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  1. Thank you! Had this issue for a week now so thanks for solving!
  2. I use Deimos, solid product, lots of features, reasonably recent movies and such, no dead links, good customer support.
  3. Back in the day I loved RP, from VTM to Gor, Western to Futuristic, but I haven't met many eloquent role players lately to get me excited about getting back to it. I'm into the breedable thing, with Kittycats, Wild Kajaera, Dodo, and ABC horses, but I don't sell what I breed, every couple of months I'll do an inventory and put some low-traited babies out for free. Besides paying for land tier and a breedable collectable or accessories, I don't let myself buy much stuff any more because I have over 27, 00 items to sort, and thats just on one avie. Nearly all my old friends have left, so mostly I spend time exploring, or fussing over my breedables or visiting breedable sims. I recently put out a call to meet new people in SLand I'm making more of an effort to make connections whereas before I just did my own thing, alone. I don't enjoy sl clubs, finding them clique-y with too much emphasis on tipping everyone as soon as you land, so if I'm gonna go dancing, I prefer it at a isolated location or on my land. Horseriding, machinima, book and poetry readings, live singer/songwriters, and checking out home and garden expos are my thing. I'd like to be part of an SL family as an aunt or cousin or sister, but just never got the opportunity. Maybe this time around? Sl is still an interesting place, it really is what you make of it. A lot of time I'm logged in but I'm rehearsing (musician and poet in real) or working on new material. Sl has helped facilitate my passions in real, which I'm grateful for. And being with my breedables is a simple pleasure that relaxes me after a hard day at work!
  4. Hi. I've had a lot of lovely people contact me which is really great! Thanks, I appreciate it so much.
  5. Hey, welcome back! I've just returned after 3 years away, so yeah, things have changed. If you'd like a companion to hang out with sometime, feel free to im me, I'm Song Indigo inworld.
  6. I've been very lucky in SL. I had one amazing online relationship that lasted four years with a great guy who has left SL now. I'm not interested in another romantic relationship because I feel I had the best. I don't regret doing it, though it's true that online relationships, unless you meet each other in real, have a finite life. I am still friends offline with my SL ex, and I'll always be grateful for the time we had together, the experiences we shared. I know for sure he never "cheated" because I never demanded exclusivity - we were free to "see" other people, and I had no problem with that. As for time spent together - he always wanted to be with me when he was online, whereas I was happy for him to go off and do his own thing, be with others...I think it's unfair to demand fidelity from someone you play with in a virtual world, unless you have a strong foundation in real (such as being married or something). OP, I hope you don't purposefully hurt anyone because you're disillusioned with SL relationships, and women. These sorts of problems exist in real life, too. It really is dependant on being lucky enough to meet like-minded people who are on the same page as you. Sure, there's deceit and heartache and emotional baggage that exists in SL, but what I'm saying is that just like in rl, you need to weigh up how much you want to invest in a relationship, and how authentic it feels, and whether it's right for you. If it's too draining, too much drama, then step away...but try not to paint everyone with the same brush. Not all of us women are out there to impose ourselves on other people, or to be demanding or deceitful. Some of us are decent women, with strong moral compasses, loyalty, compassion, who wouldn't dream of hurting others. Living your SL, or your life for that matter, with some kind of vendetta complex or a desire to pay back a whole gender because of the hurt inflicted by others ultimately hurts you the most in the end. I love Bob Marley's quote: "The truth is, everyone will hurt you, you've just got to choose the ones worth suffering for."
  7. Aw, thanks, Sonja! Tbh, my breedables are what keep me in SL, they're a lot of fun and bring me much joy! But still would be nice to make some new friends!
