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  1. Whats the difference beetween normal 3d character rigging and secondlife rigging? i mean if i rig a character and i upload it in sl it won't let me , so i wanted to understand the differences.
  2. i know , what i mean what kind of presets fits more for the sl import .
  3. Hello guys im new in the mesh world and im tryning to texture my meshes with substance painter, what kind of setting i may use for export the textures for secondlife? and also with import?
  4. Never mind- Ill keep my avi. i don't see him much. so i hope that while i spin in places someone don't deform me . !
  5. No problem i found it. but i can't remove the permision of the avatar to animate me from there .
  6. i looket at it.. but where i find the menu for remove permission?
  7. Woot! Someone of you guys know.. How to remove this permission , using firestorm or other wiever?
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