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  1. If you do not know the excellent BWind BBK Boat scripts for making a sailboat, time to go to study and learn, you can find it at Tradewinds Yacht Club Be prepared for some studying period, start with the simple things, understand, learn and then progress. I assume, you already studied Linden Labs tutorial on vehicles.
  2. FYI, looking through my experiences, those which says: "This experience is enabled for all residents." are the following: None-Linden accountable Experience Firestorm, Jessica Lyon London City, Billy Arentire Linden accountable GH2017, Governor Linden Horizons, Governor Linden Linden Homes, Governor Linden New Linden Realms, Governor Linden New User Experience, Governor Linden SL15B, Governor Linden Social Island, Governor Linden I assume, the explanation is to make it easier and more user-friendly for especial newcomers in SL - but certainly also for old-timer
  3. I have no issues with TP since last roll out. I wonder, if people who still got TP issues, experience increased latency, as the servers now are AWS placed different than the original LL servers in Arizona. For me in Scandinavia, I got faster SL and better ping time after LL moved to AWS. It takes some time, where all this new routing is mirrored around all the hubs etc global around the world.
  4. I think the different boats from the creator in question, are scripted by different programmers and hence behaving a little different, but all based on the BOSS Dynamic Sailing Engine. On my (TMS) Ushuaia the documentation on the boat specifies, it is listening to channel /29000 and I can make my own HUD for example to send the basic commands like jib etc. Try and look in the documentation to your Bandit.
  5. <BEEP>... to me for (i=0; i++; i<=nNoMore) { iTAlk("you all look the same"); } ... EOF(humans) <BEEP>
  6. I wonder, if it is full of 🌟stars🌟, metal monolith found by helicopter crew in Utah desert πŸ‘½πŸ›Έ, see BBC News. πŸ˜‚
  7. Maybe I ask stupid, but why can LeLUTKA Content Creators not help you?
  8. You misunderstood how a scripted BOM system would work, but assumed, it would be, as you see how things are done today... My proposal is to allow an owner permissions system to use a HUD based system allowing a call to the inventory to add/detach the BOM item. No script(s) goes into any BOM item. Viewer side this would be easy to implement, like the Appearance folder, where you can replace/add clothing etc.
  9. BOM is best thing from Linden Lab (in with collaboration with content creators ) for years, baking up to 63 layers into one layer. PRO easy to mix up to 63 layers, possible to create unique look with combination of makeup, tattoos etc. CON as OP writes, it fills the inventory. I can imagine improved handling of BOM in the future, where you for example use a HUD to select, what you want to add and all the BOM elements are in the HUD without filling your inventory. This is not possible at the moment. It would be easy to implement viewer side - but in world using script based HUD,
  10. OK, reported as bug: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-229716
  11. Modern gaming PC and laptops handle SL flawless - entry gaming level models are like around 750 US$ for laptops, a little less for a PC. My gaming laptop shows temperature of 60-68c on CPU and 57c on the GPU and this while we have our Saturday party in Second Life running for two hours with ppl coming and going. According to the documentation on the laptop, it handles flawless CPU up to 90/100c and GPU 115c, values I never seen or approached in any games - over 82c continuous it starts to throttle down to protect it self. Well before that the fans kicks in spinning faster and cooling
  12. @Oz Linden is these something we should file a jira on?
  13. I have like 95%+ normal TP all the time now and fast TP. Occasionally delays to a busy place and if place full, I observed, it takes a little before the announcement that place is full is coming. I have not used my "trick" above last couple of days, as TP works for me.
  14. Yes, by examining the attach event, which is triggered, when you attach "the box" instead of placing it on ground. Now, just cut and paste the code from the touch_end(integer num) above. attach(key id) { if (id) // is a valid key and not NULL_KEY { // handle animation/sound start/stop } else { // stop animation and sound as "box" is detached } } Attach "the box" as a HUD - voila, you got HUD controlled animation, in this case though sound is limited to llTriggerSound, if you want others to hear it.
  15. Have you checked out Jazz & Blues at Second Life destinations? 3 pages listing jazz and blues places. As always kind of jazz, blues will depend on DJ performing. Fogbound Blues always good, can be laggy as in real lag, because it is so popular. Formal place Franks Elite Jazz Club Mature and relaxed: The New Kari's Kantina del Mar Ballroom, elegant: FOXXIES Romantic Jazz Club Dancing
  16. OK, observed a side effect of the above, where attachments does not get detached on changing clothing/look/avatar. In my case body part attached to pelvis is still attached on change, where it should not be worn and it gets terrible deformed sticking out of back/behind. Undeform avatar reset if though.
  17. The most simple and easy approach would be to use a looped animation. Regarding the sound, just loop the sound, until you stop the animation. Be sure to have a sound named "sound" and an animation named "anim" in the the object. // If it works, I made it, else someone else did :D string strAnim= "anim"; string strSound= "sound"; integer bActive= FALSE; default { state_entry() { llPreloadSound(strSound); } touch_end(integer num) { if (llGetPermissions() & PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION) { if (bActive) {
  18. I could imagine future Second Life with AI and like argumented reality. Take a look at the HoloLens demonstrations and listen to the TED Talk. But more important right now, let Linden Lab have Second Life up and running 100% on AWS, before we jump into those amazing new possibilities 😁
  19. Lately I experienced from time to time, when changing outfits, that I was wearing more than 38 attachments. Problem can be solved by doing a relog. Anyone else experiencing same problem and a persistent problem? If so, a bug report would be in place. If I am the only one, some kind of weird temporary glitch.
  20. The call to llStartAnimation() etc., I would say are very efficient, what you need to be observant on, is how you do the check with your script. For example just to emphasize some terrible approaches (never do); a continuous polling of animations - be it in a for loop, while condition never meet, or fast timer calling - add to this the permissions checks.
  21. Do you read what I wrote? ... the most easy thing is to place the script in the inventory of the clothing item along with the textures. Use my example, extend it to 22 textures, when you got the basics - hint, you need to handle multi pages in the dialog.
  22. First of all the clothing need to be mod - the most easy thing is to place the script in the inventory of the clothing item along with the textures. Examine what faces of the mesh need to be textured - ALL_SIDES will texture everything. A more simple approach, where we just use 3 textures to keep it simple and understandable: integer side = ALL_SIDES; //ALL_SIDES or any face number 0 through 5 list listTextures; integer nMenuHandle; integer nMenuChannel; default { state_entry() { // get list of textures in inventory integer nCount = llGetInventoryNumber(I
  23. Some background... Less than 5% of videos/media on the web today use Flash. Adobe announced its retirement in 2017: "In collaboration with several of our technology partners - including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash. Specifically, we will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats." Adobe released Flash in 1996 and what looked liked an good idea to support media/games/multi-media presentations easy on the web
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