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  1. weird for judging an age of an account to knowledge, ive meshed on other games such as imvu & the sims, and uploaded fine before jus ran into this issue once, i would just mind my own business if i were you ❤️ since you have nothing valuable or helpful to say. Exactly who are you? to judge
  2. Nevermind i figured it out, now im uploading perfectly fine with that same mesh but what you jus said has nothing to do with how i fixed it. This advice would’ve thrown me off if i listened to it. I asked a friend thanks anyways
  3. Thanks for the reply, but maybe not because the mesh is fine on the body its the uploading the texture part thats glitching, the mesh has lots of grids all over it, its only happening when i try to add a texture, i use marvelous designer then rig it in blender and i use the uv from marvelous T-T
  4. i finally got the hang of rigging but now theres this problem. anyone recognize this before? https://ibb.co/6XBW4dh So basically theres a bunch of grids when i try to add a texture but without a texture it looks fine as a solid color but im trying to add a texture and its doing that. I fixed it thx for the replies ❤️
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