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  1. I rarely use more then 8 (vertical) edges for any pipe or cylindric object in general,, you can even go with 4 for cables and wires, with smooth edge ofc...might help in the future with upload, LODs and overall land impact...
  2. Did you check a store called Prim Possible? Not sure if they do entire homes, but they have a lot of super low prim furniture that also looks good, would definitely fit into your tight prim count budget...
  3. MaxMare


    Those are not 60s clothes nor could you call it loosely inspired by that era....First few years trends resembled the 50s but with the introduction of mini skirt, graphic and psychedelic patterns, bright colors, short hairstyles/pixie cut and different body type (Twiggy, Mary Quant etc)...Towards the end of the decade, we see drastic changes with hippy counterculture emerging, Vietnam war protests, Civil rights movement, overall anti-establishment sentiment and rebellion against the tradition, fashion trends reflect that... Lots of oriental influences mostly from India and Africa (patterns,
  4. Check this, I mean yes it`s just one item but very clever and well made (BoM skin can be applied to cleavage area for a seamless fit)...regarding deformers and clothes, it comes down to good rigging and some creators seem to be relying on alpha way too much, that solution doesn`t work well with revealing clothes...speaking of gowns (long skirts), a lot depends on AO movement, best to stay clear from overly active ones when wearing such items..
  5. Just a note, you can still use 2.5 update, there is a bound/dated version inside the folder, just unpack it, all updates still apply with the exclusion of boundless sliders so your old shape will work just fine.. HD make up or regular BoM layers is up to 3rd party creators. HD layers have same mapping but are cut away from the rest of the head and enlarged (to explain it in simple words). Best to contact your favorite make up creator and suggest they provide regular BoM layers, I`m sure they would if there is enough interest, it wouldn`t require too much extra work...HD eyeshadow and li
  6. I just got the 2.5 update and I`m so impressed with boundless version....Not sure if anyone tested t properly but you can literally achieve any shape you want and no need for any special HUDs, sliders do it all! Neck fits seamlessly to any body, multiple material options, super smart dev kit, testing tools, teeth options, piercings, HD, revamped moods, braces and so on... I don`t know why they did not advertise this more, especially after Catwa released their next gen heads and I suspect most people are completely unaware of what can be done with 2.5 Evo boundless version... btw, bo
  7. Physic can easily be created with SL tools, or if permissions allow, you can modify something you already have: right click, select edit from drop down menu and use sliders for various type of movement.....rename, save and done! In case you want customization beyond SL defaults (custom animations, deformers etc), check Birth,! Their stuff has lots of options, it`s well made and pricing is more then fair..
  8. It Girls, PEPE Skins, Amara Beauty, Glam Affair, Pumec, Mila, Skinerry, Bold & Beauty... Just make sure to demo both head and body cause it seems a lot of brands focus on detailed faces but not as much on body, I haven`t tested much lately so can`t really vouch for anyone in that sense... Some offer more diversity, some less, but each store mentioned above has at least a few worth checking out! Btw rather go to in-world store or check their Flickr, MP stores are not always updated on regular bases. Flickr is great source of info when it comes to shopping in SL!
  9. I feel like everyone is massively overreacting lately, I mean what happened to cultural exchange, learning and teaching about each other`s heritage? It has to start somewhere?! I say this as eastern European women, my part of the world, it`s rich history and heritage is completely disregarded in 99,9% cases (looking at you Hollywood), instead we are represented by some ridiculous stereotype; it`s always old, ugly, uneducated, backwards, part of some criminal organization, prostitutes, victims of trafficking etc etc, don`t even get me started with language, landscape, history, national fla
  10. That is Arise, the photo in your original post...I got some nice eyes from Izzie`s, she does great work, updates regularly and doesn`t overcharge (some creators seem to be going crazy with sets of eyes for 400L, utterly ridiculous and I say this as a creator)....When it comes to lashes, I would suggest okbye store, they seem to hand-draw lashes and it shows in all the good ways! btw, you can always search MP or in-world groups/places if you know the store name but not the owner and from there find the store link...most times MP store is not updated as regularly as in-world store, plus c
  11. I wouldn`t ask, but after a while (a couple of months top) I would expect them to offer paying half the rent or participate in some way (I know I would if situation was reversed)...I might not accept their offer, depending on their financial situation and how serious I am about the entire relationship, but I would feel better knowing they aren`t cheap and selfish (major character flaws in my book)
  12. System head has lower polygon count compared to mesh heads, mesh heads now even have HD layers which makes resolution beyond comparison.....I don`t know if system avatars even support materials cause I switched to mesh years ago, if not, that is yet another reason why make up and skins can never look as good (not just talking about shine/specular, but also normal map that gives additional 3d detail like pores, skin surface etc)
  13. Literally everyone is supporting Belleza Jake and Legacy, Legacy has BoM integrated, Belleza has always been a bit slow with updates but always provides them free of charge...when it comes to most supported bodies at this time, those 2 are clear winners.. I second what Drake said, Aesthetic if used as is, is the worst thing ever, but you can make it look good with a different head and good skin and ofc if you keep things well proportioned ...Speaking of Slink, the main argument against it that I have heard is lack of definition and it being more appropriate for late teens look opposed to
  14. Start of with getting some demos (test/try on version) for mesh body, head and skins, that is the biggest investment, clothes and hair are not expensive at all...I would suggest to join support groups for at least most popular brands and make a Flickr account cause creators use it as no1 advertising tool, plus you get various blogger posts with whole looks and all the info you need (example, exaple2)...Just make sure to demo everything and don`t fall for "everyone is using this and that" cause no, we are not.... find what appeals to you and make sure to check if body and head of your choice ar
  15. I`ve been trying to update my MP store with latest releases, I was able to edit listings and thankfully save, but publishing button brings me to this: No change since Friday. Anyone else having this problem?
