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  1. So first off I’m on a Mac and uses firestorm viewer. I have no issues running secondlife as everything loads quickly so my Mac can handle secondlife. My issue is the style mode for the legacy body always says loading but never actually loads. I have cleared cache, I don’t have an antivirus on my Mac as macs don’t usually need them, media is enabled yet still nothing loading, tried relogging and removing and readding the hud. I can’t seem to figure out where the issue is. If anyone uses a Mac or knows how to get this thing working please let me know I’m so beyond frustrated as I have a tattoo on my body I cannot remove with the hud.
  2. ok I guess what I feel is strange is not coming across. The pic was very old, and when asked for an updated one he had every excuse as to why he couldn't show a new one (maybe a stolen pic). I also don't believe asking for pics is in the same category as moving fast when I do want a real but not with someone who comes on super strong like he did right out of the gate. I want to see the real person im getting to know but if they have an old pic and can't provide one that is within the last 5 years it seems fishy.
  3. he was the one who suggested exchanging pics but mine is in my profile anyway
  4. I meant so he could send me a newer pic, as I was suspicious if he was hiding something or using a fake pic.
  5. So I met a guy at a dating place and we started talking and right off the bat he was saying let’s be exclusive and just jump with both feet in...basically very pushy to have a relationship. I told him I want to take things slow and date for awhile not rush anything. He seemed disappointed or upset by that but whatever he agreed to it. Then he was like let’s exchange pics so we did and his was from 2008 so I asked him for a more recent pic and he said I don’t have lindens. So I asked him if he has another form of communication like discord etc and he said no. Then things went downhill from there as my spidey sense started tingling and I didn’t really trust him at that point and told him so and he then said no wonder you are single. was I right to be suspicious?
  6. No I 100% agree on that I would never date someone with a real partner.
  7. Hi everyone, I’m how are we all doing? I will get right down to it. Secondlife is lonely and I have been feeling it a lot more with all this covid stuff going on and being stuck at home and no one to talk to. I’m looking for people to hang with or even family members. I like to do photography and want to get into blogging. I like to explore and ride my cars or horse through nature sims or race tracks though not the best at driving. I also have my own house with access to open waters so I go sailing a lot. I also like to shop a lot so a partner in crime would be awesome. I do like to roleplay as well so if you are into it, it could be fun. I am online a lot these days so would be nice to have someone with free time also but anything goes. Hope to hear from anyone interested in getting to know me.
  8. I am also looking for a family, don't care if its siblings or a parent. I am also into photography but I haven't blogged yet I just Flickr. I play a young adult
  9. So I role-play a 16 year old girl in fox hollow, I was wondering where can I meet others who role-play a teen outside of fox hollow. So where do people hang out who role-play teens?
  10. I have seen these types of pictures all over Flickr and I just can’t figure out how to get the look they did on this pic. It looks kind of realistic comic book to me and I want to know how to create that look in my pics. If anyone knows of vids or tutorials that show how to create this or what programs they could have used. I know it’s a lot of photo editing but I want to know what steps can create something similar or a technique. Sorry just wanted a link and it didn’t work but I looked for an image that is not as bodily revealing.
  11. I like to rp as a teen who likes fashion kind of like clueless and im always told that I look too old and too tall or that I need to dress younger. I don't get how looking like a child means im a teen. I have seen people who dress as teens and they are usually three feet high and dressed in t shirts and shorts or jeans or something and look like they are 12 not 17. How is it that I have to look like im 12 to be 16 or 17.
  12. I am not sure how to take pic and not have my face stretched towards the camera I want a close up photo that looks realistic and having the stretched face look is awful. I know on non Macs its ctrl 0 to zoom in but on a Mac I don't know what that is. Also the proper settings. If anyone has any links to tutorials don't on Mac that would be appreciated
  13. oh thank you didn't even know I could do that
  14. Stupid question but im still trying to learn the evolution line of heads, i can't seem to find how to freeze the eye movement as my eyes are moving around at weird angles and its annoying me.
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