewer UI being setup for a larger screen size, would not work so well when viewed on a 6 inch phone or even 10 inch tablet. A native app with a UI designed specifically for a phone or tablet would be much nicer.
  13. Yes, same as me in that regard except in this case I see the little guy as the other side though myself I tend towards left of center....whatever that means anymore.
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