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  1. I have a Maitreya v5 body and have been very happy with having the mesh body for years, but I really can't find a mesh head I like that looks like "me"... So I have been trying to use make up and tattoos over the system head as much as I can in order to mimick a mesh head look. I was wondering if anybody else is trying this and what tips and tricks you have come up with to make your original avi head look mesh without it actually being mesh?
  2. Hello! My boyfriend wants to buy slink feet or really, any mesh feet, for his classic Avi. When he tried on the latest Slink feet, half of classic avi body disappeared. Does anybody know why? Can somebody tell us where he can find mesh feet for a classic avi these days inworld (not MP)? He isn't a big shopper and isn't really technically inclined much in SL. Simple is best. Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I am also in a LTR inworld with an amazing guy. We are on SL 5pm to 9pm SL time. We are looking for other couples for friendship too. Please message me inworld. I am CherishSweetThings,
  4. Hello! My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year in SL despite all the challenges an SL relationship throws at us.....what we would really like to do is meet other SL couples who would be interested in friendship. We'd really enjoy meeting a couple to do things with --- dance, chat, and just enjoy SL. Our two time zones are Eastern US and Southwest Australia, so in SL time we're usually on together between5PM and 9PM. If you're a couple and interested in creating a community of other couples for friendship, please message me inworld. My name is CherishSweetThings.
  5. I think that means having a cloud-based browser? If so, I would also be interested in hearing about that. My computer is not a gaming computer but it is new and has a decent processor and okay graphics card....however it still can't handle SL except on the lowest graphics setting. I have to subscribe to Bright Canopy to have the full graphics experience. The graphics in SL are so beautiful when you can fully view them...its a shame we can't enjoy them without an expensive computer, graphics card, or a subscription to an outside vendor.
  6. And I am still with my guy too....as the starter of this post, I am happy to say its been 3 months now and we do get to see each other a few times a week. While it is not always easy, if you love somebody, you just make it work.
  7. An update all! This week was to be the first week of trying things on a more scheduled meeting time. We had agreed to make a point of trying to spend a few hours together two times a week, and the rest of the time we would just not worry if one of us could not make it on, or whatever. Well, the first of the two times a week we had planned, my bf did not show up at all, and even though he wrote me a nice message later on, there was no explanation as to why he did not show up during the time we discussed. The second time was supposed to be tonight, and he still has yet to show up. He writes me nice notes when he has time to get on SL but again, nothing explaining his absence or where he is right now. I do realize things come up, but I thought we made plans like this for a reason? I have spent too much time this week waiting around for him to show up on SL. This is not how I want to spend my SL time, or my own RL time...checking SL to see if he is there or not. He and I are going to have to talk. It won't work if he can't pay attention to a pre-arranged plan.....I havent' seen him in a week.....That is a long time in SL time....
  8. Thanks for all your thoughts everyone. I did not even realize that there will be an 18 hour difference at some point between us, but I am not too worried! I know we will find a way to make it work. Even if its only a couple times a week, that is good for me! I think he feels the same way. When we miss eachother, we leave messages on line for the other one to say hello. Its been nice.
  9. thanks everybody. I am a firm believer that time zone does not really matter. I guess its more of how we spend the time we have. I am sure we will figure it out. This one is a keeper!
  10. I met a wonderful man here in SL recently. He had me almost at Hello! I could tell from day one that he was special and we have been connecting almost every day since we met. It has not been too long yet and we're still very new, but we're trying to work out some of the things in our new SL relationship that are posing a few small challenges. The main one is time zone and maybe, well, time itself! He lives in Australia and I live in the USA. We are 16 hours apart! My late afternoon and night is his early morning and daytime. Somehow, we have made it work out so far, since he works alone at home during the day and I am on my computer at night. But of course we have to keep a balance between SL and RL. We've been talking about ideas for how to best do this, and decided to try dedicating two days/nights (depending on which country you're talking about!) a week to spending extra time together online. The rest of the days/nights we will still spend time together when we can, but will try not to make those stretch out for hours on end. What do you all think? Is there anyone else on here who has been faced with these challenges? What do you do to keep your RL and your SL relationship in balance?
  11. I use a special service called Frame that allows you to run second life viewers in the cloud. You will get ultra high graphics and very little lag, as if you have an amazing graphics gaming computer. You will have to pay something like $20 per month to use it but it is worth it. Here is the link: https://fra.me Good luck!
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