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  1. Actually the main club I work at does not allow gestures from Staff :-) Any gesture spam you see there is guest-generated :-)
  2. TBH the reason I moved from hosting to DJing is that in a busy venue; DJing is less stress than hosting attentively :-) SAM broadcaster was a good investment for me :-)
  3. HUDs..... The Good: -You can get one that gives you a positive alert when someone trips a preset Radar Range and prompts you to type them a greeting. This saves you a little embarrassment when you "miss" a guest who showed up in a group or you were already frantically banging out personal IMs to other guests and didn't see the passive radar. Some Residents are prone to IM heckle Hosts and DJs who miss their arrival. -Huds can let you toss up a titler for some things (I use mine for humor, like when I set it for "clothing optional Night" or "strip the DJ night" for Naughty Night. They are also useful for things you might have to SAY repetitively like; "Relay for Life Kiosk at Main Entry" when (like me) your typing is a little slow due to a RL disability (like the stirring my brains took some years back). -Some HUDS can make it easier to access the area-security tools to ban griefers. Griefing events is a problem and the faster you can shut it down, the fewer Guests you lose. The Bad: -HUDS do not usually handle display names well on auto-greet, so stay away from that. -HUDS can be very repetitive for other to listen to canned gestures and greetings -HUDS performance can be affected by the Lag-monster. Overall, there is a big difference in working a small venue and a larger place where people arrive in gaggles and where you WILL have to figure out how to deal with Stalkers, Griefers, Lovesick Guests and other things that take up lots of time. Social skills are a -must- but using a few passive tools can help your time-management and allow you to focus on your guests. Observation: Its also good to note how much WORK the Host does vs the other staff......and be aware that at many venues the House tip-jars are set at lower levels for the Host than other staff... -Greet new arrivals (that means deciphering cutsie and often unreadable custom name fonts - so save time and look at their profile) -Be sure and ask departing guests back -Promote the event in group IM and with Group Notices -Make new Guests welcome and ensure they know what entertainments and facilities are available. -Deal with griefers and love-sick Guests who want 100% of yours or some other staff-members attention (preventing them from doing their job) -Deal politely and respectfully with guests who are being disruptive or causing technical issues with their avatar-attachments. -Run the contest by setting it up, reminding people to vote, making sure contestants are in-theme, handling disputes (complaints that someone's Alts gamed the vote) -Handle social issues as they happen -Promote the NEXT event -Have a new or new-ish "In theme" outfit or costume every event
  4. I would advise "be careful where you work" as well. I have worked places that were BDSM-centric and where the Submissives made up 80% of the population. They were always complaining about not being able to keep steady staff; but the Submissives Didn't Tip ( their custom was Dominants-only-Tipping ) and the Dominants rarely showed up. This was a local custom and not common in SL - so you won't run into it a lot (I hope). I changed venue and my tips jumped about 300%. The moral: "Know Thy Venue"....
  5. Curses! My dark secret revealed......I am a Tiny .... :-)
  6. SL has plenty of sexy pics, advertising pics and just plain porn.....it needs more Sweet pics, and here is one of my new favorites :-)
  7. Showing off the car...or just showing off :-)
  8. Hey, this is THE place to express the way you see yourself! After a furry-friend of mine had a social mishap here, I started a group called The Acceptance Project (pretty much for anyone who is different in Sl than they are in RL...fur, gender, alien, robot, etc) and one thing I've seen a bit of is a "certain element" that expects SL-you to mirror RL-you (usually they view SL as sort of 3D Facebook or a RL Dating Service - they're not evil, its just perspective on what SL is...) - so its usually best to look for close SL friends in areas that are LGBTQ-friendly. Open minded people exist all over the grid, but as you're starting off here - its IMO best to have people about who are supportive. There are some awesome human-beings on this very forum ;-) Feel free to friend me inworld or call on me if there is any way I can help :-)
  9. Exploring SL with my Partner, Skye..... Yes, I was looking at her butt......
  10. Thanks! I use Ikon "Hope" mesh eyes and that color is "Dew" :-) The only post-shoot edit on that pic was the crop.
  11. I've seen many mafia roleplays in the modern roleplay sims. They do well and ad to the Story *if* the players keep a good separation between what id *in character* and their *out of character* interactions with other Players. I have also seen Russian-Style Mafiya that continually crossed the line between in-character and out-of-character cause so much drama that they killed two roleplay sims. That was mainly poor player-ship and poor Administration though, not because it was in-character organized crime. One thing about unscripted roleplay though, when out-of-character egos get involved it can be messy. Even the powerful mafiosi need to be prepared to lose occasionally, so that the other players don't shy away from RPing with you......
