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  1. Good morning! Monday Monday Monday again already! Ugh! Peace!
  2. Good morning all! Happy Sunday! Make sure you remove the cat before taking off in your ultralight! Peace!
  3. Good morning! Happy Saturday! Peace!
  4. Good morning! Happy Valintines day! Peace!
  5. Good morning! Monday Monday! Make the best of it! Peace!
  6. Happy Friday everyone! LadySue and I are are enjoying a weekend in Seista Key this weekend. Our toes are in the water, and our asses are in the sand. Have a great weekend all! Peace!
  7. Good morning all! Happy Thursday! A short week for me. LadySue and I are heading for Seista Key for the weekend for a 3 day getaway. I won't be here for breakfast this Sunday, but will return the following Sunday. If you are reading this Gospeed, I would like to guest DJ then! Have a great day everyone! Peace!
  8. Good morning! Happy peak of the week! Peace!
  9. Good morning fun seekers! Happy Tuesday! Peace!
  10. Oh! Nice idea! Sorry I could not make it to the cartel hangout yesterday, and next week LadySue and I are out of town. I will be there the following Sunday. I am not disappearing. Just turned the reins of the breakfast club over to Gospeed! Well it is Monday! Ugh and pft! Make the best of it! Peace!
  11. Yes indeed! I plan on popping in for a while! Peace!
  12. Good morning all! Happy Sunday! A rainy rainy day here in the Tampa bay area! Was going to go fly my drone. Not now! Sigh! Have a great day everyone! Peace!
  13. Good morning! Yay it's Friday! Peace!
  14. Good morning! Happy Thursday! Peace!