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  1. Hello Residents, So i am currently practicing making tattoos and encounter a slight problem. I made a simple tattoo for back bottom part and i tried it on my legacy, maitreya, kalhene and belleza bodies. noticed that the placement of the tattoo moves a little bit (ei. in legacy it's placed higher while on maitreya it sits right just above the waistline of a shorts/jeans). any help, tips and suggestions on this will be highly appreciated. thank you in advance. xoxo
  2. I've done a few custom tats for myself, and some people have told me to start doing some for people on the side so here i am. Know i will not do anything copyrighted. Such as Hello Kitty, Disney, Marvel, etc. I can do custom body freckles (as shown) or cute little bears, cats, flowers, etc. I can also do names, hearts and such. Just as said, anything you want as long as it's not copyrighted. And as shown below I can do any color and any percentage of fade you want. These will be for your use ONLY. You may not resell or alter the texture. Any changes after payment can be made for little to no charge depending on the complexity of the change. FEMALES ONLY AT THIS GIVEN TIME. WILL UPDATE THREAD WHEN/IF MALE AVAILABILITY COMES TOO. Please see my samples HERE you can click and enlarge them as well. (Click the "Here" ^ as it's text linked) You will receive demos of the texture if you wish to view it on your exact body rather than my own. Demos WILL have a watermark to avoid theft. Final product will not. You receive a fade option of your choice and a 100% or 50% fade FREE with any order if you choose. You only pay the upload fee. (You do not need to upload it to your inventory for demo purposes. Need help on how too? Let me know ) You are in charge of uploading the textures. It costs $10L or less (Per texture) based on your subscription level. Higher levels are charged lower fees. Full body will be two textures separate; this is how the templates are. That is 20$L (Or less as mentioned above) to upload both. I will send the finished product via email after receiving payment. I do not do refunds. Demos and final product will only be sent via email for best saving quality on your end. Discord is preferred for discussion of commission. Notecards / IM can work as well, Discord is just much easier and quicker. Especially if one of us is offline on SL. My prices are as the following: • Full body (from the collar bone to the ankles) 125$L- 500$L. If you just want a custom freckled or body with cute moles, then about 125$L or less. • Just thighs, arms, or hands: 15$L-25$L Know that for arms and hands the design will show on both left and right. Thighs can be different. Want extra tattoos included on the back of the thighs? +5$L • Chest Tattoo: 10$L-35$L. Depending on complexity and size, price may vary Please send me an IM or notecard in-world (Llamau) if you're interested in working together. Much thanks. ❤️ Note: It'll still cost the extra L to upload the textures. No matter if you send it to me to transfer the textures to you, or you upload them yourself. To save us the trouble, I decided for you to upload it on your own. And again, I can help you do that along with how to create the tattoo. ❤️
  3. So, I spent a good part of a year figuring out how to make materials and shine for tattoos. That's all sorts of spiffy, and I've managed to use them on heads just fine. The problem comes in when I attempt to do materials and shine for a body tattoo. The seams simply do not line up, and I'm left scratching my head as to how to proceed. I've test different methods of making the normal and specular maps in photoshop, but I get the same result each time when I apply it to a body. Is there anyone out there that can possibly assist me in figuring out what I need to do to get the normal and specular maps to work properly for body applier HUDs? https://gyazo.com/c5e91119adefbcb7ed55db1e74c4de9a
  4. Hey! I need help! I just started creating tattoos for myself but the Tattoo get kinda blurry and lost the quality when i add to my body, I think the photos will give you guys an idea what I'm talking about. Anyone with tattoo creation skills can help me?
  5. How do I put on my tattoos? Every time I try to cut them on boxes pop up with dark, medium and light and I try pressing on of them but nothing happens. What do I do is it because of my avatar?
