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  1. Hey! I am making a shoebox as a decoration, but I am having a hard time finding out how to bake transparent shadow textures. Any help on this? I'm using blender 2.8 as well. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi. I am legitimately having the hardest time texturing denim. I just want to know if there's anyone that can teach me how to texture denim. Whether it be jeans, denim jackets, etc. Denim is the only texture I cannot do. Thank you in advance.
  3. this definitely worked! Thank you soo much!!
  4. I just reordered the materials in blender and the outcome is still the same. I tested it on my freya size and the faces are still numbered the same as the previous version. When you say switch materials, you mean using the up/down arrow in the material tab, right?
  5. Hey! I am making an outfit for an upcoming event. I've already uploaded the mesh to fit my bodies and I'm at the HUDing part of it. The mesh is the same but resized to fit the bodies. I'm checking every faces to ensure they're all the same. I have a total of 4 faces on my mesh; however, half of the bunch has faces that does not match up with the other half. For example, the harness is on face 2 on my Freya size, but on the Slink size it's 3. I've ran into this same problem before and opted to make a separate HUD just for that one size. Is it possible to change/reassign face numbers? If so
  6. Hello. So I've ran into this issue once and just gave up on the project. Now, I'm running into it again. I've rigged my mesh to the Devkit through Avastar. Everything seems fine in Blender, but when I import it to Second Life, the mesh is wonky. The devkit I'm using is Legacy F. If anyone has ever had this problem and solved it, please let me know. It'll help me big time. Thanks in advance! Video of the mesh in Blender: https://gyazo.com/dd698206525a426d5a57f57735deac5c Picture is the mesh in-world.
  7. Sorry for the very late reply. I figured it out already lol. It was because my UVs were overlapping. Thanks for replying though.
  8. Maybe not body appliers, but if the OP wanted BOM for the Skyler head and not so much for the body, then Stray Dog still applies.
  9. Stray Dog and Not Found are my favorites so far. You can look into Bold & Beauty, Raonhausen, Vendetta, Birth, Finer Threads.
  10. Hi, I'm back again with another issue with baking Ambient Occlusions in Blender 2.8. To start off, I am going to tell you information about the mesh I'm trying to bake AO from. The mesh has 3 materials in one object. My first time baking AO was from the last post that had black areas to which I've found solutions to. It was a simple fix. The issue was I didn't hide the avatar mesh from viewport/render. This time round, I hid the avatar mesh and I'm now getting black textures in certain areas. I'm going to attach some photos and see if that can help you help me. 🙂 I r
  11. Hey. I've been having this problem the entire day now. I've tried to bake AO onto my mesh and there are black areas appearing onto the AO. I've attached a photo or two of the situation. It bakes fine with the short and shirt, but when it comes to the puffer jacket... I'm at a lost. Thank you in advance.
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