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  1. Idk see big issue with fits. I mean if its something meant to be tight sure but a perfect fitted jacket for instance isn't so great since you wont be able to wear anything under it or mix it with anything else that didn't originally come with it. So basically you're stuck with whatever look is on the advertisement instead of being able to personalize an outfit.
  2. Peeve: The moment you realized you bought the same outfit twice.... From two different vendors...
  3. Oof. Didn't realize this was a necro'd thread.
  4. Should have saved the chat because Im sure it states that in there and line it up with the transaction time. I'm surprised they couldn't do anything since it obviously didn't do what was intended and it's easy to verify what you are saying is true by the time stamp of the transaction. I likely wouldn't use that vendor again. I'd take it up with SL to be honest.
  5. MP Relevance = relevant but no separation between new and old products hence why you commonly see new players leaving bad reviews because a product made in 2012 didn't fit their mesh body... MP Newest = No relevancy MP Best selling = weighted toward old products hence why you commonly see new players leaving bad reviews because a product made in 2012 didn't fit their mesh body... Doesn't matter the glitch, MP will always be broken until they rework their search engine.
  6. Yes I feel like some vendors go for the juggler instead of going for the sale. Their prices should direct people toward the fatpack. Instead it's like their fatpack pricing directs people toward the singular purchase. I think some just base their pricing off what other people's prices are and don't have any actual matrices or anything to base their prices off of. I feel like if a fatpack were more reasonably priced they'd generate more sales and ultimately make more Ls than they would making minimal sales for high priced fatpacks. Some of the higher end vendors don't charge and arm and leg for fatpacks. And you won't see any of the higher end ones that do charge high prices at the top events because then their customers will see who the real big bois are and what they are charging. I walked into a shop the other day after seeing their products demonstrated at a show. I went in with pure intentions to buy things. Then I saw fatpacks for 3100+. I mean. You know whats worth 3k+? A house, head and body ect. You know, things that you use every day. Not outfits you might wear on occasion. I ended up not buying anything at all.
  7. I like that half my country is complaining about restrictions when if they simply wore masks and took this thing seriously we could have been opened by now. Or at least in the process of reopening. Instead it was a left vs right political thing. I just want to go back to work. Screw the left and the right.
  8. I thought September and October were really good months for events. A lot of the quarterlies came out in those months and the creators really cranked out a lot of good products. I personally really enjoyed NeoJapan, Necrotize and Cyber Fair. I think expecting that type of level every month at the monthlies is a bit of stretch unless you want your favorite creators to stress out, get drained and quit. I like the monthlies for checking in on my handful of favorite's new releases and finding other vendors to add to that list. I treat the quarterlies more like Christmas for me.
  9. I can mod real world things I buy so not sure how that is equivalent to how things work in the real world. As for MP I wish it was landmark only or at least stores had the option to be landmark only. I feel like MP just funnels you towards things you are looking for and not necessarily things you may be interested in. It's kind of like when you walk through any store, they are specifically designed for you to walk by things you may be interested in. That method is entirely missing in the MP.
  10. Ha yes I've noticed that a lot lately as well at events. It's deceiving. They literally mean it's 50% off the price of buying all 20 of their colors individually. It's not 50% off what they normally sell fatpacks for. It's kind of sad that it's at popular events too since I feel like it makes all the other participating vendors look bad as well. I mean if this one is trying to deceive me how do you think I feel about the people affiliated with them?
  11. Peeve 1: Scantly clad child avatars with profiles that say they are not children but 18 years old. Ya I don't think I've seen an 18 year-old that look like they're 14 or younger. Nor have I seen any that were bruised. If I did I'd probably call the police. Which leads me to... Peeve 2: Child abuse isn't a fashion statement. It's an ignorance statement. PS: If you were in the same sim as me while *****ting around in your child av and caught a ban soon after. It was likely me that reported you.
  12. Yes but they can add all the subcategories they want. It won't matter if vendors don't use them. Vendors check off what categories their products go into. It's not automated or anything.
  13. I hope they fix the search engine as well. The issue with subcategories is that vendors need to put their products into them. A lot of them don't or just pick generic categories.
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