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  1. Good morning fun seakers! Happy Thursday! Let's go for a walk! Peace!
  2. Good morning fun seakers! Happy Tuesday. I am saddened by the passing of Ginger Baker. In my humble opinion, Ginger was the best drummer on earth. Enjoy this song sung by the late great Ginger Baker. Peace!
  3. Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Here is a thought for the day. - Thought for the day - We are all time travelers. All of us are. We are traveling into the future. Everything we do or say effects the future. We all have the power to change the future for the good or the bad. The choice us up to you. - Hippie Bowman Peace!
  4. Good morning fun seakers! Happy Thursday! The weather is very nice here in Florida. A hint of fall in the air in the early morning. However very hot and humid during the day still. I can't wait till winter comes and we get relief from the hell that is normal weather here in Florida. Have a great day all! Peace!
  5. Monday again already? Where did the weekend go? Nonetheless have a fantastic Monday fun seakers! Peace!
  6. Thank you Gabriele. We will watch it closely and take proper action. Peace!
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