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  1. Do I need to buy a new Bento shape?

    Thank you so much for such great tutorials ladies
  2. Do I need to buy a new Bento shape?

    Thanks for advices guys. So two conclusions:First, purchasing a complete bento shape is a scam/not necessary. Second my avatar can look nice with the same shape and a Bento head, as long as it's compatible with my shape. So... will it take too much time to customize the new head, hands, etc? Don't you need builder skills in order to get good results? Thank you again.
  3. Female looking for male partner

    Nice guys exist I exist The thread is very popular by the way hehe.
  4. Do I need to buy a new Bento shape?

    thank you for the answer. Looks nice. But I'll look different anyway. And how about the rest of the body? Does the extra movement come with the head?
  5. WHY OH WHY????

    "I am not Aislin, I am a hacker and this account is mine now. Now I am tracking all your ims." I use to answer that hehe. As pokemon games say... "it's super effective"
  6. Female looking for male partner

    The lady is just looking for a nice person. ¿Why the bullying guys?
  7. Hi there guys. I purchased my shape around 1 year ago. I've read the advantages of new Bento shapes, but I don't want to buy another shape because I'd lose my "identity" hehe. And the most attractive feature of Bento shapes for me is finger movement So what do you suggest? Would I buy bento hands? or would I buy a new shape anyway. Thank you!
  8. Inventory Cleaning?

    37 000+ ... !!! Now I understand why many people choose to wear absolutely nothing.
  9. Do you need a home?

    It's because we are unable to close threads once they get solved/sufficiently replied. That explains why girls that opened a thread looking for friends on 2010 are still receiving tons of ims from unknown people. It's time to buy some padlocks, admins.
  10. I've read words "submissive" "enslavement" "bondage" on 75% of profiles, the most of them were girls. I don't like bdsm or submission (but I would try it in sl by curiosity). So how would a guy or a girl choose to be submissive? Why do you find so attractive that kind of roleplay?
  11. The Library of Landmarks

    Very nice idea. Simple and practice. Better than that Places Page Project lol . Congratulations!
  12. Mermaid community locations?

    Hello I know a place, it's called Artemisia Island: Island/128/128/0 I've found sea creatures who use to roleplay. I use to visit the place because of the mermaids hehehe Have fun. Hope it helps
  13. Warning! Don't Let This Happen to You!

    A real nightmare. Specially for shopping-lover girls. That's why I took an advice from a friend of me, and it's put in boxes everything you are not gonna use in around 6 months. Like an "attic". This way you help your inventory to stay "healthy"
  14. Porqué no puedo ver mi vestuario?

    No tienes de qué pero me parece que hizo demasiado para un problema muy sencillo de solucionar como eran los alpha layers. Me recuerda a una vez que tuve que formatear mi pc porque pensé que el protector de pantalla era una virus juasjuas. Saludos y suerte.
  15. That sim island with just a single green dot

    I might dress up of a tree then.