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  1. Thats what defines SL for me. An open world, where not everything is locked... And if things really go wrong, theres always the option to blacklist someone.
  2. Resi Pfeffer

    how i transfer my avatar to file xml

    You can export the shape values of your system avatar. And thats it, as far as i know. If you would be able to copy your purchased prims, sculpties or mesh parts into a 3D program and then reupload it, the SL economy would be.... slightly different.
  3. Resi Pfeffer

    Arms Only Selfies Animation

    @AnitaLaDodyx So, you just want to override your arms to use your cellphone, while your butt still sits on the sofa? Good luck I use "animare" to rearrange my arms and legs when taking pictures, and even with that tools its a hell of annyong work to get the body joints alligned in a way i want them to be. And that just works for pictures, if at all possible. Its not made to use it "live" and on the fly. But i hope, there is a solution for your request. I also would be a customer.
  4. Resi Pfeffer

    Spoil me & ill spoil you

    Are there any chances to make you using punctuation characters? No one is asking for a overwhelming text with fancy words or expressions. But if you just would use commas, or at least a dot to mark the end of a sentence, that would be awesome and help us to understand, what you want to tell us. The way its written at the moment, wants me stop reading after 3 lines already.
  5. Resi Pfeffer

    Dance Hud

    Ok, dann bin ich als Ottonormal-Meshie wohl nicht betroffen. Habe kaum mehr als 6 oder 7 Animationen insgesamt fürs Stehen, Gehen, Laufen und Sitzen im FS AO. Ansonsten benutze ich nur noch die AO meines Kopfherstellers, um meine Gesichtszüge entgleisen zu lassen.
  6. Resi Pfeffer

    Dance Hud

    Konflikte welcher Art denn? Nach einem TP muss ich zwar kurz eine der Pfeiltasten antippen, damit er eine Bewegung wahrnimmt und wieder die Standposen abspielst. Ansonsten läuft der AO wie geschmiert. Meine "speziellen" Bento Animationen kollidieren auch nicht damit. Und wenn, dann ist es nur ein Klick auf die kleine Checkbox in der Buttonleiste, um ihn schnell zu deaktivieren. Ist aber auch uns allen freigestellt, was wir benutzen wollen. Mir ist ein freies Sichtfeld zumindest ganz angenehm.
  7. Resi Pfeffer

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Maybe add some !!!!!!!!! and even more UPPER CASE words into your answers. This might make you feel you are right, but probably wont solve your problem. You can have 527 TB of blue fermented cranberries, if you like. I just told, what fixed my crashes.
  8. Resi Pfeffer

    Anyone have any tips on handling RP sim copying mine?

    I think and hope, your guests will notice by themselfes, that your neighbour is always a few hours/days behind you, copying your sim layout and events. So it should be easy to get, who is the original.
  9. Resi Pfeffer

    I Have Cut My Time in SL In Half

    Since i made the step from a old computer with 1 GB RAM and Win XP to a new machine with Win7/10 and 16 GB, i dont have any crashes anymore.
  10. Resi Pfeffer


    I bet, all the mesh head creators like catwa or lelutka are banging their RL heads onto the wall, once they read your posts... How much they time they have wasted... State of the art mesh head: 5K Lindens Knowledge about CT8 and mexicans: priceless
  11. Resi Pfeffer


    Just keep repeating your assumptions and the ignoring of what all the others have told you already. That will bring you very far, for sure. ^^ Good luck, nonetheless.
  12. Resi Pfeffer


    1 looks like the brows are connected to your nose. 2 seems to be less detailed compared to 1 and 3 So, its 3
  13. Resi Pfeffer


    Would be nice to know, what exactly happened... If that guy threatens you because you told him your RL address, then maybe the law enforcment will do something. Most likely, after harm was done. If that guy just told you inworld to be his RL girlfriend, like telling you what you have to do now, like dancing in front of a cam for him, or sending used panties, just ignore him. Dont even bother to go to the police.
  14. Resi Pfeffer


    Your idea and business model would have a bigger chance to come to life, if you just would try to make a few steps by yourself. Take some shots of your face and make a mesh head out of it. If you cant do the whole work by yourself, write a request in the "wanted" section of the forum, and dont forget to offer more than 100 LD for a mesh head creation. All you did until now, was just to juggle with numbers and assumptions. Im out.
  15. Resi Pfeffer