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  1. You can only export SL default body.....sadly there are ways to export your 3rd party mesh body but that`s illegal and just wrong...I`d stick with dev kits, you get all you need for creating mesh clothes.. IN order to get the kit, you are expected to already own a store and have something to show for, also clean track record (no previous DMCA complaints)...They are essentially giving away something they worked hard developing in good faith expecting ppl won`t abuse that trust which is why they have to be selective...that said, it`s much easier today then it`s been when mesh bodies first hit the grid...My advice would be, create a few items just for show and re-submit your request...Start with Slink, Belleza and then Maitreya and Legacy...I believe Tonic and Signature are the easiest to obtain...
  2. If you plan on creating skins, they have to be brand specific...sure BoM allows us to apply any texture to any head, but even tho they are SLUV compatible, how textures look once applied to each face differ and A LOT....I would suggest regular dev kits which can be found either in demo boxes, stores or official web sites, you will get their UVs ( superimpose with LL UV for comparison if needed), plus creators add other helpful bits... You can do a rough sketch using SL basic head and use it to work over seams then fine tune using specific UVs and ofc you are definitely going to have to test a lot, especially first time, it takes a while to learn how UV stretches and what potential problem areas are for each brand...Some do offer 3D models, but for that you need to be established creator with good track record (i.e. no DMCA complaints), share your real life info and sign a legally binding document. If on the other hand you are creating make up, then UVs are more then enough and unlike skins, you will be able to reuse same textures across brands (for the most part, lipstick won˙t work for example)... anyways, I`m late to the party, but this might help someone else:)
  3. I couldn`t disagree more, there has never been so much variety and abundance...you should steer clear from top selling pages on MP cause of all the full perm recolors clutter (which definitely gives impression of SL fashion being dead and buried) while some of the best stores don`t even use MP or use it sparsely, i.e. for older items only....Browsing Seraphim SL top events and certain Flickr groups proved to be great source of info for me and a way to not just catch up with latest releases but also find hidden gems I`d most likely not have found otherwise! Here are a few brands worth checking out: Ison, Pixicat, Coco, Toksik, Amitomo, Fashioably Dead/F.D., Tres Blah, Mimikri, RKKN, Native Urban, Kitja, Tetra, Hotdog etc
  4. I`m a Max user and I will admit that latest version of Blender is really great, you won`t go wrong with it, they evolved and adapted to industry standards and offer a variety of features, not to mention overwhelming support in terms of tutorials, plug-.ins etc...just to be clear, f you asked this question 2 years ago, I`d say go with Maya or Max, but Blender 2.8+ definitely made all the right steps in the right direction, plus it`s free.. Speaking of how hard it is to learn, difficulty level is basically the same, no matter which one you pick...I suggest starting with the very basics, please don`t start in the middle as most do, you can thank me later!
  5. This is bad UV mapping and I`ve seen A LOT of that with full perm mesh...there are so many new full perm stores and it is painfully obvious they are literally just learning...The approach 99.9% new creators have is: 1. create a mesh in Marvelous Designer, 2. rig in Avastar, 3. sell...Needless to say, they skipped at least 2. steps a professional would incorporate (optimize mesh/retopo and fix UV mapping)...Stretching can also be caused by sloppy rigging (usually occurs between legs, under arm, shoulders, front and back mid section of longer skirts/dresses etc) If your business is based on full perm mesh, I would suggest to buy only meshes that include a textured sample as well as UV map sample in the DEMO (for example, CBB and Underground demos include this), it will save you a lot of trouble down the road with texturing and also prevent you from wasting Linden on meshes you won`t end up selling in your store... Edit: When it comes to just a tiny bit of stretching along one axis, you can compensate for that with your textures (make pattern more dense for affected areas)...
  6. My favorite HUD script is Material Changer by Bosch, it has literally no limits in what can be done and yes, what you asked about, that too...written instructions as well as working example are included in the package which makes figuring things out quite easy and fast..Last but not least,, creator is the most helpful store owner I`ve encountered in SL, not only did he answer my question but sent a modified script to fit my personal needs in less then 24 hours..(I purchased two different scripts, he combined options I wanted to have in one script-no extra charge!!)
