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  1. Resi Pfeffer

    Marktplatz Items & Möbel platzieren

    Wenn möglich, und falls Du in keiner Skybox bist, ziehe die Boxen zum Entpacken lieber auf den Boden Deiner Parzelle, und nicht auf das Prim, das den Fussboden darstellt. Das kann nämlich schonmal Probleme geben. Wenn die Kiste steht, reicht entweder ein Klick drauf, oder Rechtsklick - Öffnen, und dann wird Dir der Inhalt als neuer Ordner ins Inventar kopiert. Und von diesem Ordner aus ziehst Du dann den Tisch, oder was auch immer, wiederrum an den Boden (deiner Parzelle). Wenn er steht, rechtsklick drauf, bearbeiten, und dann mit den Pfeilen dahin verschieben, wo er letztlich stehen soll. Es reicht schon, wenn Du rückmeldest, ob es funktioniert hat
  2. Resi Pfeffer

    Is LL putting more sims on fewer servers?

    Got my home set up on a homestead. Checked the "scripts run" quite a few times and always have about 98-100%. Same numbers on the sim nearby. my 2 cents...
  3. Resi Pfeffer

    Avi can't move.

    Edit your viewer task bar and drag the movelock button onto the bar. So you can check it, whenever you got stuck.
  4. Resi Pfeffer

    Lookng for Someone to Share SL with.

    As a typical host, everyone probably knows you as a crazy gesture spammer OK, jokes aside - Keep going to clubs you like, but as a guest. You will find like-minded people who want to share more than just the same taste for music.
  5. Why dont you put your poses into a HUD? Then you can use them everywhere. I guess, you want more to adjust the distance from your feet to the ground, what can be done by altering the hover height.
  6. Resi Pfeffer

    What Inspires Your Style and Fashion in SL?

    You should move towards the north, or south.
  7. Resi Pfeffer

    Stopping necro-posting

    Whats wrong with a necro? Gave us so many laughters in the past, and still will do.
  8. Thats all true, for the moment. But you know at least as much as me, animesh is pretty new, i im sure we will see some improvements over the next months and years. Just think about mesh, and the decline of system clothes. For a long time we just could buy the usual "5 standard size" pieces, forcing us to change the body shape, just to close all that gaps between the fabric and the avatar skin, swearing when still some body parts poked through the clothes. And nowadays? A lot of creators make fashion, what fits perfectly. The mesh layer is thin, but there is no gap anymore, you cant even fit a sheet of paper between skin and fabric. And you dont need alpha in a lot of cases, nothing pokes through. Not yet. Things always can and will be improved. Call it progress or evolution. And if there is market, there will be creators, going and trying to solve all the problem you mentioned before. I dont say, it can be achived to the full extent, but remember my statement about early mesh clothes and what we have today. I dont see animesh dolls being set up in a lonely guys 60 LDs/week skybox. Not at all. Maybe its more likely, that an AFK sim owner will reduce the available beds for "real" dolls, and stuff it with animesh dolls instead, because there are custumers taking AFK as it is. They dont want any verbal interaction, unless they send the first IM, of course. Dont get me wrong, please. I also dont like the fact robots take over in our daily life. But we cant just deny it and say "we always did it this way, so its not going to change at all"
  9. Its not my first memory at all, but a few weeks after my first login i attended a party in a crowded club, and i think i paid about 5 Lindens to the "sploder" above my head, while all the others went crazy, stuffing tens and hundrets of lindens into, until it exploded. The biggest chunk felt on me. About 600 Lindens. I still remember, how happy and lucky i felt. That was a huge amount of money for me in these early days.
  10. Resi Pfeffer

    Creep Searching for.....Something

    Im not a very social person, but judged by the way you write and express yourself, you will do just fine finding friends inworld, too. Welcome back
  11. Would you explain why you think that? In my opinion, every single customer choosing an animesh doll instead of an afk avatar is going to affect the statistics.
  12. Resi Pfeffer


    Danke fürs Kopfkino
  13. That was really not meant to be offensive to anyone. If you manage to stay in the forum for a while, you will realise, that very often new members show up, throw one post into, and never come back. Thats what i was assuming in this case. And there is no way for me or others to know, Ally was sick.
  14. Thats not what this topic is about. Indeed 😨 Maybe that will split the whole business into escorts and animesh hookers, long term. AFK, as we know it, could vanish.
  15. If they are not even able to answer other users questions, you can imagine how the payment will turn out.