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  1. @Aishagain Oh trust me I know I had issues with Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.2.1 Optional of installing that one and I seen many reddit.com about issues with other one's as well including other AMD video cards and Nvidia video card issues as well.
  2. I have the latest driver for the Amd Rx 580 so it can't be the driver itself i think maybe its a bug in the viewer itself why I can't click that other thing. Since enabling the VBO the texture trashing is a whole lot less @Coffee Pancake I don't have any Huds on what so ever only thing on my land is a Inverse house, furniture, campfire, pool and with only me and my bf there it was happening but not as much anymore.
  3. If you look in this picture I'm unable to do that It doesn't seem to do it as much with the latest RX 580 optional drivers installed listed below Revision Number Adrenalin 2020 Edition 21.2.3 Optional Release Date 2/22/2021
  4. I have only created 1 other JIRA then the one I have up, I don't remember if I created more under my alt though atm.
  5. That's weird cause I know only 1 was watching it before maybe you can get it through this way -https://jira.firestormviewer.org/secure/ViewProfile.jspa?selectedTab=jira.user.profile.panels:user-profile-summary-panel not sure if that will work Nvidia cards I have had issues with but this was like 10 years ago though my ex husband had no issues with his Nvidia card maybe they just don't like me idk Thats why I told my builder to go with Sapphire AMD hoping it be better then AMD themselves
  6. Here's what's under that so you can see it yourself , I know i can run it at High but I keep it at Med cause sometimes I dual log bring in an alt or work on dance routines/do dance shows so i keep it at that so I don't have to keep playing with my graphics settings every time i want to dual log or work on a dance routine or do a dance show that has 40 av's at
  7. I use Maitreya Body, Catwa Bento head here's my complexity and texture cashing you can see it in my hair and I'm the only one on entire sim
  8. First picture is my Object detail slider is at 2nd picture is my own land and the most i see on the entire sim is about 6 people maybe 8 at the max ...... it also happens there with no huds or anything on 3rd picture is the objects on land
  9. Yeah I know I filed a Jira with Firestorm about 4 days ago no one has been assigned to it or anything. Here's the Jira - https://jira.firestormviewer.org/browse/SUP-26334
  10. Texture Trashing Every Few Seconds and I have worked through the https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/http_fetching_issues but it is still happening In the first picture of Firestorm it can be seen in the hair and the 2nd picture of Firestorm its not trashing 1st picture - https://imgur.com/a/rDoj3lZ 2nd - https://imgur.com/a/RFpym4i My Computer - Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Motherboard: Micro Star B450M Pro-M2 (MS-7B84) Power Supply: Cooler Master Extreme2 525 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Quad-Core Processor
  11. Here is the result of the speed test from the link i'm not sure how to do the mulitply thing
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