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  1. As crazy as it sounds you are actually supposed to redo/adapt mesh for each body, there is no way to just use one mesh without adjustments (in most cases, especially for tight fitting garment)...I talked to some fellow creators (who offer multiple sizes) and most start with Belleza Isis for female clothes, meaning you model your mesh with this body as a template then adapt to each size using various tools ..Here is a good video showing the process in Maya, but general idea is the same no matter what software you use Adapting mesh size to different body If you are going to use MD mesh as is/ without retopo, then you may as well just keep the pattern & general settings and import one body at the time, simulate and you will have a perfect fit, BUT MD meshes tend to be very messy with dense topology...this may be frown upon by professionals, but realistically speaking, majority does exactly that.... Bare in mind you still have auto alpha script at your disposal (and even custom alphas now with BoM update) so your meshh does not have to be a second skin, you can save your self some work by taking this into consideration when rigging... you should know what alpha cuts look like for each body, you can`t rely on BoM alphas yet, not everyone switched to using that option.. Hope this helps!
  2. Toxxic Rhiannyr has a Youtube channel entirely dedicated to working with templates..... Templates Part 01 btw this is just the first video, there is an entire series covering the process from buying a template to finished product and more, you should easily navigate to the part you need help with...beginners friendly Hope this helps and good luck:)
  3. You seem to be texturing each button with a standalone texture? The easier and more efficient way to do it would be to add just one texture on the base, button textures could be arranged on top of it in PS or Gimp or whichever graphic software you`re using..once uploaded and applied to HUD base/root prim, arrange button prims so they follow the texture scheme, make buttons transparent and there you go....if you have a multiple page HUD, repeat for each page...this way you won`t have alpha issues and HUD will load much faster! Hope this helps:)
  4. Action Incubator, Mina, Tableau Vivant and Lamb have a few...Wasabi and Runaway (RA) have some, but older....To achieve the look from the pic, you will have to buy a hairbase separately which is a challenge in it`s self since most bases are Kardashian clone type thing,.....I got one from Dura, comes with omega appliers and is free even....Glam Affair/Tableau Vivant and Mina have a shaved base as well (for sale)...you can even use some male bases, just make sure to try a demo first.. Hope this helps!
  5. I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago, asked in several groups including Firestorm Support, they explained what it was about, but that was the type of dry info my brain did not care to retain lol..anyhow, the only solution was to get everything I was wearing at the time re-delivered and tossing broken stuff away...
  6. Create a box, add your texture design (i.e. alpha texture with your logo, text etc), add unpacker script (sold on MP, it should be full perm, just make sure to change script permissions to copy only), set the script if needed (group invite, confirmation text etc..all optional and easy to change in most scripts)...now add your product to contents tab of that object/package and pick it up to your inventory... right click on the package in your inventory and select add/attach to HUD, you will get different options like top screen, mid etc, just add anywhere and use edit tools to place where you want it to be on the screen...detach and you are done.. this may seem like a lot, but you can do this just once, create a package with texture and script, place where you want it on screen and save so later on you have an empty, ready to use package...
  7. The best way for making friends in SL is just like in RL; don`t assume, be polite, use common sense and above everything else; humor...you usually get what you put out/project...I`ve had IMs from guys offering sex and still managed to have a really fun, friendly conversation with them instead..I mean sure there have been instances where my outgoing character and politeness would be mistaken for interest and yes there have been guys who`d all of the sudden break up with their gfs the next day, throw a fit and get dramatic if I did not reply as soon as they IMd, but ultimately it is up to me (or anyone else in that situation) if I want to engage and how much of that drama (if any) I am willing to participate in.. @PeterSlattery, you may have a few valid points, but this entire "ladies this and ladies that" is where you lost me..
