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  1. if you are looking for someone, I can help and take you on a tour of my bloodlines. No matter who you choose just remember you choose them though and it's a big deal to choose someone you fit well with and that can help you do achievements too!
  2. send me a message in my IM it's cybertankgirl also I have a new parcel sim cyber punk city where all the games will take place it has voice as well, would love to have you all come through sometime to play.
  3. Anarcho Punk Death Rock Riot Grrrl Hard Core Punk and Psychobilly I think a good mix of either of those or just a couple would be good.
  4. Looking for a DJ for my new punk rock/cyberpunk city important that you talk when you Dj and interact with people. I want to keep it more punk like music/metal/trance etc as well remixes are okay.
  5. I have a great clan actually just everyone is paired up, why do people always assume the worse? why are you hung up on the weird part, Jesus! SMH
  6. Thank you Mowri, exactly what I wanted to say but I knew I would have no filter! eek
  7. Looking for potential with someone prefer An Angel/Vampire but open to anyone in bloodlines. huge difference between "hey, babe let's get weird tonight?!" vrs first time messaging and saying " send me nude's" so that is what I was referring in regard's to that. Not in a hurry at all actually, the post is just an inquiry to some form of connection and I said " I was open to a relationship" not asking to get married tomorrow Darling. No point in saying you aren't interested, read along then I suppose.
  8. Looking for someone to connect with on a deeper level, open to a relationship if we have common interests, keep the conversations going, please be open and honest with me about what you are looking for or this could get weird. I don't need weird or complicated in SL
  9. Check it out here! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CyberTankGirls-Rentals/20712731
  10. sent you a message, I'm new and lot's to learn in game and would be cool to go dance at some clubs
  11. hello, Maya hit me up sometime would love to hang with you. I play games with friends if you ever want to join would love to have you!
  12. Looking to Join Bloodlines with someone who can show me everything not just have me join and ditch me please. this is a commitment and I need that from a good clan especially since I'm new here and it's a commitment to pay everyday for this. thank you.
  13. always looking for friends to play games with!
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