  16. Check Exoside QuadRemesher for stuff like this (retopo in general). There is a Blender version now and it`s pretty cheap compared to other plugins and how big of a time/work saver it is (commercial license subscription 16 bucks/3 months, Perpetual license 110$, there is also a slightly more expensive version if someone needs this for multiple software)...Fully functional trial version is available.. Hope this helps!
  17. I had this issue, Max user too, anyhow, this is material naming issue, by default Max names new materials Material#123, SL does not read anything after # sign, best to rename it to Material1, Material2 etc, no spaces, no special characters... I created a multi sub material with 8 sub materials, just a simple diffuse texture, named each by numbers i.e Face1, Face2-Face8 and saved it, so whenever I do export, I just use the same thing, it also helps when exporting custom LOD models, plus saves some extra work down the line.. btw, no need to triangulate your mesh before export, applyin
  18. I only worked with older Catwa dev kit, but have used latest LeLutka Evo which has HD layers, method is the same...First of all read the notecard, if UVs or PSD document download link are not added, NC will tell you how and where to get it, usually UVs are included and you need to download them to your computer, open in PS or Gimp..I would go with HD, how subtle the result is depends on how you create the texture and if you are using materials and/or transparency..Method is the same for HD and/or head UV (worn as a BoM layer/tattoo)...Unless there are additional helpers (i.e. lips, eyebrows sh
  19. Some ppl use Substance but in my opinion, it shows and does not look like proper denim garment (substance can be useful for stitching, dirt and damage, but not the whole thing, not in this instance)...The best way to do (well ok my way lol) it is to combine some base denim texture with photo texture pieces for details (pockets, seams, zipper etc all cut from a decent jeans or jean jacket pic, add some feathering/blur to selection when cutting to make blending easier), adjust colors, add some overlay (i.e. seamless denim fabric, go with grayscale for this) to unify everything. Worn out seams c
  20. I never ask to be added, mostly cause it doesn`t come to mind but I also don`t want to be pushy or presumptuous...however, I usually add those who ask, I mean it`s not like you`re tattooing their name on your forehead lol, adding someone can be undone easily if they become a nuisance, or the vibe is off.. Setting clear boundaries and explaining in short how you do SL (i.e. I am not very social, I enjoy exploring alone, I work here, my RL is busy, I`m often afk etc) can be more beneficial than just not adding people until they meet some special criteria .. Anyways, the answer is no,
  21. Here`s some help for retopo, best remesher I have ever tried: Quad Remesher, it`s not expensive at all and there are all sorts of payment options depending on your needs...HUGE time saver and unlike Z brush rememsher or using skinning, this just works! Proper workflow would mean using MD for base mesh only, retopo, unwrap (blender, maya, max etc), bake normals (substance or marmoset), texturing (substance, marmoset, PS) and ofc rigging that can be done as soon as you retopo your model, plus it`s easier to rig with less geometry and good edge flow... btw, this industry keeps evolving
  22. FYI, This has been answered recently, several times and in detail by myself and Scarlet Creative (that I know of), check those threads if you need detailed instructions..
  23. In every template document you will find a UV map of the mesh in question, this is used as guideline as to what goes where, it`s usually self explanatory in visual sense and layers are named appropriately. Templates can have multiple UVs, one for each face...It might help to rez your mesh in SL, open edit, check *select face and see how many faces you have and what they are, also there is local texture option that allows you to test your textures without paying for upload, you can even apply UV map on corresponding face to understand placement better... UVs are same for all meshes no mat
  24. Great show, I enjoyed it very much...a bit predictable at times, but that seem to be my problem with everything so it might just be how my brain is wired... I like Five, he˙`s a cynic (that seems to happen to us all with age)..Pogo is cool, even tho he wasn`t around much in this season, he calms things down but not in a boring way....Ofc Klaus is entertaining and utterly erratic, no wonder everyone loves him! Vanja is someone I`d have no patience with and Luther annoys me at times with his puppy eyes and broken little heart lol god, I sound like an as***le...Let`s just say I`m not a fan
  25. Here are a couple recommendations if anyone needs some (recent releases only) Raised by Wolves (sci-fi) Lovecraft country (fantasy, tackling problems like racism and sexism with quite a few historic references, post WW2 US) The Boys (this is just nuts, super heroes but with a twist) The Alienist (unconventional detective storyline placed in US, sometime late 19th century) Hitler`s circle of evil (docu series) and yes I`m looking forward to this new rendering of Dune, seems like they stuck to source material!
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