  8. FMD club is where I`ve met mostly younger crowd...however, you need to pay a one time group fee to have access.. there are always ppl there with updated good looking avatars, events are on regular basis (parties, dating auctions etc)...Teqis is not bad either (again a one time fee), but from what I see, ppl are a bit older there, 30-40 mostly.. Both places have open access days from time to time so you can check if you like it there or not before paying anything... Oh yes Elysion seems popular too, but I`ve only been once or twice for super short and with friends, so I can`t say for sure what ppl are like there... I don`t socialize much, so that`s all I`ve got atm...good luck:)
  9. Oh man, I`d love to see chat logs of that incident and how unwilling of a participant someone has to be to sit there for 90 mins..ok perhaps she doesn`t fully understand how RLV works, wouldn`t be the first, I just have a hard time believing logging off did not come to mind over such an extended period of time....and blackmail? What could he have had on her? I have so many questions!
  10. Apply auto smooth or edge smooth (nomenclature depends on the software you are using) , this will resolve the hard edge issue you seem to have, more visible in the preview window...btw with smooth applied you can get a cylindrical shape with as little as 4 vertical edges or if that part of the mesh is more so in focus then I`d go with 8-16 max (you seem to have idk 30 vertical edges on that bent cylinder which is really really over the top)....
  11. There is crazy on both side of the spectrum...we usually label as "crazy" ppl who are into us more then we care to reciprocate...just saying
  12. Photoshop Extended has a built in 3d option which is perfect for this, especially tattoos...that said, you can get a decent connection at least for clothes just by utilizing UV maps...I would also suggest to work in higher resolution and downsize before upload...Most SL mesh bodies are SLUV compatible, but I noticed there are differences and some bodies and some areas are more problematic then others...Best match was always TMP body, now Legacy, closely followed by Slink and Belleza..Maitreya is terrible, you will get all sort of miss-matching and stretching and weird shapes... Slink has a dev kit for texturing with a very cool studio that lets you see things on the body with UVs and without paying for upload. .. As Rolig said, you are bound to spend some time testing, do not get discouraged by this, it`s just a part of the process..
  13. I use 3ds Max so I won`t be able to tell you what settings to use in Blender, but generally, any 3D software has a bunch of settings related to bake to texture process, definitely look into this..Another issue is that default SL body is low poly in comparison to mesh bodies, so either apply subdiv (make sure UV mapping didn`t get distorted in the process, this is fixable), adjust your bake settings and quality of baked maps....HOWEVER, I don`t think baking an AO and using it as an overlay is the best solution for this particular task, besides, you won`t capture correct anatomy for simple reason-it is not modeled in the mesh. From what I see on the market atm and what is popular and worn are realistic skins created with real life photo textures (you can buy these on texture sharing sites) blended at the seams and added highlights (drawn by hand)...another, more advanced and complex procedure would be hand painted skin which requires some serious drawing skills, knowing how to use color to create illusion of 3rd dimension and ofc some understanding of human anatomy as well as UV mapping (regarding placement and how polygons stretch when textures are applied). Another thing you will need are skin swatches/palette, there are tons of presets on pinterest example.. There are also tons of amazing drawing/painting tutorials for each body part example1, example2...drawing is rather easy, but using color is not...takes a while to get used to it (best to start monochrome until you are happy with the result then do the same in multicolor) Photoshop Extended has an in built 3D option which is, in my opinion, the best tool for this task...it works with layers as usual, but let`s you paint in 3D viewport so you can literally paint over seams which is then captured on the flat UV... One final note, having a decent graphic tablet would make your life easier and is worth investing into if you want to go down this route... Hope this helps (and that I made sense explaining lol), good luck!
  14. Here is a very good in depth tutorial on how to create complex mesh with clean topology whilst keeping MD UVs: Retopo Btw the link will take you to part 2 cause that is where they showcase stuff you asked about, part 1 is more so oriented on creating base mesh in MD...
  15. "Metric system" does not mean using meters..centimeter is also a metric unit which is what I use as my base unit....Metric has always been a standard in 3d modeling And yes ofc any unit used correctly will work, I mean that`s basic math. However, any unit will behave the same when transferred between 3ds max and Blender cause Blender has their own internal units...I did follow instructions from Blender official site and did a lot of research and testing but results were not satisfactory when working with Avastar ..I am talking about versions prior 2.8, cause Avastar did not yet offer corresponding update btw I was not aware of any Max plugins of that sort, thank you for sharing that information!
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