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  1. Hey hey hey! It's Tuesday! Have a great day everyone! Peace!
  2. He is Clover. He is! Peace!
  3. A flight over Wesley Chapel Florida with the drone! Peace!
  4. My bird Sunny, enjoying his breakfast! Peace!
  5. Ugh!!! Monday Monday Monday! Well let's make the best of it. Have some breakfast, coffee, and some root beer floats to take the edge off of Monday. Have a great day everyone! Peace!
  6. Good morning all! Happy Sunday! The Breakfast Club pulls up to Billy Bob's pub and is hosted by Luke. Breakfast starts at 8 AM and all are welcome! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Goblins/218/58/23 Peace!
  7. Yay! Friday at last! Woooooooo wooooooo! Peace!
  8. Good morning! Happy Thursday! Peace!
  9. Good morning all! Happy peak of the week! Peace!
  10. Oh! Thank you! Peace!
  11. Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday! The weatherman says we will start to cool down here in Florida in about two weeks! I can't wait! Peace!
  12. Oh that looks nice and cool. (Coming from an overheated Floridian). Peace!