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  1. Yes Dillon! I see that! Still waiting for the fallout! LOL! Peace!
  2. Welcome Juicer! Good to meet you! You are among friends here. Make yourself at home! Welcome to the comfy fire! Peace!
  3. I pile up a huge stack of wood and set out a can of kerosene next to it. I put some cold root beer on the tarmac in strategic locations leading to the huge pile of stored up potential energy. I then retreat to the opps building and waits. Peace!.
  4. It's hard to get good help these days. Glad you have your lawn taken care of! Peace!
  5. Good morning! Happy peak of the week! Peace!
  6. Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Peace!
  7. Good morning ugh it's Monday! I am once again experiencing a 6 to 8 second lag of first person view of flight (The real time view you see on the display as you are flying the aircraft). This is a short video to confirm the trouble I am having, before I send it back once again to California for repair. Mind you, this is the 5th time back for the same warranty repair. However, no flight should be wasted. The Video is raw with no editing For all of you CWW residents, enjoy the view over the park. And rest assured. There was no damage here when the Sub-Tropical storm came through a few weeks ago. Peace!
  8. Bring it on Maddy! Lol! Good morning all! It's Friday! Peace!
  9. Lol Maddy! Funny video! Good morning! Have a great Thursday! Peace!
  10. Good morning all! Happy peak of the week! Peace!
  11. Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Peace!
  12. Good Morning! Monday again already? Ugh! Peace!
  13. Good morning! Yay! It's Friday! Have a fantastic day! Peace!
  14. Good morning! Happy Thursday! Peace!
  15. Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Peace!