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  1. Thanks that's what I was looking for.
  2. Greetings, I don't know if I am the only one with this bug. Each time I use the SL map from Firestorm and zoom out it disappears completely so you only see water. I can remember it didn't happen to me let's say, one year ago. So it must be a bug from recent versions of the viewers (or maybe misconfiguration). I'd like to know if it also happens to anyone and also if someone has any advice on how I could fix it. Thanks.
  3. Thank you! although they don't have reviews about Belleza Jake :/ I will investigate.
  4. Hello all I want to purchase a new mesh body so what's the most used one for men? I mean the one with more clothing/stuff options. In any case, which one would you suggest me to get. Thank you.
  5. Wow! You girls are a blessing from heaven! lol Thank you very much, now you've answered many questions in one. I had some ideas, as you said, like RL it happens, but I was not sure, now I got it all more clear. So I'm gonna prepare my plan of attack Thank you again.
  6. Well I need some help with this hehe Okay. How do you start a sex roleplay session (girls call it "sexy time" I guess) with a girl that never had sex before in RL, in other words, a virgin . She's 23 yo, I've been dating her for about one year, and seriously when she made this confession to me I did not believe her at the beginning but then we got closer, I knew many things about her, she's quite shy and now I think it's all true. She' doesn't want to go on voice, or cam, (but she once sent a picture of her to me) so all we got is... let me see ... err... ummmm... a keyboard I got
  7. Fast and effective. Thank you.
  8. Hello people. So my problem is that I don't receive offline ims anymore. When I checked my config options I found what the attached snapshot shows. Please could anyone explain me what is happening here? So is there any way to fix/activate that option again? I did never uncheck that option. I got Firestorm 4.5.0 Thanks.
  9. Yes I think it was misunderstood perhaps, I wasn't talking about speed connection when I mentioned 'lag', I was talking about the gameplay, that sometimes fps go down even being at sims with no people.
  10. That was the answer I was waiting for now I understand what elements are the reason of lag. With a PC like yours you could run GTA V without trouble, but SL lag will continue And yeah I got the point that connection speed is important too. it's old so I think it's time to renew it. Thanks.
  11. I've noticed that it happens each time that I log in for the first time in a day. Of course it's not the same, if you have 30+ people in a sim, or just 2. And about fps I'm not sure, didn't pay attention to that detail. But I play mmorpgs and the lag level I talk about (making a comparison) may be around 15-20 fps. And I use to log in on my country's peak time I guess, my average connection gets a bit slow around 8-6 Mbps. So does it exist anything like an 'ideal' configuration for my specs? Thanks.
  12. Hi there. Well here it is my problem, I use Firefox, I have an 8gb ram pc, i3 processor and 2gb nvidia 750ti, however SL gameplay goes slow sometimes, it rarely crashes though. My configuration is not so high, I have graphic options between mid and high only. I hoped that having 8gb ram and 2gb vram card would be enough to have a smooth gameplay. So could you suggest any type of configuration for graphic options or something to avoid lag? Thanks!
  13. Thank you so much for such great tutorials ladies
  14. Thanks for advices guys. So two conclusions:First, purchasing a complete bento shape is a scam/not necessary. Second my avatar can look nice with the same shape and a Bento head, as long as it's compatible with my shape. So... will it take too much time to customize the new head, hands, etc? Don't you need builder skills in order to get good results? Thank you again.
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