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  1. Try using !!! and upper case letters.
  2. Resi Pfeffer

    Dringend Hilfe gesucht - Fehler im Spiel mit Anhänge

    Das kommt immer wieder mal vor, dass man Sachen weder anhängen, noch abnehmen kann. Relog, Teleport und/oder ein bisschen warten hilft aber meistens.
  3. Resi Pfeffer

    help me design our hospital

    Right. To run a hospital for a long period of time, it probably needs to be embedded in a town, including a big rp community, like the Crack Den (Hathian). Everything else seems to be doomed.
  4. Resi Pfeffer

    My photo has a 97.7% chance of being awesome.

    You could try to remove the red cheeks to see, if the "women" tag disappears.
  5. That could be the key, why normal sized avatars dont think a SL meter is less than a RL meter. If someone is 2.5 to 3 meters tall instead, 256 meters might appear to be 180 meters, of course.
  6. Shhhhh! Dont tell anyone its just pyrite.
  7. Resi Pfeffer

    Old Hair Complexity

    Have a look at the inworld store of Monso (marketplace does not offer the whole variety). They have a bunch of messy and windswept hairs.
  8. Resi Pfeffer

    Looking for Roleplayer female that wants to be robotized

    Ok, now i have an idea. But what prevents me from changing the ROM chip? No, you are Fox Paragorn, well known in SL. Like Philip Linden, Strawberry Singh or Anshe Chung.
  9. Resi Pfeffer

    Five word Story Game

    grotesquely twirling in a blender
  10. Resi Pfeffer

    Far too serious

    How can you dare? Im going to block you!!! 👺 🤜😺
  11. Resi Pfeffer

    Far too serious

    I just gave you a disturbed smiley to see how you react
  12. Resi Pfeffer

    Will pay for small Photoshop/texture job

    Try doing it by yourself: https://www.misterretro.com/filters/machine-wash-deluxe
  13. Resi Pfeffer

    Looking for Roleplayer female that wants to be robotized

    Im not that much into technology, but your HARDWARE must be something special, if it works without any software.
  14. Resi Pfeffer

    Looking for investors

    No, thank you. Im not really convinced.
  15. Ok, i will shut up. But then block her the way Skell described...