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  1. Being a club owner means not to have a lot of empathy or patience for your guests, it seems But, he/she could have also just recommended your friend to stick the pencil behind her ear, if she cant let go of it... or using it as a writing animation when talking in main chat. Well, you both left that day, and better not to come back ever again. Its not worth it. Hmm, maybe you are right, sadly. The prettier the place and the more mesh pieces are attached to an avatar, the more likely no one even talks, except of exchanging IMs with their close elitist friends. But there are still a lot of place out there where everyone is welcome, and where no one cares about, if your face looks photorealistic or like a pancake.
  2. Sorry, dont know a lot of stores in that way, because i have a different taste. But you talked about pink and princess... So i thought, a princess may want to put some makeup in the morning. If you search for "vanity" you will find very fast something like this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/what-next-Isabelle-Vanity-Table-Stool-Decor/6283110 They dont offer a demo, but at the bottom of the description there is a link to the inworld store. Have fun
  3. Dont want to ruin anyones business, but why dont you do it by yourself? You stated already kinda precise, whats in your mind. The basics you need to know, how to unpack and rez the items you bought and to move them to the desired spot in your home, are very low and easy to learn. A decorator also just will tell you what you should buy, because most SL items are no transfer, or even accompanied by no copy in the worst case. Why? Your employee would just be able to buy the items and set it up, if you grant building rights on your parcel... Once you delete the items (by accident) or because you move to another spot, you cant set it up again without the decorator help, because it never was yours, and it never will be in your inventory. Its not and it never will be your property, if someone else bought it. Just start visiting the SL marketplace, go to a sandbox, rez the demo versions before you buy anything, see how it works (maybe there are huds to change the color), and you will be fine.
  4. Im pretty sure, some people prefer private estates/homesteads over mainland/Linden homes for a good reason, whatever that may be.
  5. Oh 😩 It thought, that number would be an ISBN code. Took me almost 2 hours to type it into the amazon search box.
  6. Pretty pixels seem to be a must have for quite a lot of people. Once i visited a few crowded (partially adult) places, dancing and doing other things with a very good friend who changed his appearance to look like he is from 2007, while im mesh from head to toe. Just for fun and to know whats going to happen. Despite the fact, we just minded our own business and didnt talk to anyone else - you have no idea, how much i got attacked in countless IMs: "Watch out, a noob!" "Hurts my eyes to see you being with something like him" "I bet he doesnt know how to treat you. I´ll teleport you." "He is ugly, come to me, i have aeros." Well, that was our kind to have fun, watching all that folks having their eardrums blown by the high pressure steam, coming out from their deeply hurt and boiling soul, fueled by their own anger and envy.
  7. As an analogy, its like you want to sell caviar and champagne in a football stadium, and now you wonder, why the booth next to you, selling beer and burgers, has so many more customers waiting in a line. Its absolutely fine, if you never ever want to touch beer or caviar, so stay with what you love. Just accept the fact, the majority of people seem to want something else. But that doesnt mean you cant be succesful. Svarga lasted for so many years (its still there?) and Tempura is still crowded 24/7. Good luck and be patient.
  8. Replace the bold words with "adult furniture", and you will get the attention you seem to need so much.
  9. Im using my orb just to count visitors and nothing else, but what i also could do, if i would need to warn or kick anyone, is to change the warning and eject message by myself. So, its just up to the orb owner to set up a funny message. That sounds more like what a greeter/reminder does. Orbs (at least the ones i know) just have warning times from 0-60 seconds.
  10. I dont know python at all, but can i get the same results copying it into a excel sheet in order to sort it? I just need to know, whats the biggest millisecond value, right?
  11. Probably all of them using the last name "Linden" I imaging them walking around in the postapocalyptic world, once called SL. Being hunted by animesh zombies...
  12. Good idea. Then i wouldnt do any harm to the SL grid.
  13. Somehow i expected already it wouldnt be that easy, otherwise everyone would do it that simple way I´ll try to read and understand the whole post you just wrote. Im an absolute mesh newbie, and maybe your pics and descriptions help me a bit.
  14. Thank you. Ill try some more complex objects. Is there a guide value, how big/small the impact should be when its about polygons and vertices?
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