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  1. Oh I was aware that Maddy edits images but I didn't know the signs were edited. Thank goodness, I feel so much better about humanity now lol.
  2. People actually protested high heels? It's like people don't have anything important to complain about anymore... Geez. There are so many better things to do with your time than fuss over what other people want to wear. I like the dudes trading Vicodin in the background.
  3. I wish I could say something better than "I'm sorry that happened, but I'm sure you wouldn't want to be friends with those people anyway" because I know how disheartening it can be when people avoid you. It's less about that one person you don't get to be friends with, and more about people avoiding you for something so absurd. It's not like you can control your race. Out of all the reasons to dislike someone - they could be annoying, rude, arrogant, or any number of bad traits - it's pathetic that some people can decide whether or not they like someone based on the color of their skin. You could be a medical engineer who just discovered the cure to cancer, but they don't care. They already made up their mind before you ever even opened your mouth. But... I will say that despite how promising a "Second Life" sounds, the anonymity gives people a lot of wiggle room to act on their underlying prejudices without consequence. The choice to be whoever you want, say whatever you want, and do whatever you want is really freeing; but we shouldn't forget that same freedom has been given to the kind of people who spend all day harassing people on the internet. People have no shame in trolling once their identity is out of the picture. SL is no different. As for roleplay, I think people are free to do what they please within the confines of consensual play. Gor isn't my thing but I know a lot of people (yes, even women) who enjoy it. As long as it's somewhere private and it isn't forced on anyone who doesn't want to participate, I say go for it. I've met a lot of wonderful people who play characters who are realistically racist for the setting they're in (dark ages, 20's, WW2, even middle earth has its racism) but will drop the act as soon as it starts making someone uncomfortable. With that said, I find it hard to understand why anyone thinks it's fun to roleplay a nazi in WW2, but I've roleplayed serial killers so I have no room to speak.
  4. These forums are reasonably active and so are several blogs that I've come across, but I have so much trouble finding people in game. The featured destinations tend to be ghost towns - even if I come across some people in the area, they're dead silent. When I try to search for things I'm interested in it rarely comes up with any results on the world map so I feel like I don't understand something about how to find locations and people. Besides that, what do you guys do for fun? Roleplay is my main interest at the moment but maybe you guys have some suggestions. I like socializing (to an extent), games, activities, whatever. Photography isn't really my thing since I'd much rather draw. I used to think I'd like a little town to roleplay in but it seems like people just coop up in their homes... Without a family and a home of my own, the only way I'd get to interact with anyone is if I became a door to door salesman lol. I'm so lost.
  5. Thank you for all of the responses!
  6. The concept of buying L from other players is... Intimidating, to say the least. I'm used to MMOs where you buy some in game coins, get everything instantly, and the prices never change unless they're having a sale. So, from what I understand, I need to "order" L to buy anything from the marketplace or from in world shops, and I can't buy items directly from the marketplace without L. I can also become a premium member which will grant me L every now and then - which sounds nice - but after seeing the prices on most items and comparing it to the default exchange rate, 300L a week isn't much. If I only paid for one month, that's about 900L but I could order around 2000L for the same price. With that said, do people even sell L for the default exchange rate? It sounds like ordering is the best route to go, it's just a little... Weird? I don't know, maybe I'm being paranoid. It also sounds like you can't use debit cards. Is that right? What's the reason for that? I haven't bothered to put any payment information in yet, I want to fully understand what I'm getting in to. I've done a lot of exploring, demoing, and reading, but haven't bought anything just because of how weird L exchange is. I'm only here for the dress up part of the game! I wasn't prepared for how serious business seems to be in SL.
  7. This topic is kinda old but I didn't see any responses that quite match what I had in mind. Here's my two cents! I don't think I'd ever actually get off to it. However, when my boyfriend and I were first checking out this game, we came across some furniture with naughty options and we tried it out just for kicks. It was hilarious. He started out in the female's position and we almost never lined up properly, so we used the "adjuster" to make ourselves float around and contort in weird ways. Also, swapping roles rapidly makes your avatar freak out which is equally hilarious. I love my bf but he's absolutely terrible at dressing and undressing in this game, so half the time he was either wearing a pair of boxers over his pants or his lower half was invisible because of the alpha layers, lol. Good times. Besides humor, it does inspire me with some new positions to try out. I think SL is also a pretty good place to indulge in kinks that you can't/won't pursue in the real world. The whole concept of sex on SL doesn't strike me as any different from animated porn or hentai - which by the way - can rarely compare to the quality of some mesh bodies I've seen, so... There's that too.
  8. "Hooded vest" or "Hoodie vest" seems to come up with a lot of what I think you're looking for. A lot of the results are for women but there are some male ones in there. It seems like finding something with the hood up is the hard part... I found some stand-alone hoods that have raised and lowered options. Maybe you could find a separate hood like that? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PROMO-SUMMER-50-Nian-Design-Hoodie-Vest-Open-Johnny-2-Mesh-Full-Perm/4985555 This particular store seems to make a few of them, but I can't vouch for the shop at all because I'm a noob and female lol. My only other suggestion is to check the descriptions, there's a good chance that despite what the image shows, the hoodie might come with a hood-up alternative. Edit: Hooded tank top and hooded shirt also comes up with a few of them! The hooded shirts tend to have short sleeves though.
  9. I already asked about this in the Avatar section of the forum, but I didn't get many responses so I figured I'd try my luck here instead. To quote my original question:
  10. So, as I said I'm brand new and I haven't the slightest idea what shops are good for what - or even how to tell if something is of good quality beyond how it looks. With that said I have a lot of questions - sorry, please bear with me! I already know that I should demo everything I can, but what if something I'm interested in doesn't offer a demo? Is there some way I can tell if it's good or should I just avoid shops that don't offer demos? What are some good mesh bodies and heads for a more petite (adult) girl? So far it seems that the deadly combo of tall, curvy, and sexy reigns supreme on SL (not that I'm complaining) but I can't seem to find anything along the lines of what I'm looking for. I would like to be short and slim with a smaller chest and a more "cute" than sexy sort of look. Kemono and anime avatars come close, I just prefer the more realistic look. Where can I find a lot of fantasy stuff? I browsed through the vanity thread for awhile and my favorite avatars were all fantasy, historical, or sci-fi themed. I don't know if I'm allowed to post pictures of them, but I will say they must have been hard to put together because I can't figure out where they got it all! I've seen wings, pointy ears, animal ears, horns, tails, mermaids, satyrs, all kinds of avatars yet I don't really come across those things in the marketplace. Is most of it custom made? If anyone can point me in the direction of some great shops for lolita, fantasy, historical, or steampunk clothing that'd be great too! I'm sure there are some well-known brands that I just don't know about yet. Edit: One more! When people talk about animations on mesh bodies and heads, are these separate from/do they interfere with AOs? Any tips you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.
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