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  1. Good morning all! There will be an emergency breakfast today. Nova will reach out in the groups to you. I am working! Ugh. Well Happy Sunday anyway! As Dillon said. "Grab that mug! Gota have that caffeine!" BTW, I have the frozen lake ready for all of you at the spaceport. http://secondlife.com/destination/lagrange-point-spaceport-2 Do come out enjoy winter in the comfort of your home! Peace!
  2. Good morning all! Happy Saturday! We raised 17900L$ for Kathi. Thank you all for your help! Enjoy this animation! Peace!
  3. Good morning all! Happy Friday! Woot! Peace!
  4. Good morning! Happy Thursday! I just love the holidays! Especially old Christmas cartoons! Here is one! The night before Christmas Peace!
  5. Good morning all! Happy peak of the week! Peace!
  6. Good morning all! Happy Tuesday! I remember back in the 80's when I was working at Paradyne, a now defunct telecommunications company, we had a Texas Instruments 4420 mini computer to run remote diagnostics on modems. It had two fixed disks each a whopping 5 meg each and 2 removable disks each 5 meg. It was state of the art at the time. I believe that my smart phone has more computing power than this dinosaur of a computer had! Peace!
  7. Hi Everyone! I am having a Spaceship sale and concert to help raise funds for my dear friend tsawke'syulang (Kathi1974) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lagrange%20Point/154/142/23She has breast cancer and is in need of funds to put fuel in her car to get her to where the treatment is done. I have put out several Spaceships that you can purchase this week and then at 4 PM Slt on Friday the 8th I will sing for Kathi. I hope you can help out this sweet lady. Peace!
  8. Ugh and blast it all! Monday! Sigh. Well make the best of it with some root beer floats! Peace!
  9. Good morning all! Happy Sunday! Enjoy this Christmas Video - Today's Video - Christmas Tree - Peace!
  10. Fire setting, wallet stealing, and general shenanigans is all still allowed. Lady spent all her money on shoes. Looks like cold beans and hodgepodge tonight for dinner. Peace!
  11. Hi Everyone! I want to set up some guidelines for the breakfast club. I have posted this to the groups used for the breakfast club. The breakfast club is meant to be a place where people can come together without fear of persecution because of their beliefs, whether it be religion, political standings or life pursuits. You can belief in anything, or any god you chose. That is fine. But when words are said that infringe on the beliefs of others can not be tolerated. This includes any words that my offend the religious beliefs of others, and words of violence to anyone. I am a firm believer in peoples rights to belief in what they think that is right for them. But the breakfast table is not a place to spew words of hate and violence. I hope you all can understand this. In the future this will not be tolerated. As I have said, the breakfast club is a place for us to all get together to enjoy each other in peace and in love. I do enjoy strong heated debates. However the breakfast table is not a place for this. Dig? Thank you. Your breakfast guru, Hippie. Peace!
  12. Good morning all! Happy Saturday! Tis the season huh? Enjoy this short Christmas animation, The Santa Run! Peace!
  13. Yay It's Friday! Back to work for me on Monday! It was a wonderful time off! Here are a few more pictures from the cruise! Peace!
  14. I am back! Pulling into Tampa as I type this. We had a wonderful time! A few pictures now and more later! Peace!
  15. Good morning everyone! Happy Holidays and Happy Friday! For those of us here in the states, I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, and that you are happy and safe! This will be my last post until this coming Thursday, as LadySue And I are off on a cruise to the Caribbean on the cruise ship Paradise. Love you all! Peace!