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  1. KIbitz, Random Matter .....Seka has some really weird cool stuff....not sure if anyone mentioned Nanika, it`s not my style but well made for sure...Emporium has some as well..
  2. I see you used Limit buy, meaning you are willing to buy Lindens but for a certain price and not higher..this kind of buy/sell usually takes a while as it has to be matched with a seller/buyer and you aren`t first on the list. Your money did not disappear, it is reserved so to speak....This may take a few weeks even, so, if you are in a hurry, cancel this order and just buy Lindens without any limits at current rate and your money will be there instantly (a bit less compared to limit buy)...
  3. Yes, LeLutka Erin is Evolution line, I use it as well...try a redelivery, there has to be 2 versions inside, btw they released some major updates recently, so you could benefit from getting a new copy anyhow....text is the same for both, but Legacy fit has _SL suffix, you need the other one If you continue to have issues, I suggest to join LeLutka group, very helpful community!!
  4. Scanning is cool but the result is not supposed to be used as is in game environment, pls check your avatar geometry, unless you did retopo, it`s gazilion polygons, not something you want or need in SL ....I sure hope ppl don`t start doing this, there`s more than enough un-optimized mesh already...
  5. With Evolution heads, there are 2 different fits in the package, the _SL is for Legacy body and the other one is for Maitreya. Just wear the appropriate version and same skin tone and neck seam will be gone:)
  6. In my experience, this is usually caused by inverted normals,....Uploader is also not very fond of dense geometry and thin long triangles...
  7. In 3ds Max, using "mirror" instead of symmetry modifier results in inverted normals and it won`t show in viewport even with backface culling enabled which makes you unaware of the problem until upload..Resetting Xform will resolve this Not sure if this applies to Blender and how it translates in terms of nomenclature, just throwing it out there in case it does...
  8. I am sorry if I came off rude, that was not my intention. I agree everyone has to start from somewhere and getting encouragement is great, but the truth is, you will learn more from accepting criticism than praise, and that is me speaking from experience... Also, creators who started 5 or 10 years ago had the luxury of starting with amateurish stuff cause everyone was learning and overall quality of things was much much lower then today, nowadays, we have entire teams of artists and 3D developers with degrees in respective fields come to SL with mad skills which makes things that much harder for self-taught folks... Edit: I saw you asked for some advice in another thread, but I can just say it here....if you prefer to learn how to actually draw skins without the use of photos, check Pinterest, there are tons of mini tutorials on how to draw/paint facial features or anatomy in general, you can also find detailed skin tone palettes that may help you build your own...That said, you can still use parts of photo texture, i.e. lips, naval, nipples, hairline, ears, eyebrows and so on, as long as you blend those seamlessly with the hand painted parts....There are also cool books with anatomy for artists or you can even use medical ones.. I hope you have a tablet with a pressure pen, would be a lot easier then using a mouse...
  9. This has been asked so many times and there are a couple threads with in-depth explanations as to where to start and how to ultimately get the kits. Short answer is, you will not get the kits unless you have something to show for, there has to be original mesh in your store, some brands expect you to have rigged clothes as well.. Another thing that is very important, MD meshes are far from finished product, those meshes are used as base shape and are supposed to be retopologized in Blender, Maya or 3ds Max where you also can add other details and rig your models. Apart from poor topology, MD UVs are barely usable as is, they need to be rearranged and at times stitched using above mentioned software to optimize texture usage and have a nice clean result in the end.. Blender 2.8+ is very different from earlier versions and yes 2.8 Avastar is not yet fully finished, nevertheless, you should definitely go with the latest software, by the time you learn the basics, Avastar will be ready... All this and more has been covered in previous threads, you will surely benefit from looking into and reading through those...also, good luck!
  10. I find that incredibly tacky, unprofessional and cheap, so definitive NO. There is a cost to running a business, no matter what you do and you should look at it as initial investment. I think you need to work on that skin some more tho and I don`t mean to offend, but it does look unfinished...second and very important part is presentation, look into materials and lighting and play around with windlight settings... Most skins on the market atm have been made by blending real life stock photos and hand painted parts, it adds a lot more realism...Please don`t take this the wrong way, but I think you should spend some more time learning and practicing....not sure why you insist in putting this up for sale as is? as an old saying goes: "you will never have a second chance to make the first impression"
  11. With mesh heads and bodies it really comes down to 3rd party support, if creators offer enough content for some brand, that brand is likely to be more popular...unfortunately that does not always mean the best meshes are also the most supported. Personally I do not find Genus best, my current top choice is LeLutka Evolution line, the only true BoM mesh head/s on the market Speaking of dev kits, not sure where you got the idea that some charge for dev kits? That is 100% incorrect. You can literally pick up dev kits for free in store or web site, depending on brand, I believe only Catwa has their dev kit with the purchase and you couldn`t get it separately, but that may have changed since I got mine years ago...Even mesh kits are not sold, you are supposed to apply for it and anyone who has a store with enough original stuff on display is likely to get it... Edit: LeLutka Evo heads got released before Genus released new heads and they took off instantly, so it is unfair to say the only reason for their popularity is Genus being off the market for a month. Evo line is as I said the only true BoM head, they also introduced HD lipstick and eyeshadow and listened to our suggestions we sent some time ago. They also recognized materials are finally getting proper attention and understanding and you get about 8x2 different effects with the default HUD.. LeLutka set the standard when it comes to what a good HUD looks like and kept innovating with each next release. LeLutka Evo heads are the first to have a seamless Legacy fit. Oh and their appliers and dev kits are fantastic and easy to work with....it`s only fair to give credit where credit is due... I don`t take many pics, but here is my bare face challenge photo: LeLutka Evolution Erin
  12. I second "Simple Bloom", I have never ever ever purchased and worn extra eyebrows in my 10 years of SL until I found their store, fantastic work...
  13. Number of materials and actual material names have to be the same for mesh and LOD models, btw by materials I mean a multi-sub material with just diffuse texture for each "face"....If parts of mesh are removed for lower LODs and it resulted in one or more faces completely gone, leave a triangle somewhere representing that material... For Max users, naming matters, material names should not have any special characters, weird letters (i.e. đ,ž,č) or spaces.... Physic doesn`t have to have material assigned to it. Just merging meshes will not resolve the error in question if said mesh has more then one face.
  14. Judging by shoulder shape, yes, it is Maitreya body, when it comes to head it is hard to tell as all photos are frontal, no side view......If you are looking into replicating this look/style, it really comes down to skin and shape, best to get a bunch of demos (skins and heads) and see what works best before buying anything..... Enfer Sombre Mudskin
  15. I would suggest opening your files in Blender, pose it the way it suits you best for modeling (i.e. A or T pose) then export BODY ONLY, without the rig as .obj, open MD and import your .obj as avatar and done! If for some reason you want to import rigged body, please check Cathy Foil @Youtube, video 1 and 2 of her "Rigging series" explain how to set up the file so you can import avatar+rig to MD...btw this is not possible with older version of MD so make sure your version supports this option!
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