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  1. i like the style secret it would just be easy to get all replies in the form of short ideas but they focus on what it would be for i like to see your point
  2. There is a Flash Fiction group already Thank you
  3. They are welcome You have two residents answering on topic and it's very interesting to read
  4. It's not to make a huge thing Not style it's just an impression
  5. Style Short Stories Fiction Tales Essays You don't have to relate it's intended for those who do The exemple it's just a answer to a call from a resident you can write other original ideas
  6. Thank you It's a style it's not intended to be everlasting poetry but you can relate to a story and it will stay Best,
  7. Maybe i should focus on the few comments on topic that was the point Nice work
  8. I agree it's going very wrong it's just a bad idea to open a topic I had to find out Best,
  9. I presented at IADIS a platform for Identity studies, background and cultural identities studies Are you a organization interested in creating a line of investigation in this area? You can reply so i can know you are developing efforts in this field
  10. I was looking for a discussion about fiction maybe not forum it's material for a fiction group
  11. It's a question of value not purpose If you didn't knew i had a magazine would you say that? i have to appreciate a work It's maybe for creation section You would ask the authors if they want to be included Best,
  12. Thank you Did you liked the music? Last time i went i could not listen to any sound I like the projections and the place it self What would you add? Best,
  13. It's not getting work, it's finding out about residents who have shared interests and can be valuable for collaborations
  14. I like it We are all stubbed with the preconception of what we have to be Thank you Best,
  15. you can talk about skins and code too
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