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  1. TY! The material naming and merging of the mesh is helping 100%
  2. So I'd have to break them off, map them, then attach and weld after the UV maps were done on the broken parts. But before I re-attach, I have to render the textures out, right?
  3. One last question: Say I have one editable poly, for instance the side wall as you have shown in the diagram. I want to have the wall and the window SILL on one UV map, and the GLASS of the window on another UV map... How the heck can I do that with one editable poly? The windows will be animated.
  4. So with that I can take one mesh object and give it up to eight textures, and light those surfaces individually? I use multi materials, I wonder why its not working properly. Ill have to give the naming thing a shot next after I get done remeshing this TARDIS. You all are awesome
  5. Ok I took into practice what you said, started bringing the models in in parts, and realized that I can start this again from the ground up keeping these things in mind. Bringing the walls in as their own objects helped with the bounding boxes, and going further into it, if I can get it all on one mesh that would be great, the problem is I need to be able to choose separate faces to let them illuminate. I read on help forums and stuff that the separate faces can be up to nine, however when I bring this into SL, it only allows me to do a max of two separate facings. I am wondering if its some knowledge I am lacking in MAX regarding mapping channels or something. If I break the mesh up into parts, it makes it assued that each will be its own face.
  6. Thank you all for your help, I am going to look into reinstalling my plugins, there may be an issue there. Thanks again!!
  7. Well I can say for certain its not my verts and polygons, I just tried to upload a box shape, and used the same mesh as a physics LOD from the dae file. The physics model is stretched for some reason. That cant be good.
  8. Well its not really primmy, its reading 4 LI, and the only reason for that is I have the windows, police box and doors on separate "prims" because they need to be animated independently. I had a mesh with about 94,000 verts upload without this issue last week, Ive never seen it Ill take a look at reducing the verts.
  9. Thank you, yes, I am checking for isolated verts right now, it might be a glitch somewhere, and I will set ALL of the individual pieces to have the same axis. The mesh is around 22000 verts (blame the handles and top light)
  10. Yes and yes. I also used a cube, Ill upload a picture here.
  11. Okay, I am uploading a mesh. Pretty common stuff. However, when I go to customize the physics with a model .dae from 3ds max, I end up with the physics mesh seeming to be WARPED. The shape I am uploading is basically a super optimized version of the base mesh, so I am not sure why its doing it like this. I have tried it with simple shapes too, like a box, and it ends up super stretched like this...
  12. Just updated the walls. Gonna be looking for transparency script now... lol https://gyazo.com/7bce4a2f6dfa616d27e1a9895c16cd36
  13. Also, I meshed the bookshelves and stuff, if you want a copy let me know.
  14. Thanks, its actually a HandsofOmega Tardis, the Smith 50, that Ive done cosmetic modifications to. Glad you like!
  15. LOL random playlist. Chris was lurking there. Plus, why not?
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