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  1. Well, based on the human penchant for self-destruction; the odds may have gotten worse. Sadly.
  2. Heh, well I have been on the Recieving end of some Voice users hilarity for not joining in when I was having a very bad “speech day” - so probably part of my dislike of voice-client-priority in some things stems from that. I can cope on the radio at work because I’m largely using phrases I have rehearsed a thousand times (and my co-workers can decipher my drunkspeak when I’m tired or stressed). I -know- that voice is considered a boon To the average user, but it can also be frustrating when someone inworld ignores your text for an hour (standing next to you) and their first response after that is “sorry, I was in skype with friends”. Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like a social underclass if voice is not an option, so I remind myself that -I- am the one with a problem. I would not wish others to have to deal with that issue, so I find ways to cope 🙂
  3. Formal group chat and Ad Hoc groups have both been dodgy lately. SL needs better built in chat tech. If we had that, I would use the SL client exclusively.
  4. I think it might be good to remember that SL is experiencing a lot of returnees lately, so requests for assistance are likely peaking. Fewer staff, work-from-home, increase in support tickets = longer waits.
  5. BTW, the “like being in an Apollo capsule with a pilot who has no filter” quote is a slightly cleaned up comment from one of my recent trainees. His version was more fun, but we have Forum Monitors I need to watch my language around 🙂
  6. So where I work, I spend most of my time in a control room that looks like something from the Expanse or some sci-fi version of NASA. Actually, I’m “working there again” as we lost several key people before CV19 - so I’m doing my old job at my “promoted” rate and hoping accounting does not get any bright ideas. So, for almost a year, many of our semi-secure/frequently-accessed systems have been added to biometric keying - mostly facial recognition. Yesterday, the day those systems were “certified” as fully-implemented, none of them were working. Thats what happens when your facial-recognition encounters an environment where everyone is wearing a mask 🙂 ((My two acolytes sit at stations within 6’ of my left and right, mainly so they can keep track of how often I make rude gestures at my screens. For them, its a little bit like being in an Apollo space capsule with a pilot who has no Filter)) I enjoy seeing the Machine get that little poke-in-the-eye for some reason...... It gives me joy 🙂
  7. If only in my own opinion, I’ll always be Keen 🙂
  8. Ya know....if “Underground” became available as a last name..... “Velvet” would have a short life as an unclaimed first name. Heck, I’m not inworld right now due to worky, it might already be. If not....I’m just waiting for my chance to become Velvet Underground 🙂 ((You chronologically-early Residents - like me - probably get the reference))
  9. I *was* Amandakeen Resident, now Amanda Crisp. My display name will remain Amanda Keen inworld. My internet domain and personal email are kinda based on “Keen” ”Crisp” is a good description of me after a day at the beach though.
  10. Since I’m one with “questionable” ability to speak (I sound kinda drunk due to some drain brammage) and rely on text a lot - that skeers me 🙂
  11. I tend to be People-Focused by nature and professionally as well, so a lot of what I’ve observed has related to the specifics of people under pressure at work. The upside is that several people who are not Formal leaders in our organization have stepped up and done remarkable things to keep Essential stuffs flowing Safely. Conversely, some highly educated “Formal” leaders have - in some cases - failed to lead and take care of their people. My hope is that the next round of compensation & promotion will (if I have any influence on the matter) reflect “reality” more so than “who games the Boss best”. Someone once said that “Adversity does not build character; it can only reveal it”. If this CV19 learning benefits the ones who have gone out there and made a difference for us; we might actually become a better organization. Not really SL related, but it might make some feel better that people pay attention to that stuff 🙂
  12. Being someplace other than “work” or “sleep” or “commute”.
  13. Lindal, as the result of my long-ago brain-injury I had to do some extensive retraining on “how to safely swallow liquids and soft foods”. I had to word that carefully so *some* of us could not easily have fun with it 🙂 I’m so sorry you lost your parents that way. For many who’ve had strokes or other brain-injuries, it’s something that has to be guarded against. My physical therapist told me (to encourage me) that “unless you do better, that Diet Sunkist might be the end of you”. I quite hated her right then, but she did her job well.
  14. Tolya, I agree about automation radically increasing and there being consequences related to that. What I would gently add is that I only know of two people personally who have stopped working, rather than be a Mandatory Essential Worker. Both of them did it out of fear and not for the $$$. They were older people with underlying health conditions, but the company they work for was not giving them much option other than to “brave the Petri Dish” and come to work. I’m lucky; my employer offered our workforce the chance to work Overtime (a mixed blessing for me) in order to allow our few High Risk team members to shift to a work-from-home job. That means fewer hands physically present to do on-site operations & longer hours for some of us, but also that we retained some older and very-skilled friends. None of us have left the organization and I’m forced to admit that I am just a little bit pleased to work for people who saw us as Assets and not as just Expendables.
  15. Molly, we’ve struggled with that where I work. The real choke-point has been getting the truckers here on time and part of that has been checkpoint-stops. Some of those folks have really put themselves out-there to meet schedule to supply Essential Industry. I will never disrespect a Trucker again as long as I live.
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