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  1. I think the cashier has issues theses days in general. One day its painfully slow, the other day it works just fine, or i also get a white page.
  2. Im glad my workmate didnt turn to my direction the second i opened the profile. Should have read the warning before 🙄 Well, for my taste that pic offends me way less than some group names i see on a regular basis all over SL.
  3. I would be more worried, if my leaked pictures wouldnt get any likes. 😉
  4. Und dann gibts noch die, die gerade wegen des internationalen Charakters von SL online sind.
  5. I loose my ears and teeth quite often, and thats way harder to notice than loosing the panties. Sometimes items are attached, but just not showing up. In that case it helps to cam far away and come back. Want to add bad region performance like "scripts run" values of 30% or even less. I was surprised to find a 100% script run region at Zindra yesterday. Hope that will kinda last.
  6. Only can agree. Vista has great ones. All you need to do is to try all of them
  7. Was baust Du denn so? Noch mit Bauklötzen inworld oder mit Mesh?
  8. Democracy is a nice and shiny Utopia, nothing more. Mankind always did and still consists of some wolves and a lot of sheeps. I dont see, why anything was changing or will change about that.
  9. Sure. I often wear casual clothes, updo hairs and glasses to look very smart without an IQ test attached to me. Works
  10. My landlord is not real. Everytime when i need to bother him, he answers the same: "Thank your for contacting us. A manager will hit you up soon." And he is not my friend, as i have to pay him every few days/weeks. ^^
  11. Alright, them im out for now. Dont know anything about fantasy roleplay at all. Good luck
  12. Depends on whats your goal. Easiest way would be to get a complete demon avatar. Link to SL MP
  13. Hi Zach, depending on how many interviews you need to get done, you also can hit up people directly inworld, as there are always thousands of them online.
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