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  1. I have seen these types of pictures all over Flickr and I just can’t figure out how to get the look they did on this pic. It looks kind of realistic comic book to me and I want to know how to create that look in my pics. If anyone knows of vids or tutorials that show how to create this or what programs they could have used. I know it’s a lot of photo editing but I want to know what steps can create something similar or a technique. Sorry just wanted a link and it didn’t work but I looked for an image that is not as bodily revealing.
  2. I like to rp as a teen who likes fashion kind of like clueless and im always told that I look too old and too tall or that I need to dress younger. I don't get how looking like a child means im a teen. I have seen people who dress as teens and they are usually three feet high and dressed in t shirts and shorts or jeans or something and look like they are 12 not 17. How is it that I have to look like im 12 to be 16 or 17.
  3. I am not sure how to take pic and not have my face stretched towards the camera I want a close up photo that looks realistic and having the stretched face look is awful. I know on non Macs its ctrl 0 to zoom in but on a Mac I don't know what that is. Also the proper settings. If anyone has any links to tutorials don't on Mac that would be appreciated
  4. oh thank you didn't even know I could do that
  5. Stupid question but im still trying to learn the evolution line of heads, i can't seem to find how to freeze the eye movement as my eyes are moving around at weird angles and its annoying me.
  6. The rings/fuzzy nails. I asked the creator of the pic but she didn’t know https://www.flickr.com/photos/izzicyberstar/25054314178/in/photolist-EaXUJ7
  7. I should add since I forgot that I have both head and body bom in the skinnery
  8. I am trying to add bom skin to my hourglass body, I have a Fleur head and there is a seam at the neck, im not sure how to fix it. Do the head and body not work together.
  9. I have noticed some store creators use 3D type models in their clothing ads. I am not sure if im allowed to mention any of the ones I have seen..But if so two I can think of are LSR and Scandalize. Even Ricielli has very realistic models in their ads. Does anyone know if its just an external program they use like photoshop or are those avatar skins real. If anyone knows please let me know.
  10. I figured it out the jacket is cynful and the other is candydoll
  11. just wondering if anyone knows where there outfits are from, looking for a fresh set of eyes as I have no clue and the store owner won't respond to messages or notecards.
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