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  1. What, if someone takes that for easy and automatic success?
  2. Thats not what counts in my opinion. If a girl wants to be with you because you have an Aeros, then you may havent found the right one, yet. For example, im attracted to self confident, silly and/or in any way interesting people. Last time someone hit me up by telling me about his lemon squeezer collection. That totally got my attention. So, just be the way you are, carry on and dont be sad if you get rejected.
  3. And how is this related to the good graphics we have these days? What you describe is a key "feature" in SL, actually since the very first day. Just take a simple prim, make it change its color like a crazy with a script, and the result (getting sick) will be the same.
  4. That was strange now... I had autorefresh running, but left my computer for quite a while. After half an hour i came back to see that the addon got triggered and the refresh stopped. I didnt hurry to open the menu to select Bellisseria, because i thought there would be no way to get it after i was away for such a long time. But it did work, surprisingly. Still got that traditional house at Belli.
  5. What about redirecting the auto refreshers to the sansar login page instead? ^^
  6. Also, wenn Du da keinen Filter gesetzt hast, dann wüsste ich auch nicht, wieso das nicht auftauchen sollte. Falls Du den Artikel aber nochmal brauchst, kannst Du den Hersteller anschreiben, und um eine neue Lieferung bitten.
  7. As its related to SL, voice verification will do the job ^^ Question: How will i receive the fine for not being logged in once in a year, if i never ever used a credit card? Will there be a negative balance on my LindenDollar account?
  8. As people seem to be less and less patient, your idea would make even more newbies vanish after a few days. A lot of the ones i´ve met so far, have been in a absolute hurry to turn themselfes into mesh and to get a home. After 3 weeks or so, SL has already worn off for them and i never saw them online again. Now imagine, they would have to stick to a system avatar for 3 months, while they are surrounded by maitreya, lelutka, aeros and spanking addons... Cant imagine that woud work...
  9. @JordanCarter1 Of course you also can rent a homestead from a landlord. Probably you will pay around 120-130 dollars/month. Still cheaper than going for a full region. But think about the amount of prims i mentioned earlier: full region - 20000, while a homestead offers 5000. As other already said, you maybe want to start with something not too crazy, as you dont know how its going to turn out over the next weeks and months. Here you can find everything from a complete homestead to smaller parcels, mostly 1/4 or 1/2. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/289-region-rentals-homestead/
  10. You want to start what? Getting a home for you and your sister? Go for a linden Home or rent a homestead parcel, or even a skybox, if you dont need to be at sea level. If you want to run a business, you need to check before, if its allowed, for example... Maybe you can give a few more details? Just writing one line in each post doesnt transfer a lot of information
  11. @CoffeeDujour What does the blue and red color indicate?
  12. It would be helpful, if you would tell us more about your requirements. How much space do you need? A whole sim, or just a parcel? Will you need a vast amount of prims? 20000 when renting/buying a whole private estate? Or are 5000 on a homestead enough for you? You need to know what you want to do there in advance, because you cant run an adult club on a G or M rated Sim parcel, for example.
  13. Did you refresh yesterday? I was endowed with "Loftroom" for a few hours. Seems, LL wants to distract us while we wait.
  14. Too bad you dont turn into 2B from Nier Automata. The "monso" inworld store sells a nice mesh replica of her hairs. You shouldnt have any problems with the clothes. There is no lack of boots, hotpants, short skirts and bras. Not at all
  15. OK, voting is up for the most hated word in 2019 within SL AND THE WINNER IS....
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