  6. After much thought, I've decided to make this post because I'd like designers and creators to understand something, and I hope this is the right forum. I'm an indigenous - Māori - person from Aotearoa, New Zealand, and I've been playing SL off and on since 2007. I've noticed an incredible flooding on marketplace and tattoo shops in SL of fake and authentic inspired tattoos in the stores - many of them labelled as "Maori". First of all, do people understand what "Māori" means? Māori is a term in our language meaning: "natural, normal or common," and it wasn't used until the Europeans colonized our country. We didn't have a word that existed to describe ourselves as a race of people, as we defined ourselves by hapū - tribal and sub-tribal groupings. It would be a good idea to know what the word means before you sell your products in your shops. XD. Which brings me to my next point, and I hope people can understand where I am coming from: our traditions, cultural norms, and language - much like indigenous everywhere - are under pressure right now, partly due to ignorance, and partly due to capitalism and globalism. Our tā moko - tattooing and scarification traditions - attracts enormous interest and enthusiasts all over the world, as do our haka, performing arts, language and spiritual concepts. Tā moko is a gift passed to us from our ancestors. They are not just cool designs on the face and body - they connect to genealogy, knowledge, land, tribe - even an individual's achievements was recorded on his face. The practice nearly died out during the 19th century due to colonization and warring with the British to defend our lands and people. It was a terrible time, and we lost many of our leaders, prophets, and experts. I won't go into the whole history here, this can be searched online, but what it means is that the practice of tā moko is a sacred (tapu) practice for the Māori people because it not only speaks to where and who we are, but also that we have survived numerous efforts to kills us off by our colonizers. We were nearly wiped out at one stage, but now we have come back fiercely, and our population is steadily growing. The Māori people love the interest and respect shown by people towards our culture, but what isn't cool is appropriation. Appropriation hurts us in the modern age, and it helps to seed ignorance, and it maintains imperialism. Ripping a tattoo off google or a history book and making a tattoo from it in PS, and then selling it in your stores isn't cool. Do a search on MP, most of those tattoos are not even our designs, but people have just casually called them: "Maori". If they are not our designs, then whose designs are they? Who's culture do you cancel out by not doing your research? What about the original artists? You are making a profit off this, but do you give back to those communities from which you source your designs? What's your responsibility as a virtual designer and creator? Millions have passed through SL, economically that signals a lot of dosh for a popular store. Every tā moko that is actually Māori has been designed for a specific individual - they are like resumes or "body/facial history's" that's been designed for that one individual, and no other. So if you do manage to source an authentic tattoo, and you upload it to SL and sell it - you're stealing and commercializing somebody's entire history and genealogy! It's like me taking your identity and family photos and selling it all off to the world! You might think that this is just a game, and it hurts nobody, and it's just a bit of harmless fun, but even in the virtual world, there are real-life impacts, and this is one of them. The Māori people are a real culture that exists in the real world. Currently, there are law suits pending in several countries over intellectual property violations. My people are attempting to correct misrepresentations of our culture and history - all written by our colonizers up to the 1980s - and we face an uphill battle. Game designers have been appropriating our culture for a while now - the Sims, Apex Legends, Bleeding Edge, Far Cry 3, etc - all do it. Māori are not vampires or elves existing in a fantasy land - we're real indigenous people who have meaningful lives, and yes, we play Second Life too. Our culture makes money - this is widely recognized in Aotearoa as we continue the struggle to have our lands returned and sovereignty recognized - and sadly, not much of it comes back to our people, some of whom have lost their lands as well as their entire families, and are poor indeed. We have the same struggle internationally with companies who use our language, imagery and cultural concepts to sell their alcohol, cigarettes, cars, music, games, spiritual self-help techniques etc, and it's NOT okay. So in conclusion, I'd like to put the karanga (call) out there to creators who support self-agency for indigenous people, and who are respectful of culture: 1) Please research the tattoo you are selling in your store. First of all, have you attributed it to the correct culture? I can tell at a glance if a tattoo belongs to our artists or not - and btw, our artists train for years to be able to gift their skills to the receiver, so it's a damn insult to have their designs ripped off in SL or any virtual world. 2) Please cease the practice of ripping off designs off Google. 3) As a consumer, please pause and think BEFORE you buy that cool tattoo inworld. Do you want to facilitate the destruction of a culture? That's what you're doing if you buy that cool tattoo. 4) If you upload a tattoo for personal use for your avatar, and not for sale, can you speak to it with knowledge? If you meet me inworld, I will put you through your paces, LOL! Be aware, hahah. I've been sending tattoo artists inworld little messages since I began playing and noticing the big business models inworld. Some people get angry and block me from their store and profiles, some are apologetic, and some I never get an answer from. I don't harrass people, but I'll speak to them once about it, and from there it's up to them what they do. I can't stop anybody from doing anything - but I'm hoping that my points I've raised today will open a dialogue, and facilitate understanding, because this isn't just happening for the Māori people - it's an issue for indigenous and poc all over the world. Ngā mihi nui mō tō rongo kī taku pānui. Kia ora rā. (Thank you for listening to my message. Be well, all).
