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  1. "Hippie" 's Hippiestock add this to your calendar and come party all day! featuring the live music of Acoustic Rhapsody The Vinnie Show!, Hippie Bowman & Dick “Marty” Steel, Winston Ackland, DimiVan Ludwig, Kalena Moore - SongBird Sorbet, Lexus Melodie, Lexie Smith (Lexie Luan), Zorc boomhaur, Jed Luckless with Moondance Parx particles🌈 Yeah this is going to be a blast do join us!💜 https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lagrange Point/155/153/21?fbclid=IwAR2S3nfcDEnfJW6UE8UzRKzZXt7EGBGvZlM6MqiW90K2jxEzSBTJeo6OO70
  2. For us here in the States today is Thanksgiving eve and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We have a lot to be thankful for. Be it good food. Clean water. And shelter. And much more. During your feasting and joy take a few minutes to think of what you are thankfull for. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Peace!
  3. It's not going to be bad in my opinion. But as always me and mine are prepared! Peace!
  4. Good morning fun seakers! Yep its Monday. We here in Florida are keeping a close eye on tropical storm Eta. We are good and we are really good at running away in case we need to! Peace!
  5. Happy Sunday all. I hope everyone is doing well and are safe and healthy! Peace!
  6. I am glad you are safe Cinnamon. I saw your Facebook post. I am hoping all turns out good for you and yours! Peace!
  7. Happy Thursday fun seakers! I put together a video of my houseboat trip. Enjoy! Peace!
  8. Yes! Tons of alligators. Lots of birds and fish. We swam in the spring and as we were about to enter the boat 2 gators swam up very close to us! A bit unnerving! Peace!
  9. Hey hey! Happy Friday fun seakers! Just got back from a fantastic vacation on a houseboat! So fun! Peace!
  10. Hey hey! Happy Friday everyone! Covid-19 restrictions eased just a bit here in Florida. I hope all are well and safe! Peace!
  11. Good morning fun seakers! Happy Tuesday! Getting warm here now in Florida. Would rather go outside instead of going to work. They have begun to ease covid-19 restrictions here in Florida. I am not sure that is wise. We still must be very careful to avoid the virus. I continue to wear mask when in stores and continue to self distance (except for LadySue. I continue to get real close to her). I trust you all are still healthy and uninfected! Be safe everyone! A thought for today - “Fear does not stop death. It stops life. And worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away t
  12. Happy Thursday everyone! I trust all are well and covid-19 free. I just read a sad thing. The passing of Uccello Poultry. She passed from the covid-19 virus. The following is from the Bay City Post. This April, less then a week ago, Uccie replaced the real world for the Big Grid in the sky. I can not imagine the pain and hurt that her partner, her family and her closest friends are feeling. My thoughts, our thoughts, are with them. Events went very fast. As a pixie, she suddenly appeared, sending out messages, just before she went to hospital, where she passed away. A
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