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  1. Ahhh you're not wrong there haha. Would it be easier to recreate it with fewer poly's or is there another way to reduce the poly count?
  2. For me, the problem is as Pam has mentioned, I have too many tris. So I tried to decimate it - that helped the weird triangle artifacts however, the land impact has gone up by a significant amount.
  3. So I've tried to decimate the seperate parts that have a lot of tris (the donuts have 53000 tris, while the pink roses have 31000, and the rest are under 20000 tris and they don't seen to have problems, only the donuts and the light pink roses have the weird triangle artifacts), and when I joined them again and imported them back into SL, the Land impact is now really high? Do you know why that may be?
  4. Hi, good question. What I meant was when you create seperate meshes in blender, apply a material to each part then press Ctrl + J to merge the seperate parts.
  5. I have a mesh which I've merged in Blender. However, I'm getting weird artifacts when I'm applying the textures using the "Select Face" option, to target each material in the mesh, as they've been merged. However one combination of meshes produces artifacts and I have no clue why and not anything else. Below is a snapshot of what's going on. Any help please?
  6. Seems like 130+ms sounds normal, given that I'm quite far from the SL servers, so I hadn't thought that was much of an issue. For now it works perfectly fine, so I shall keep an eye out. Thanks v much
  7. OK, so somehow a windows update has fixed this problem. Not sure why it was broken in the first place but I think an older windows patch was causing connection issues. Now it seems to have resolved itself with a windows update *sigh
  8. These are the results I got when I ran the test to the SL servers:
  9. I think it disconnects in any region I teleport in or out of. But I've noticed it takes a really long time for the sim to start loading stuff.
  10. The past few days I've noticed that I'm having trouble teleporting. When I TP, it takes a while and then I get the popup saying I have been logged out of Second Life. I can't teleport anywhere I've searched the forums for answers and quite a few posts mention having complex folder structures in the inventory and heavy scripts. To test this, I logged into my Alt account which basically has no inventory, and no HUDs and noticed I still had the same problem. I then noticed to see if it was internet problem, but I ran the speedtest and I get good results. To test it out, I tethered my phone using mobile data to my computer to see if the internet was better. It yielded the same result. Is anyone else having the same problem? Update 1: I've also noticed it takes ages for the sim to load and even then the sim is partially loaded, and my avi too.
  11. I love Lelutka heads but the I found that there aren't enough makeup appliers for Lelutka heads. Catwa heads have so much more makeup appliers available on the market which is why I'm considering a second mesh head.
  12. Beautiful Avi! I have heard a few similar to your suggestions. I will definitely have a go at your suggestion and report back. The idea of shaping my avi again is quite daunting but hopefully your suggestion shall make it easier. I have loads of the Catwa heads demos so we shall see which one matches best. I love Lelutka heads more but there aren't as many makeup appliers which is why I'm considering a Catwa one as well.
  13. What's the best way to transfer the current shape for my current head, to a new head so that I get a similar look/shape? My current head is the Lelutka Chloe but I'm thinking of getting a Catwa one, but trying on these new heads, it's really hard to visualise and I want to try and get it close to what my current one looks like. I understand that mesh heads have predefined appearences, but is there a way to get it close to what I currently have?
  14. Found a fix, I just linked the mesh in blender and applied the textures face by face. But some mesh objects I can't join because I get the error "MAV_FOUND_DEGENERATE_TRIANGLES". I saw in the forums to do "mesh > clean up > degenerate dissolve" but the error is still there. Although I seemed to have solved that problem with "remove doubles"
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