  7. Even if you are a skilled 3D artist, you still need to spend some time figuring things in game...speaking of sizing, SL users transitioned from default game created avatar to 3rd party avatars and I`m sure you would be expected to rig the clothing to at least 3 different bodies/brands...as a newbie (new account) and no SL store, you are going to have a problem getting dev kits for relevant mesh bodies (avatars) meaning, you will have A LOT of guess work in order to rig clothes properly...You cannot purchase dev kits, you can apply through web form for each body, but again without any work on sale in game or Marketplace and your account fresh new, it will most likely not happen...also, you will be required to share real life info (name, address, some even ask for ID scan/photo) and sign a legally binding document.. There is no need for 3rd party software, Avastar is created as a helpful tool but sadly only works with versions lower then 2.8...Not sure if you ever created game assets, Zbrush is mainly sculpting software and handles/works with ridiculously high polycount, it is hard to tell from your work examples if you bother with retopo/optimization but that`s something you would be expected to do for SL...Mesh you create will also have to react to SL avatar shape sliders... anyways, here`s what you need: make a SL account Find out which bodies/sizes you are expected to create for find web site for each body and fill in web form (SL store info and real life info is always required) learn how the upload process works and about SL limitations/rules I would suggest to create a MP store and put some of your work on sale, otherwise you have literally zero chance of getting dev kits... I honestly think for just one commission, there is too much work/learning involved...if you plan on doing this permanently, then by all means, give it a try...
  8. If you have a LL home (the free one you get with premium membership) or some of your friends has one, or perhaps look for a public sandbox..once you are in such area, take the box out of your inventory and drag it to the floor (this is called "rezzing"), right click on the box and select open/copy to inventory and it`ll get unpacked, once you are done either pick the box from the floor or delete it... Hope this helps!
  9. I assume you are using MD pattern as your UV without editing it, which is probably why your textures look blurry...When you upload your mesh to Blender, open UV editor and re-arrange islands so you have the least amount of empty space possible within the 1024x1024 square..you only need 2-4px for padding (or 6-8 for 2048 textures) which means you can pack islands quite dense... Most creators spend little to no time on texturing and it shows...I would refrain from using MD or Blender for texturing when it comes to clothing and accessories. Photoshop or Gimp are the tools you want to use, it will take some time and practice for you to learn how to make realistic looking clothes, trust me a good texture can do so much for the simplest of meshes and make your work stand out in the sea of identical looking plainly textured stuff...
  10. Why not browse Flickr? There are quite a few "men only" groups..Most bloggers/photographers add store names to description area or link to their blogs so you can find whatever they are wearing....
  11. Ok, I rushed into replying but it seems questions have been answered already...you clearly own a promo version with limited options which is completely understandable...I would suggest to get a decent, well supported mesh body, it`s a one time investment, it may sound a lot in Linden dollars, but in reality, it`s the cost of one pizza with a soft drink, so not much really and definitely worth it... Speaking of hairbase, as per your post, it includes Catwa and Omega, there was no mention of Altamura, which means you shouldn`t expect it to work as is, you need to have Omega installed and most likely full version of your meshes...
  12. CGboost <---a really good tutorial series, it is made for Blender 2.8+, videos are not too long, very straight to the point and easy to understand, and last but not least, they show how to do things the right way... There is sea of tutorials on youtube and which one you pick matters...sure many offer valid info and good workflows, but there are just as many (if not more) outrageously misguided ones.. Anyways, I agree with Chic, you should take some time to learn the basics before jumping into clothes/shoes (organic shapes in general) and rigging...I don`t mean to discourage you, I`m just saying, if you are willing to learn, why not do it properly?
  13. Try searching for "animesh tail" instead, I got quite a few promising results on the first 2 pages alone...
  14. Inverted face/s maybe? In max, resetting Xform before export would do the trick, I suppose Blender has some similar feature....also, uploader "doesn`t like" long thin triangles...oh and as Kehl said, don`t triangulate, let SL do that... There is one silly trick someone told me way back, export your item as .obj, import back to Blender , export as collada and try SL again... btw, I noticed you did not upload any of the lower LODs which will be a problem with unrigged (small) item like earrings, they are going to disappear as soon as you zoom out a little...Also you can have 8 faces and one single UV..Considering it`s a very small object, 8 separate UVs/textures might be a bit of an overkill...
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