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  1. Ceka, you cut right to the heart of it 🙂. Beautiful pic BTW!
  2. Coincidentally all my work stuff that accesses the web is down now too. I have no choice but to sit here, read my book and wait for things to return to Abnormal.
  3. OK, I was looking at my Flickr feed and it struck me that “many” of my older SL shots would have an entirely different context nowadays..... Please post-away but *pweese* go for funny and not depressing. RL had enough “depressing” to go around. My first shot; Caption: ”So you’re a talking Cat-Owl who gives stock tips? Big deal buddy....SIX FOOT SPACING, RIGHT NOW!”
  4. This is kind of a ramble on how my tastes/views seem to have changed and how THAT led me to see SL kink more broadly, So all told, I’ve been in SL since 2005 continuously, altho I got stalked into changing my avatar at one point. Like many others, I “matriculated” through Pixel Sex Culture and in SL, much of that is bound into BDSM. Literally, I was here like 5 minutes when someone was in my IMs asking if I’d considered Gor..... (I hadn’t; I’m no-Gor) Personally, I like structured relationships and SL-BDSM-done-responsibly isn’t freaky in my book. People are mostly sexual,
  5. I work sort of an overnight shift, so my experience has a split personality. I make it on for 2 hours un U.S. Prime Time (GMT-6) @ 6pm SL and have people around, then come back after work for a little bit at about 3pm GMT and find a “differently” populated SL 🙂 Maybe if you tailor your venue-search by RL geography? Where possible, look for Euro-run events when Europe is on Prime Time, ditto for the US and the Pacific I *really* like hanging around with Australia (GMT+15) when I can work out the times and not be at work or asleep 🙂
  6. *sigh* and I was excited about posting a pic of me and my Sub.....
  7. There are thousands of people calling themselves “Master” in Sl and about three really good ones.
  8. The great heartache of kissing girls in the club; when only one is pretending 😞
  9. Before he was Daryl and the Dead Walked.....he was a Boondock Saint...... ...OK, full disclosure. When I typed this originally I typoed an “I” Instead of the last “O” in Boondock. I caught it fast, but as you-all might find that hysterical I decided to tell on myself......
  10. IMHO 3+ in a sexual liaison is more of a geometry problem 🙂 Sometimes its nice to get lost in the crowd; unless its in the bedroom ........
  11. Paul, I agree with that statement. That would also cover the ones who are secretive in RL about their sexuality, but can live it openly in SL. They are consistent between RL and SL, just more open in SL.
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