  7. Hey! I started making some tattoos for myself and i was wondering if someone who makes tattoos could take some of my questions. I'll be forever grateful
  8. This week’s Second Life Destinations video explores Voodoo Land, which shares a direct border with the cyberpunk region Little World. Created by long-term SL residents and designers Sofie Janic and Monkey Wonder, Voodoo Land also has an urban noir aesthetic, but with a hedonistic flair reminiscent of Las Vegas or New Orleans. This virtual Sin City of sorts is an expansive region to explore in detail and take photographs; storefronts and buildings bear unique neon signs and there is an abundance of colorful street art ranging from abstract geometric patterns to murals. Turn the corner and you might see a digital billboard. There is also a basketball court, arcade, and a skatepark for recreation. In fact, this week’s video features Los Angeles-based author Antoine Wilson, who rediscovered his passion for skateboarding in Second Life while sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here he explores Voodoo Land and brings out that old board to try some ollies. There is a lot of open space for skaters of all experience levels, so feel free to give it a shot. There are also several shopping spots to choose from, including Voodoo Mainstore and Vegas Tattoo. If you need a place to rest, plop down next to an adorable pair of pugs in a rooftop pool. They really thought of everything. Visit Voodoo Land today! Voodoo Land Voodoo land is a nocturn urban region with photogenic spots in different areas. You will find basketball, skatepark, arcade, parking for parties, cinema, bridges, tunnel, underground motorcycle garage, Japanese square, an old street with an Irish Pub, night lights, and neons. The Voodoo Mainstore and Vegas Tattoo are also there. Nextdoor you will find Little World. Visit in Second Life
  9. I have a Maitreya Body, and whenever I use my tattoo layer on its own, everything is fine, there are no glitches of any sort. I do not have any underwear layers or clothing layers on. Whenever I decide to put a longer hair on, any part of the hair that hovers above my tattoo, causes my tattoo to become transparent. Here is a picture of an example on my arm. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. I am an experienced creator who makes custom content such as Skins, Clothes texturing, Make up, tattoos or Slave Brands . I have created for Sansar, The Sims, IMVU, Gevolution and 3d websites. You can have a look at my stuff below . Contact me inworld for further information. Thank you and stay home ❤️ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/67150 https://www.flickr.com/photos/olympiahoxley/
  11. Hi there i am trying to make a arm tattoo for my avatar .. using the Robin Wood uv templates .. i have my tattoo and looks ok but there is a line/seam going all the way down the arms where the inner and outer arm joins how can i resolve this problem so it dont show
  12. My brother wants to age his Masters Degree image of himself to a more realistic 70 or so years of age. I have this silly app on my iPhone that is sort of morbid. It can age your RL picture to show you what you would be like in XX number of years. Morbid in RL but a great tool in SL. Wish there was such a thing in SL. I can't find such a thing so the next best thing is to do it myself. So are I have been able to age his beard from the red one matching it his Master's Degree pix to his present day pix. Second I have used appearance to put bags under his eyes and increase puffiness. Third I see there is a tattoo to age one's skin in the LAQ head for females. But my brother doesn't want to spend the 5000L needed to buy a mesh head. He doesn't care about the rash on his neck. Master's Degree holders in English Literature don't make much money. Our parents could not convince him that Literature is a wonderful thing unless you goal is to put food on the table. Any suggestions will really be appreciated by my starving brother. 😥
  13. First, thank you for any help in advance. I have the Belleza Jake body, I like it. but I can not get tattoos to work right on chest and upper arms. I said work right because both with Omega appliers and tattoos created for the Belleza body, the tattoos apply perfectly, but they shimmer on chest and upper arms? I have tried several tatts and they all do the same in those regions. By shimmer I mean they look like they are moving and glitchy. Anyone seen this before, or know how to solve this? Thanks James
  14. Hi everyone! I am trying to make a shoulder tattoo as well as a rib cage tattoo for my avatar and I am having trouble finding UV map templates that showcase the avatar from a lateral view. All of the templates I am finding only show the front and back views of the avatar. If you have any good resources for other templates besides anterior and posterior templates, please link them below! All help is appreciated. Thank you in advance and I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong topic!
