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  1. The sad, bad news is that LL has a limited ability and staff to deal with RL griefers who have nothing better to do than make up new alts to harass someone. I’m writing this on Amanda and not my 2005 Original Avatar because - right before I created Amanda - I attracted the attention of someone like that. I backed away from that entire avatar after LL was able to do nothing for me and their motivation for doing so fell off dramatically when the harassment was taking place out on a private estate. Its technically POSSIBLE to take several actions on LL’s side, but balanced against that
  2. I love that sim 🙂 Its one of my fave photo spots 🙂
  3. I was surprised to find out that some people claim not to have an inner monologue 🙂 When I started studying meditation, so much attention was spent on reconciling with that “chattering monkey” in our heads that it seems a common situation… The sum total of what I’ve gathered over the years is to; “Ignore the chattering monkey - all it can do is either react too late to be relevant, be a mouthpiece for the less savory parts of you - or upset you by borrowing *possible* trouble from tomorrow” Now ask me how much effort that takes 🙂
  4. It would be almost impossible to generalize globally.. My personal theory about the place I live leans heavily on the several generations we’ve spent teaching people to be Individualists as opposed to members of a culture that they owe loyalty to as a group. When you enshrine “you can’t tell me what to do” as a lifestyle and take it to the hinterlands of Sense; you get a society that can’t agree on much. ”News as Entertainment” also did damage by sensationalizing itselt to the point where it damaged confidence in our journalistic institutions. *That* impaired their ability
  5. I’ve had both my Moderna jabs and no major issues outside of feeling like a truck hit me for about 12 hours. Most likely I was spared any major discomfort because the meds I take to appear “fake normal” and hide another chronic condition also do wonders against inflammation of other types. Hey, those horse-pills HAD to have an upside somewhere 🙂 My only regret is that I didn’t bring my zombie mask to the second injection. By hook or crook, I was the first one injected that morning (I went there right after 3rd shift so I got there early). I was also the first one in the li
  6. OK, I’ll stop handing out the landmarks…. 🙂
  7. Well…… one of them discovered an Away from Keyboard-Sex place while still on his company machine and saved some screenies that were difficult to explain. Luckily he had to explain them to me….I led with “I thought you were a better Geek than this….” The other came back on his personal machine and spent a long weekend getting in touch with his FurSona. Everything was fine until (what sounds like) post-Yiff heartbreak happened. Now, how he feels about SL depends on what day of the week it is and how his love life is going………. He has a lot of love-life……… So….they very success
  8. I have some “feels” about this. #1 - I am of the “your world/your imagination” people. Express yourself avatar-wise based on what both makes you happy and won’t get you banned. #2 - I am also of the “don’t be a butthead” school of thought. Be respectful of others and their personal mores. If you are presenting yourself in SL across gender/race (or even species *smile*) lines - and you are about to be SL-intimate - then have a discussion with the other person. They have no inherent “right to know” about your RL, but if you might cause them emotional distress based on RL status - the c
  9. Being neglected by someone who claims to be “all about you”. You can learn a lot about people by what they prioritize.
  10. SL is the realm of “internet people” and many of us have social mannerisms that are “different” (a) because we live so much of our lives inside computers and (b) we might spend so much time inside computers because our formative years did not produce “social butterflies”. So if you take it as a given that “internet people can be a little twitchy”, then probably meeting people here is going to be different from RL. Also, SL has more than its share of people who will mess with your heart because out in RL either they can’t get away with that, or they saw on TV that this is how the cool
  11. Speaking for myself, its not hard to get anxious about how well the audience is receiving what you’re streaming. SL social norms differ in subtle ways from RL and this is complicated by the lack of involuntary physical subtext (body language). You can’t just look out from the DJ station and see who is engaged and who isn’t. [[ just counting noses on the dancefloor is not as valuable as one might think. Many clubs have “contest guests” who are there to participate in a Linden$ contest and have zero interest in the music. I’m big into music and as someone who is there to entertain; I f
  12. I can answer that 🙂 The Host is most valuable at busy events by freeing the DJ up to focus on the music and fulfilling requests. My Host stays engaged by; -Greeting people as they appear, -Talking about upcoming events and club offerings like Live Music or New Resident resources. -Fielding requests when I am semi-away from keyboard looking at another screen to acquire music that was already requested. -Answering questions from the New Residents who show up (how to dance, how the contests work, questions about SL) and being a good SL citizen. -Trying to
  13. Catching up on “Debris” and slowly binging Ray Donovan.
  14. Also, apologies for not placing this in Pet Peeves. I TRY not to complain much, but yeah - this is a pet peeve. Moderators, feel free to relocate !
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