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  1. It's for Role-play purposes. The notification of who deletes it is so I can politely request the deleter to offer some role-play context for its removal. It's very unlikely I would be "griefed" but I just like to be prepared for even that scenario.
  2. Looking for someone to make and sell the following script to me full perm with these features: - Touch To die - Brings up a menu to confirm item deletion with Yes or No option - Reports to Object owner who deleted it Brings up a menu on touch that offers "Yes" or "No" as the option to delete it. Will report to object owner who deleted it in case of griefing. ___________ If this interests you, feel free to post, PM me by forum or message me inworld. (Resplendent Starlight) I will update this thread when the script job is accepted. Couldn't find or not sure of
  3. - Having a filled out profile usually helps. It lets people know how approachable you are and to figure out RP compatibility. - Try not to be a wallflower. You will find yourself ignored. Give yourself an excuse to post to people. - It seems to me that most people are too focused on themselves to notice anything you might be doing wrong. If being self-conscious is one of the factors to the shyness, it's good to keep this in mind. - Get out of your comfort zone by taking up an RP job as a waiter, shopkeep, etc. This will help make you get used to people if you have no choice but
  4. - When people on-sim ask me about my RP in IM instead of trying to find out in RP. Now my RP isn't some amazing literature that doesn't need spoiling. It's just more fun for people to play with me and find out that way. It's also happened where they metagame from it. - When everyone on-sim is always in their home doing private RP. I know personal RP is most people's goal but if they want their sim to grow, visitors should have easy access to RP. I don't want to come up with a buncha versions of, "Can I borrow a cup of sugar, neighbor?"everyday just to join private RP. I'm sure trying to
  5. So I've been checking guides that suggest modifiers. Like this for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16_Xhzg6bRQ But that's still a lot. Is there another guide on what to do after that step? Or a better approach to making text in Blender for SL builds?
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