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  1. Has anyone succussfully found a Sugar Daddy here?

    That sounds more like a "paypig" relationship
  2. Role option

    If no harm is done, and if they like to roleplay the baby screaming, sleeping and pooping... why not?
  3. Has anyone succussfully found a Sugar Daddy here?

    Im quite happy with the people surrounding me already, and as Paypal is just a few clicks away, the last thing i want and need is a sugardaddy. But recently i got the offer to be someones babygirl, what i had to refuse.
  4. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    Every day new patients walk into the doctors office...
  5. harassed verbally by owner of a public spot

    Klytyna might not have the most lovely way to say what she wants to say, but a slap to the face is more likely to wake up someone (if he/she survives that slap ).
  6. Looking for NIKO TESKAT

    Sounds not that good, and maybe you need to get along with the idea, your friend might not come back. The reasons for people vanishing are numerous. Doesnt necessarily mean , something happened to him. Maybe its "just" a rl divorce, he is going through... his wife smashed his laptop, he sold the house, moved somewhere else, and got a new cellphone number... Keep him in your memory and in your friendlist, and when he comes back, hug him.
  7. Location Scouting

    Dont some sims offer a visitor tag at the landing zone? Cant imagine you are being forced to rp... when in doubt, ask the owner or the RP group.
  8. Looking for calm AO

    You started derailing by saying............. Ok, lets forget about it. Brings us nowhere. Make them by yourself. I run 2 microsoft xbox one kinect sensor cameras (25 bucks each at ebay), or up to 6 Sony eyetoy cams (10 bucks each at ebay) Mounted onto tripods and hooked up to 2 laptops by USB3, the cams filming your movements (ipi Recorder), and the amazingly easy to use software "ipi Mocap Studio" translates the captured data into an animation. The software is not that cheap, but it just works like a charm and you can test it for a month without any restrictions, before you need to decide if you want to spend the money. And how to fine tune the results, you will be teached in the animation forums, i think... Good luck, and if you create a decent one, i will buy it.
  9. HotCandy

    You will get a lot of reasons to laugh when talking about sex.
  10. How High Are Your Standards, Actually?

    Not my standard, but one of my friends just talks to me, when im able to pay 100% attention to our conversation and when my response time does not exceed 5-10 seconds. Do i need to mention, we are not having a lot of conversations!?
  11. How to be a creator

    The first information you get right on the SL main page (click)
  12. Looking for calm AO

    Create one. Im going to be your first customer
  13. Crazy Typing Animations

    You could type in upper case letters while using this device
  14. Looking for calm AO

    The one from Vista was just meant as a friendly recommendation, because you asked for animations without exaggerated movements. What brought you to an angry answer like this is your secret, and better keep your secret. But have fun with your rant, chapter is closed for me, too.
  15. Looking for calm AO

    Check out Vista again Go there inworld and test the stands, especially #4. Its called VALARAST04 You might like it.