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  1. Some or a lot of us didnt even take him and his poorly made survey serious. Thats why i took the survey for fun, telling him afterwards im not even located in the US. He can print the results he got and burn them right away.
  2. Its up to you what you want and what you need. Think about if you need to upgrade to premium at all. For about 8 UDS a month, what equals the amount you have to pay for being premium, you also can rent a 4096 sqm parcel on a homestead, including 312 Land Impact. People like me prefer to rent on private sims and homesteads, because there is mostly way less anarchy, compared to madlands ™️ mainland, when its about "ugly" buildings and 30 meter high walls.
  3. You are not hovering in the pic. You are standing/sitting on a pad... That X4 pads are forcing your avatars into a pose, and have a fixed value about on wich height you pose. Thats why the taller avatar has her feet stuck inside the pad, while the tiny one floats. Get your both avatars next to each other on flat land or onto a big simple prim. I bet, the issue will be gone.
  4. Im sure you will be more successful by searching inworld. Try some femdom or CFNM spots, maybe?
  5. Das heisst, dass nur Buchstaben, Nummern und Bindestriche (innerhalb des Namens) zulässig sind. Du musst also das Leerzeichen weglassen. LexusLing klingt doch auch nicht verkehrt...
  6. Wäre ganz hilfreich zu wissen, welche Meldung Du bekommst.
  7. Is it really that way? I thought Paypal is set up to take the money after the purchase via bank transfer in general? Means, i order something, pay with Paypal, and then Paypal takes the money from my bank account within the next one or two days. No need to have any deposits on the PP account. I dont even know if there is a limit. It works with 10 bucks and also with an amount of 500.
  8. If possible, i buy everything in the marketplace. If i should need a redelivery, its just a few clicks away. And i can review the item, too.
  9. As Rhonda already said, that guy has probably no clue about SL. The SL questions are just a copy of the RL ones. God knows what he needs that answers for. Maybe not even him.
  10. Uhm. I should have read this before i took the survey. But maybe you are not even going to notice my german accent. 😉 But hey, at least you got 17 honest answers. ^^
  11. You missed the rise and peak of AFK places. But you still can find some residues
  12. So, finally got an answer to the ticket i filed because of that issue. In short words: "Thank you for your feedback. We will take your opinion into consideration." As i work for a company what also deals with customers, i know what that sentence means, but at least it was nicely written. Thats where i step aside now, back to Basic and Homesteads. Premium was just a half year adventure for me, and if someone else is bothered by the early loss of the LH, they better get their butts off the sofas.
  13. How do you know its about group fees? I hardly managed to understand the original post at all
  14. Spread the word as soon as its done
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