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  1. There might have been a 7-minute refresh period involved; meaning that after 7 minutes the old data will be purged and you can repost. Stuff like that was generally an anti-bot measure. Possibly :-)
  2. SL has no shortage of people willing to tie you up..... there are many fish in that particular sea.
  3. “Fade To Black” is also an option. If a scene is going to be distressing for a player to RP through, the Fade to Black stipulates that the event in question “happened” but without it having to have been role played through. This was mainly used for sex and violence, but sometimes other things like medical procedures where the majority of players present glaze over when the RP Paramedics start speaking in their jargon :-)
  4. When I was into SL Roleplay a lot, we had specific conventions to cover In Character (IC) and Out Of Character (OOC) conduct. If you had an avatar that you used for both RP and General SL activities, it was generally best to make sure that your Non-RP romantic partner was OK with any In Character activies crossing the line into “misbehavior” :-) If they were not, you needed to choose whether or not to respect the relationship..... Its tough, especially if one of the people in the Relationship is a role player and understands the IC/OOC Break and the other does not. I’m not an ad
  5. Amanda: Queen of the Trash Pandas......
  6. I'm dressing up like a raccoon...... don't ask, and don't call me vermin..... :-0
  7. I went through that about 18 months ago. Ultimately, LL said my bank was identifying the LL transactions as an International transaction, which caused issues with Paypal (I was paying LL via paypal) and that caused the transactions to fail. After fruitlessly trying to resolve this between my bank and Paypal; I changed banks to one that is not suffering the same bureaucratic dementia and have had no further issues.
  8. It provides a constant reminder to have people still listed on my Friends list who have gone "off grid" in Real Life. I came to SL with a group from an MMO that was in the process of shutting down, people I had been chatting with before SL ever existed. Three of them are gone now, but seeing them on my Original Avatar' friends-list never makes me sad. It reminds me that I was lucky to have wonderful people to talk with when I was going through a rough-patch and was otherwise withdrawing from the world. They helped me get interested in People again (I was suspecting that most People were no-
  9. I average about 2 hours a day in SL on work-days, about 4 on weekends unless RL has me running in circles :-) I love the forum and check it several times a day :-)
  10. Hanging out at the club where I work, watching people play board-games......
  11. I guess I was lucky; when I was in my “stripper phase”, so was my Partner :-) Based on what I saw way back then, some guys like the *idea* of being with an erotic dancer, but when reality sets in - their personal level of possessiveness isn’t open enough to allow it to work. I don’t think people who go jealous and possessive really MEAN to be asshats, they just discover that they themselves can’t trust their lover enough to share viewing her with the world and then turn what my daughter calls “dickish” from there. People have unrealistic expectations about what they want, and ve
  12. I agree with you - but SL has a lot of people who confuse SL with FB or Tindr :-)
  13. Harry Dean Stanton was one of my favorites, from his crewman in "Alien" to the security guard who told the Hulk; "Son, you got a condition..." Best wishes to Harry in whatever comes next.....
  14. I'm on SL for a couple of hours every day, and my RL profession prompts me to maintain contact with my much-younger co-workers - and the best way to do that is to use the social media platforms they spend so much time on (Voice calls and work-emails may or may not be answered, but everyone's chatty on social media). I would place SL and social media as "about equal" when it comes to how people behave. Both have small contingents of people who try to use the alleged "anonymity of the internet" to behave badly and both have been invaded by political activism - it just depends on whe
  15. Just covering the basics.... 01..Do you have the airport group up? 02..Do you have the PROPER airport group up ? Many venues have one group for general members and another for those with different privileges. 03..Has some random Owner accidentally un-checked Build rights? This is an issue where you have several people with Owner-rights and who do not interact or communicate well due to differing time-zones or other causes.
  16. and lastly....me having fun at the Forum Cartel Lair......
  17. This was my "Demo" event earlier this week ;-)
  18. Dancing with my Partner at Drama Libre's "Big Top" event :-)
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