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  1. Pretty sure they were all 0L a couple of weeks ago since I shop on marketplace a LOT, but this last few days I noticed many demos/gifts were changed from 0L to 1L. Did LL recently change their policy regarding 0L items or something?
  2. That is already allowed lol? SL is literally the only place where the seller is protected, not the buyer. The seller can literally sell you an empty box for 5000L and there's not a thing you can do about it, because taking down a listing does no good for LL, while keeping listings up = more $ spent = more $ for LL. I'm been scammed by shady a-hole sellers many times, LL really couldn't care less if you flag the report or write a negative review. Flag? They'll just ignore it unless actual DMCA's are involved. Negative review? The seller will just get LL to remove it. Sad but true.
  3. At least you got a refund and a "request" asking to remove your review, which is already exceeding expectations compared to most sellers. I bought an unrigged accessory with the wrong permissions making the item pretty much unusable because I can't even resize it. Politely asked if I they can correct it and send me the right version multiple times via both IM and notecard, while the creator was online. Got completely ignored, so I left a negative review on marketplace. Guess what? The shady shop owner not only bribed LL to remove my review, but also banned me from the sim LMAO. You have to have serious RL mental issues if you treat your customers this way, and is quite sad. Also I'm not sure what's the point of banning me from the sim because why would I be stupid enough to give another cent to some shady person like this seller..? This is the type of BS SL residents put up with when buying stuff. They can pretty much sell you an empty box and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it, because LL is always on the seller's side. I can safely say 25%+ of creators I've had contact with fall into this category.
  4. Since BoM disables alpha, I end up looking like a complete freak (mesh body shape + ugly linden body = nightmare fuel) during the ~10-20sec that my mesh body parts load, possibly longer on laggier sims. Is there any way to avoid this?
  5. Everyone has the really old one "hug/kiss deluxe" from like 10+ years ago that is distributed full perm now, but are there any newer ones with better animations? Old one is still usable but the animations are kinda awkward to use in 2020. Yeah I could probably hack into it and add my own poses or something but I'd much prefer just buying a premade... Only requirement I have is absolutely no poseballs cause that would defeat the purpose. You should be able to click the HUD, and send an invite for another avatar to animate, have them walk towards you, then start the animation.
  6. The issue mostly happens with clothing (and it's the same clothing every time), but sometimes on rezzed furniture as well. Additionally, the issue is not client-side, as every other person I've talked to is able to see this issue. For these objects the texture will not load to full resolution, it's stuck as either gray (not loaded at all), or a very low res (like 32x32 or something). The only way to fix this is to go into edit mode and inspect each face (generic texture refresh on whole object will not fix), when the face is selected it forces the texture to reload to full resolution. But, the moment I detach the clothing, and wear it, the issue will happen again. However this is not practical at all because other people are not going to inspect my clothing and cycle through each face to reload the texture. In the above screenshot I took off every other attachment and went to an almost empty sim to ensure it's not lag. I sat there for literally half an hour and the textures still in this barely-loaded state. Anyone know how to fix this? I'm on Firestorm.
  7. Are there any very active hangouts to meet people that aren't shopping events, combat sims or afk poseball sex sims? Recently I found this place called "Burrow Coffee inc." which is a cozy, chic and Starbucks-like coffeehouse that's really nicely decorated, unfortunately it's usually dead (<5 people in it). Something like this sim that's active would be perfect. I find that if the sim looks nice, then usually the people who go to it are also well-dressed and less.. weird. In contrast if the sim looks like it was furnished in 2007 and never touched again, the people in it usually look like they just got out of welcome centre.
  8. No I'm not talking about RP weapons, gift cards or anything else with sensitive scripts. I'm talking about something like a necklace, bracelet, or decorative weapon. What is the point of making these no mod, just to annoy your customers? It means you can't resize it, you can't tint, you can't adjust specular settings, and you can't add/remove poses. I just bought a really good looking weapon fatpack today (no combat scripts), and for some reason the creator decided to make it no mod, so I can't even swap out the buggy pose script it uses with my own that actually works, making it almost completely useless. Money well spent. If we bought something, especially the fatpack, just let us edit it. SL residents are not that dumb, we know our way around the edit menu. Stop making every last thing in SL no mod (I've even seen notecards that are no mod/no trans... which is completely pointless). Creators who do let us edit their holy creations are appreciated of course.
  9. Necroposting + copy/pasting the same response to 3-4 different threads is less relevant to any forum, not just this one. Perhaps you're new at this. If the topic is still relevant then create another thread? I really don't think the OP, or anyone else in this thread, is still looking for an answer in a 2-year old thread.
  10. Why are you necro-ing 2 yr old posts and just copy/pasting the same reply? You're making yourself look like a badly programmed bot.
  11. Not sure if just some attempt a joke or actually serious. You do realize I shrunk the photo to post on this forum right...? And also resolution of a screenshot has nothing to do with the resolution of the texture that fits over the skin UV and how good it looks on the 3D model? Oo
  12. Unfortunately that will be the case which is why the club will need to be somewhat exclusive and filter out all the idiots. Afaik "classier" escort lounges do exist (that block out all the 1 day old ugly newbies looking for a quick poseball hump), so this would be something similar with a different set of rules. Hostess clubs would be perfect for some short RP sessions. I remember Bare Rose back in the day had a "neko cafe" which is somewhat similar to a hostess club, where customers would come in and have casual chitchat with the staff all dressed in neko maid costumes.
  13. This is the type of photo I mean: https://imgur.com/a/kOKsmUs, credit to whoever took this amazing photo I have a pretty high spec computer, yet no matter what windlight or graphics settings I try (graphics settings completely maxed out of course) mine never looks anywhere near as good. They all end up being either blurry and have terrible anti-aliasing, resembling something from a pre-2010 game. Now the photo above, that's something you see in a 2020 triple A game. Of course, I know most people PS their shots afterwards, but it doesn't seem like this kind of photo was completely PS'd? I mean you pretty much have to repaint the entire photo to make it this realistic just with brushes or something. Specifically the areas I wanna point out are: Hair: I own a lot of hair yet I've never seen a hair this smooth and CG-like Skin: again the details are much higher than what SL seems to support, almost like they're 2048x2048 or something Facial features: for example the eyelids are really really smooth, whereas every single head I've tried in SL including Genus have really distorted/blurry eyelids So what's the secret here? Maybe super high resolution screen or something? My monitor's the regular 1080p, not sure if you can render 4k photos in SL on this. Related question: what's the trick to having crystal clear profile photos? I know what the aspect ratio is and crop my photos according to that, yet they still end up looking absolutely butchered, all blurry and distorted. Is it due to the 1080p resolution again?
  14. For the people who are familiar with what a hostess club is... are there any ones in SL, or new ones just starting out? Asking because if you actually search for this in SL, 99.99% of results would be for pixel-humping clubs or your regular nightclub/dance club. 😒
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