  8. Likes: The level of customization. The creativity of the builders and designers. My breedables. Loads of quality free stuff if you know where to look. Dislikes: Loads of empty sims. The endless pitches to buy, buy, buy! - but you get that in the RL too. How expensive virtual land is. I've been there since 2007, off and on, and people are less willing to engage, more clique-y. There seems to be a disconnected feel as I tp around. The level of sheer overt sexual presentation on display...and that's just the avatars! Do you really need to have a virtual ass that big? I could ski down it! When you bend over, people think there's an Eclipse! Don't get me wrong, I love curves and such but why are there so many avatars who look like their only function is to be a c__ bucket? Must your nipples with those gold chains really be on display in a shop on a pg sim when I'm innocently browsing? Yeah, yeah, you've endured a virtual nipple piercing - BIG DEAL! There's this fad for big fake breasts in your big fake breasts...why, by all that is holy...WHY? And why can't people keep all that in the relevant sims, or their own lands? Despite all this, I still play because I've invested so much in my avatar, and what she loves to do...
  9. Hello potential friends! I've returned to SL after a great deal of time away - about three years. I've found what most find when they return - their friends and loved ones have left, or they are involved in communities or lives of their own, and one feels like you are imposing if you call upon them too often (at least I do). I'm looking for mates to hang out with, go shopping with, and come live and maybe rp with me if they like. I can give you rezzing rights on my land, you can have your friends over, I don't mind. We don't have to live in each other's pockets, but it's just nice to have the knowledge that someone's around, like a housemate and a friend. You won't have to pay rent. I have built an Animal Sanctuary on my land, where I raise breedable pets such as tigers, lions, horses, and kittycats. It's a very peaceful, zen-like place, and I'm sure you'd enjoy it! Of course, you don't have to come live in my space to become a friend of mine. I have many varied interests in SL: poetry, music, dancing, exploring, roleplay, machinima, hanging out, shopping - so anyone is free to contact me. I do appreciate mature, adult company though - people whom are articulate, and act as adults. If you are new to SL, you are also welcome. I'd be happy to help you get settled, or provide a friendly and supportive "home" for you to come live. I'm in the Aussie timezone, and am friendly and respectful. Im me inworld or here if you'd like to chat or know more.
  10. Silver Screen Unisex Salon has opened in Dolphin Bay! We're looking for barbers, stylists (senior and junior) and a masseuse. Pick up a job application from the salon! Here's a couple of pics to tempt you.
  11. Sheesh, what a "muggins" alright! What's your problem? Poke your sticky sarcastic beak out and let the guy have his fun...wow! Dante, a few years ago, I would've been interested...before I got into 1950's roleplay and real life off SL. Hehe...anyway, good luck, I hope you found her!
  12. I live here. It's wonderful and very authentic! It's brand-spanking new and the landlords are really lovely and very accommodating. People are friendly, and though it's a little quiet right now as it's starting up, I'm sure that role-play will develop and stories and characters will be established and it'll be a great place to hang out in the fifties. Come visit, I'll be happy to show you around!
  13. You've nailed it on the head. A beautiful addition to my plot is what I desire. The existing sun and moon using SL physics is lovely, yes, but it doesn't give me the sense of realism or artistry that a scripted moon would, imho. Also, I have to pan my camera around to actually look at the SL moon, but if I could place the moon within eyesight of my avatar, well it just adds to the overall effect and ambience. Currently I use an off-sim static moon which looks great, but it doesn't change or track across the sky according to the SL time.
  14. So I have a new friend who is just as keen as I to start something up. Btw, I've been contacted by lots of people interested in this kind of rp. She has friends who have a sim and interested parties can start something up there, but the owners would prefer it if players rent some land and do the decorating themselves, which is fair enough. I'd be happy to put my money where my mouth is, is anyone else interested? I can't afford to pay for a whole sim, but a parcel or two, I'd be keen to rent. We could band together and rent a sizeable portion of a sim....like a co-op. I will get my friend to come on here and explain her concept. In the meantime, you can conact me In SL, or join my group: "Fifties Roleplay" and we can discuss it further there! Am totally keen to get this done! I have lots of Fifties-themed stuff to lay down, I'm no builder but I've been in SL a while and I know what looks good, and I have no problem with parting with my own cash to get a sim established. Btw, it's cool if you don't have funds, please contribute with ideas, energy and your awesome rp presence and interest!
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