  15. Question please, I have no problem with Maitreya tattoos upper body using the kit. The Development Photoshop files located here https://www.dropbox.com/s/kndt98qq6dpculu/Mesh Body Creator Kit - Skins.zip?dl=0 , as per Maitreya's website, does not include a PSD for the legs or lower body. So I downloaded the standard lower body from wiki and created a leg tattoo and it ended up on the neck? Upper body works fine as per below, lower body is not. I used the below lower body templates and it ended up on her neck? How do you do lower body tattoos? Thank you! a
  16. Visit Willow Grove Art Centre Willow Grove Art Centre is a place for all types of artists to come together. The month of August, our event will bring SL fashion artists together! Designers of clothes, shoes, hair, tattoos, accessories, and make-up may qualify for this event but one general rule applies; NO items showcased may include any nudity or adult acts. We will be accepting up to 30 vendors. Each vendor will be given 15 prims and will be required to provide one quality free gift for expo attendees. The product must reflect your shop's other merchandise. You will be provided with a gift box to be placed at your stall (and does not count against your prim count). Other fashion items are not excluded and we encourage all different types even if they are not named here. There is NO charge to participate in this event as a vendor. Applications close AUGUST 13th at 11:59 pm SLT Set up begins August 12th at 12:01 am SLT (You will need one group open for the duration of this event) Set up must be complete by August 14th at 9:00 pm SLT Event Opens August 15th at 12:01 am SLT Event ends August 31st at Noon SLT More details will be sent to vendors once they are accepted. Once the following application is completed, you will be contacted within 72 hours if you are accepted as a vendor. Any questions should be directed in world to Beyonkah resident using a note card. Please fill out the following google form https://goo.gl/forms/dRH3LKGWmojHiRHB2
  17. Are there any step by step text to picture tattoo guides or any updated tutorials for creating tattoos? Software in use: Photoshop CS6 CPU: Windows 10 laptop
  18. Hello everyone, I'm sure this has been answered but I searched and really couldn't find what I'm hoping for... so I apologize in advance if it's a redundant question! I'm looking for a good way to create seamless textures for the SL av by painting directly onto the model and then exporting the textures. I'm trying to create tattoos that go seamlessly from upper body to lower body, wrap around the arms, etc. I have Photoshop CS6 Extended and imported the default SL av model with Robin Wood templates into Photoshop and began painting on the model but the painting isn't wrapping correctly around the legs, waist, arms, etc... it gets weirdly warped. After a while the more I paint the blurrier and more distorted the textures get, too. This is really frustrating and I can't do any fine details on the textures because they turn out blurry. I'm a super noob when it comes to all of this so I don't know if I'm missing a setting or doing something wrong... Here is an example image of me just painting a squiggle on the 3D avatar in Photoshop, and even just that simple fat line got distorted... Could anyone offer some tips please? I'm also willing to try out some other programs if Photoshop isn't ideal for this type of thing. Thanks!
  19. Looking for someone to create a small butt tattoo of the Superman S symbol as a system layer for my standard avatar. IM me inworld for details and cost Paste this link in local chat to get my profile : secondlife:///app/agent/a9ba2797-81af-429d-9833-51127ad5593c/about
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