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  1. I always admired the energy and time you have put into Sansar. If you are struggling now to keep your spirits alive... that probably tells a lot about the state of Sansar.
  2. Not easy to be realistic, as everyone has a different POV. And we dont know yet, what your sim is about, and why you need that much staff. If i would be a manager/host/assistant in a club, i think i would be OK with the usual amount of money whats paid in other clubs. I dont know for sure how it it is, but its likely a few bucks each hour, plus tips. If someone would need my skills in building mesh items (what i dont have) i would ask for 5.000-10.000 LD each hour, what comes close to a RL salary.
  3. Yes. The parcel is where your house is set up. But you will notice it, if you should manage to click on the neighbors parcel instead, because you will not be able to change anything in the parcel detail window popping up. ^^
  4. Check the parcel details. You want to have "scripts" being allowed for everyone. If not, check "group" and get your alts into your/that group.
  5. It happens that im giving answers like that, if im in the mood. Cant say, that this kind of conversations are going to last long, mostly. There is a very thin line between making me say "oh really? jeez, you are right" and scratching the guys eyes out of his skull. While i accept an advice not to mix bright blue and red clothes because it can hurt the eyes, i will become upset, if someone tells me, i should get bigger boobs or changing my brows shape. Thats something i wouldnt be able to change in RL, and thats something i dont want to change in SL.
  6. This may sound stupid, but actually there is need for a demo. Even the product picture at the marketplace alone will tell everyone, there is something really wrong with the alignment. And there is no way to adjust... It blends perfect into a maitreya body, but there is no reposition option at all, as far as i know. Uhm, but i need to confess, i didnt check the whole settings menu and i didnt read any Readme notecards. Ill keep you updated...
  7. Maybe its called bento, because it can transform the shape of the "attachment" from being closed to a very open state in a smooth way!? I have no idea ^^ It also seems to "talk" to various male attachments. So, if one gets close, there is not need to press any HUD buttons anymore, to make it.... going.
  8. You should keep some distance to the Pro Bento VaJayJay, or wait for an update. The creator obviously is a guy who never saw a naked women. If you get that *****, you will look like a cheap inflatable sex doll. Why? Because your ***** will NOT be between your legs, where it should be. Its wayyyy too much dragged up towards the belly.
  9. My recommendation differs a bit from Lindals: Dont think about too much, just say whats in your mind in that second. You want to be yourself. Thats the most important thing imho, and its easiest way to find someone who really fits to you. You just should develop a high level of couldnt-care-less attitude for the rejections you will get, like an elephant skin... Maybe im not a representative example, but the stranger who told me im looking weird because of the colors of my leggins and my hotpants, is still my friend. ^^
  10. Like others already mentioned, its the steep learning curve when its about how clothes and attachments work. With BOM just ahead of us, ill recommend every newbie to hand craft a swiss watch before they get into avatar customisation. You need to see the silly and dramatic face expressions from a different POV. Most male attachments i have seen, tend to have measurements between my upper arm and up to the size of my thigh...
  11. My profile states i like to walk barefoot, what is the truth, but right now there are shoes on my feet, so....
  12. Its not only the animation itself, its much more the frequenzy. A sip each minute would be ok, but not every 10 seconds. Ahhh, dont get me started. Now i have waterfalls and fire (flames) in my mind... always moving too slow and being unrealistic because of that.
  13. Reminds me of driving the car, passing under bridges, where a small child looks down at the endless traffic, held at their hands by the parents. That happy smile in the face of the child, when honking or flashing the headlights, really warms my heart. I whish there would be more bridges with waving children.
  14. What about the grass texture? That garden doesnt look like a football stadium at all to me. Or did you do that on purpose? You could stretch the texture to get less repetitions. If the pixels get to big by stretching, better go for a texture with higher resolution. Or group 4 slightly different, but seamless grass textures into a bigger square, and use that to get an even more natural look.
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