  12. /me loves all y'all too...... just please don't pass the pics around.....
  13. That actually looks awesome :-) Bento heads were an issue for me at first, until I finally realized that I was trying to recreate a look that happened because of the flaws in the old system shape. When I reset my mental image to what I was trying to create when I first came to SL, I was immediately happier because I -had- that now :-)
  14. Amanda brings her Boss to the thread.......and ditches him like a bad prom date....... (( Dilbert has the Pointy-Haired Boss....I have a reptile..... ))
  15. I have no acceptable excuse....I was up because I'm crazy enough to work those hours.....
  16. Because people of Extreme Awesomness never sleep well at night :-)
  17. I really hate it when rah-rah junior management types confuse slogans for leadership :-) They usually resist being trained out of that behavior, but enough "tell me how treating people like pre-schoolers helps us build a grown-up team?" Counseling sessions and they finally get the idea :-) Demings Point #10 "Eliminate slogans, exhortations, and targets for the work force asking for zero defects and new levels of productivity. Such exhortations only create adversarial relationships, as the bulk of the causes of low quality and low productivity belong to the -system- and thus lie beyond the power of the work force."
  18. My observation that from the 1970's until now, many companies wanted the label "Team" or "Team Based" but didn't want to actually -do- teams because then you have to hire specific (expensive) workers who can function in that kind of environment :-) They want technical ability with social skills - and that costs $$$.
  19. That sounds more like "mandatory fun" than actual Team Building :-) Where I work, we keep the two very separate...
  20. Personally, I think it's good for people to have -some- ethos by which they conduct their lives as long as that ethos does not espouse oppressing others, justify slaughter and actually adds something positive to the community. Personally, I get just as much from the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the writings of Marcus Aurelius (stoicism) and the Martial Art of my choice as I do from any one religion. My skepticism about this thread comes from the OPs either glaring ignorance of the target audience or their inventive trolling of this community; and bad personal experiences with people who thought killing in the name of God was OK. I believe in an intelligence greater than mere humanity, I also believe we have yet to figure out what that really is :-)
  21. Using SAM I can disable monitoring the direct-audio from my stream and only listen to what comes over the SL connection; that way I am hearing what the guests do.
  22. I guess the best advice I can give is; (a) Save up and get SAM Broadcaster and (b) Seriously price-shop your stream provider (c) Save up for a *good* headset with mic if you're going to voice DJ (d) Grab a sound-manipulation program (Audacity is free) to cleanup any audio that needs it or adjust gain levels. I also use it to create custom advertising, bumper music, rejoins and so-forth. (e) Have an extensive and good-quality music library - or be prepared to download on the fly. By "good quality" I mean consistent gain-levels and no "audio junk" that sometimes comes with things downloaded from YouTube in addition to the song itself (audio commentary). Pricewise, SAM is up there (you CAN catch sales on it) but it's the most user-friendly DJ program I have used (I started with Shoutcast/Winamp) and it's great for adding Requests and modding playlists on the fly. It's also awesome for adding iTunes content. It also has countdown counters that tell you exactly how long your last song has still to play; invaluable when handing off to another DJ seamlessly. There are a ton of resources and YouTube tutorials on SAM as well. We're not supposed to advertise much, but you can do a lot better buying stream-time inworld than you can paying RL streaming companies. If you check Search for "stream providers" you should see some hits, or IM me in world. I have a Sennheiser headset that I got on sale and I love it Having a headset with a good mic (and amp) will also help you avoid "mumbling DJ syndrome"
  23. I really dislike having to rezz a box. Frequently I'm working one event and getting ready for another, being at a vanilla 80's event and having the latest dominatrix outfit show itself as I try to unpack it (advertising on the box) can be awkward. Really, I would be happy if all content creators would just clearly label their boxes if it's going to rezz something inworld instead of invis-attach..... I hate the animated bags too......
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