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  1. Thank you Gabriele. We will watch it closely and take proper action. Peace!
  2. Good morning fun seakers! Happy Friday. Well here we go again. Hurricane Dorian expected to make landfall somewhere on Florida's east coast late Monday or early Tuesday. We live on the west coast of Florida so the storm will be somewhat diminished when it reaches us. The Bowman family should be okay and we are good at "running away". I will keep you all posted. Peace!
  3. Happy Sunday all! The August 2019 Flood Aftermath at Club Wildwood. All in all was not too serious. It was mostly an inconvenience. Cars not being able to get in and out. We have been through worse! Peace!
  4. I stepped out back at work and snapped these shots of the Atlas V launch on August the 8th. Amazing how the rising sun lights up the rocket exhaust. The snapshots were taken in Tampa, all the way across the state of Florida where the launch took place on the space coast! Amazing! Peace!
  5. It is indeed. Average temperature in Florida this time of year is 90 to 95F. In Canada were we were the low was 35F and the high was around 80F. I am back in the oven!
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