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  1. I have a piano that I'm trying to insert some music into, as the ones that came with it are terrible. Streaming won't work cause I don't own the land, and I don't think this works anyways as I'm trying to play music through an object. Is there any way to accomplish this besides uploading like 100+ tiny sound clips at 10sec each? I was hoping I could upload the files somewhere and have SL play them back.
  2. You're on the wrong website if you're looking to spam friend codes for those crappy mobile games.
  3. Obvious choice is Utilizator "M4 anime" or "M4 venus" head, but I just can't bring myself to buy them for one reason: no demo for a mesh head (no idea why as they have a demo for one of their other heads, I guess just overconfidence people will trust the brand or something). I don't doubt the quality given the truckload of mods available for it, but how am I supposed to know if I should buy the anime or the venus head just based on one ad image? Are there any other good Bento heads around that aren't too chibi/exaggerated? I like the semi-realistic feel on the M4 venus head.
  4. What program exports animations in the .anim format? Seems .bvh is the standard but .anim is an accepted format as well, and I wasn't able to find much info for this anywhere. Also, when you try to upload something in .anim, there's no previewer, so how do you set the animation priority, loop true/false, ease in/out, etc? Is it simply defaulted to some values? I don't really have an actual .anim animation to play with so I basically just renamed a .bvh to .anim (which won't be a working animation of course) to test uploading it.
  5. This is an alt, i.e. not the avatar I use in-world. I like to keep forum and in-world separate cause it's easy to get wrapped up in drama here which I don't want to affect my in-world experience, and a way to filter who I decide to befriend here on the forum. It came off strong because it was more of a rant. I was pissed off at how unfriendly people are in-world and wanted to vent, so feel free to take it with a bucket of salt. Also, I only message people who have profiles I gauge as someone who's open to making friends. These are usually comprehensive profiles that are friendly,
  6. Exactly, hence why I only IM those people who I feel they share similar interests with me like in the example I showed above, and the reason why I never IM people with empty profiles cause it's a waste of time. But it seems even people with similar interests with me, 90% of the time it ends up being a waste of time cause they lack basic manners, is a misogynist, or simply don't like me due to my name or whatever.
  7. Imagine thinking only RL-abused people participate in consensual BDSM here. You do realize BDSM and D/s relationships is a kink/hobby right and has nothing to do with actual slavery in RL? Not a frickin mental illness? How backwards and bigoted can you get? What's next, only people with bi-polar disorder RP as vampires?
  8. Well tell me why 90% of my interactions end up like this... I'm not making this crap up. This is legit what I get 90% of the time. It's like I'm playing a parallel universe version of SL where most people are assholes. <rant> Yes some people are "shy" and prefer being alone (though what in the world are they doing in social places then), well guess what? I'm probably the shy-est person on my entire friends list yet I don't act like a *****ing indifferent aloof ***** to anyone attempting to be nice to me, it's called basic social etiquette. I'm already way out of my comfort z
  9. Sometimes deleting someone is more for your own catharsis, than the actual repercussions of the deletion itself. I know when I remove someone particularly nasty (like ignoring me repeatedly for no reason, or saying rude things) I feel good at least for a short while. It's that "someone like you is not worthy of taking up space on my list" feeling.
  10. White people are the default folk of SL. Not saying that's a good thing but it's what happens when the software is developed in the US, and mostly caters to English speakers. Literally 90% of the product ads by mainstream stores in SL feature a white woman/man. 9% might have a black person, the 1% are the other ethnicities like Asian or Mexican or something. I go to crowded sims often and that percentage is also what I see in avatars. I'm not white, I'm Asian, and I feel disadvantaged or even discriminated against in pretty much everywhere in SL cause I refuse to make my avatar look like
  11. How do you have a road trip in SL when most sims aren't connected? Even if they are, you probably don't have rez rights on all of them. Genuinely curious cause that sounds pretty fun.
  12. It's hard to find a non-sexual hangout that's crowded and doesn't look outdated. Lesbian Teahouse looks like its furnishings haven't been updated since 2008. Other sims that look well-kept, unfortunately are completely dead.
  13. Off topic but I don't quite get why a lot of people adopt Japanese names or put random hiragana/kanji one-liners straight from Google translate in their profile when they don't even speak the language. It's always hilarious as someone who knows Japanese to find hilarious translations when reading through someone's profile or even their display name. Don't want to sound offensive but I honestly can't find another word for this, is it weab appeal?
  14. My SL is pretty much identical to my RL, aside from the appearance as you mentioned. Also like you, I have an extremely small circle of friends I don't mind sharing lots of RL details with, which I believe keeps conversations fresh. I'm not great at keeping "acquaintances" or "casual friends", they all end up getting removed at some point because they don't fit my personality. I'm also not great at making new friends cause 99% of the people I come into contact with seem to have a very rigid definition of what type of person they want to become friends with.
  15. Because not everyone is an hypersexual escort aka prostitute.
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