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  1. Ever thought about trying GTA or candy crush, combined with visiting your local bar around the corner?
  2. Resi Pfeffer

    Haven't played since early 2014

    Now i really would like to know more about the questions i would be asked, if i would call in. Is it that insecure? Like that typical security questions... "color of your cat" or "name of your father"? Anyway, welcome back
  3. Resi Pfeffer

    Off Grid Woman Wanted

    I can imagine its already kinda hard to find a dutch person who wants to live in france, but adding the off grid lifestyle and being able to make a living out of SL business sounds like building a handcrafted watch with 20 complications. But as the watchmakers show us, its possible. So, good luck.
  4. Resi Pfeffer

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    You still got some time until you have to adapt. "Neuland" is obviously not just Merkels impression about the internet, its also something new for LL, it seems.
  5. Resi Pfeffer

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    Most of us know about Lumiya already since years. It was an officially LL supported viewer. It still works and i use it a lot, but LL says "naaaaah" About the reasons we just can speculate: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/418930-linden-labs-will-you-ever-create-a-mobile-phone-app-for-secondlife/ So my post was about a mobile viewer created by LindenLabs and not third party viewers. Seems LL is still insecure about if smartphones will be a thing in the near future. ^^
  6. Resi Pfeffer

    Sansar is now officially on Steam

    And while we discuss about concurrent Sansar steam users (these days between 0! and 25), we dont even get an official answer, if there will be a mobile client for Sansar and SL anytime soon. Hard to get what LL is up to at all.
  7. Resi Pfeffer

    What is this AFK Poseball thing you speak of?

    Thats right, there is mostly no way to pay off all the investments within a reasonable amount of time. But otherweise, running the Lumiya viewer on a cellphone (connected to your flatrate wifi) over night wont kill your electricity invoice.
  8. Resi Pfeffer

    What is this AFK Poseball thing you speak of?

    Thats what i only can speculate about. Maybe they are too shy to talk to someone? Or they know its much less likely to get rejected at an AFK place, compared to what they have experienced talking to a girl in a music club...
  9. Resi Pfeffer

    What is this AFK Poseball thing you speak of?

    As i know someone, who knows someone, who is quite regurarly and often working at AFK places i can contribute a different point of view to the conversation. ^^ Its about 20-40% of all potential "customers" coming by, who are sending an IM ("hello cutie", "nice look"), before they even think about to sit/lay down. If there is no answer from the AFK girl, that guy very likely moves on to somewhere else. A lot more than 50% of all customers are not spooked at all when the sleeping beauty suddenly wakes up (at any time). Its quite the opposite. And of course there is the kinda small rest of guys, not needing or wanting a verbal interaction, divided into the smaller group who pays after, and the bigger group, whos members just leave after they are done without leaving a penny. Therefore i would answer Arduenns question, if AFK places are just made to have fun with a sleeping doll, with a clear no. Of course i dont claim to be right, because that are just personal experiences, and maybe someone else knows someone from this business and can tell their own experience!?
  10. Try it in the spanish subforum https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/276-foro-en-español/
  11. Resi Pfeffer

    You are Welcome - Event´s - Party´s - Meet us

    Nichts für ungut, aber wenn Du schon ein einem eigentlich werbefreien Subforum Werbung für einen Shop machst, dann wenigstens für etwas, das man auch guten Gewissens kaufen kann. Heutzutage macht sich wohl fast niemand mehr die Mühe , seinen Shape für Mesh Standardgrössen anzupassen, nur damit es dann am Ende doch vorne und hinten nicht passt. Fitmesh für Maitreya und all die anderen verbreiteten Bodies sollte es schon sein. Zum Preis sage ich jetzt mal gar nichts.
  12. Resi Pfeffer

    Possible hack?

    Ahm, the original post is about a newbie having a unexpected threesome, and it happened 16 months ago. You better post your technical question as a new thread: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/308-second-life-viewer/
  13. That could mean anything from "Its just a static picture - you still would have to get used to 15 fps" to "amazing, that shiny butt cheeks"
  14. What do you want to tell us by reposting Cekas picture without any text?
  15. Play the new battlefield game and shoot everyone who looks likes an enemy. You are welcome.