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  1. I’ve had both my Moderna jabs and no major issues outside of feeling like a truck hit me for about 12 hours. Most likely I was spared any major discomfort because the meds I take to appear “fake normal” and hide another chronic condition also do wonders against inflammation of other types. Hey, those horse-pills HAD to have an upside somewhere 🙂 My only regret is that I didn’t bring my zombie mask to the second injection. By hook or crook, I was the first one injected that morning (I went there right after 3rd shift so I got there early). I was also the first one in the li
  2. Well…… one of them discovered an Away from Keyboard-Sex place while still on his company machine and saved some screenies that were difficult to explain. Luckily he had to explain them to me….I led with “I thought you were a better Geek than this….” The other came back on his personal machine and spent a long weekend getting in touch with his FurSona. Everything was fine until (what sounds like) post-Yiff heartbreak happened. Now, how he feels about SL depends on what day of the week it is and how his love life is going………. He has a lot of love-life……… So….they very success
  3. I have some “feels” about this. #1 - I am of the “your world/your imagination” people. Express yourself avatar-wise based on what both makes you happy and won’t get you banned. #2 - I am also of the “don’t be a butthead” school of thought. Be respectful of others and their personal mores. If you are presenting yourself in SL across gender/race (or even species *smile*) lines - and you are about to be SL-intimate - then have a discussion with the other person. They have no inherent “right to know” about your RL, but if you might cause them emotional distress based on RL status - the c
  4. Being neglected by someone who claims to be “all about you”. You can learn a lot about people by what they prioritize.
  5. SL is the realm of “internet people” and many of us have social mannerisms that are “different” (a) because we live so much of our lives inside computers and (b) we might spend so much time inside computers because our formative years did not produce “social butterflies”. So if you take it as a given that “internet people can be a little twitchy”, then probably meeting people here is going to be different from RL. Also, SL has more than its share of people who will mess with your heart because out in RL either they can’t get away with that, or they saw on TV that this is how the cool
  6. Speaking for myself, its not hard to get anxious about how well the audience is receiving what you’re streaming. SL social norms differ in subtle ways from RL and this is complicated by the lack of involuntary physical subtext (body language). You can’t just look out from the DJ station and see who is engaged and who isn’t. [[ just counting noses on the dancefloor is not as valuable as one might think. Many clubs have “contest guests” who are there to participate in a Linden$ contest and have zero interest in the music. I’m big into music and as someone who is there to entertain; I f
  7. I can answer that 🙂 The Host is most valuable at busy events by freeing the DJ up to focus on the music and fulfilling requests. My Host stays engaged by; -Greeting people as they appear, -Talking about upcoming events and club offerings like Live Music or New Resident resources. -Fielding requests when I am semi-away from keyboard looking at another screen to acquire music that was already requested. -Answering questions from the New Residents who show up (how to dance, how the contests work, questions about SL) and being a good SL citizen. -Trying to
  8. Catching up on “Debris” and slowly binging Ray Donovan.
  9. Also, apologies for not placing this in Pet Peeves. I TRY not to complain much, but yeah - this is a pet peeve. Moderators, feel free to relocate !
  10. My creeped out feeling only happens when I am coming to an arrival point far from the dance floor and out of visual range of the Host. When I DJ or fill in as a host, I do my best to greet new arrivals -when they hit the dance floor- . IMHO - Making people feel welcome and remembered us what Hosting is all about.
  11. I'm normally understanding of things that clubs have to do to serve customers and stay alive; but I have to admit that one particular thing just creeps me out.... Its when the club has an arrival point that's far from the dance floor, but they have a notifier tell the Host when you land there - so you can get this creepy long-distance "Hello X" from someone who's out of chat range. I'm not sure WHY that bugs me.... Maybe it feels a little stalky. When I work at places that use it, I've had more than one guest complain that; "Your host busted me while I was seeing if my Ex was th
  12. 1973 AMC Javelin - Several major life-events happened in that car 🙂 This one was not mine (none of the original pics of mine are digital and I need to fix that) - mine was candy-apple red and the rims were not that pretty. I loved that car - because of it, I was lucky that my grandfather was a well-respected county sheriff (then-retired). Trivia - I bought that car with cows. This was the first car I ever OWNED. My first personal transportation was a mare named Sugar my grandfather gave me. I learned to *drive* on a Red Belly Ford tractor and a 1963 (beat to crap) Ford Bron
  13. There is a reason that Tralala appears in so many of my pics 🙂
  14. I smile....my Head's HUD cycles two different smiles out of every 5 facial animations when its on auto loop. My congeniality is automated 🙂 I also have my "snarky smile" for photography.
  15. Actually, during COVID I attended a meeting here with my Control Room team 🙂 We just met in a skybox, on a private estate that was nowhere near the MadLands 🙂 Actually, it was a pretty good recreation of our control room with some of the HMI’s displaying funnier stuffs than we ever see at work. The trouble one of them got into later and the other’s traumatic fur-awakening were **not** my fault 🙂
  16. Nothing they say is **untrue** but they failed to say three very important things; #1..Second Life is not any one thing. It can be a game, it can be a social network or it can be something else as you decide. The important thing to remember is that there *are* no Non-Player-Characters; so treat others like the Real People they are. #2..Second Life is like Real Life; it is what you make of it (you just look younger/better/furrier here). Talk to people and use Search to discover things to do, because if you wait for someone to lead you by the hand; you may get lonely. #3..Second L
  17. Its better for your skin that way 🙂 Unfortunately, since I insist on exercising a lot (I need it as I am at that point in life) and I work in an industry that “encourages” a daily dunking - I get a minimum of one shower/bath a day and usually 2. My skincare program is almost my religion.
  18. We have the sort of the opposite problem; we have a *lot* of non-potable water due to contamination in the Karst water table. (Mining residue) I haven't drunk or cooked with tap- water since before my son was born, and due to the "treatment" tapwater relieves here, I bathed him in bottled water when he was a baby because the stuff from the tap turned his skin red. We had a straight-up "water crisis" going when he was born and I remember seeing the Army Reserve and Guard setting up their Reverse Osmosis water purification system and handing out gallon jugs of "safe" water as I was bringing
  19. I should point out that “co-bathing” with the right person is very special. So long as you don’t have anywhere to be any time soon......
  20. Nobody is compelled to say anything in any certain way. 🙂 I was pointing out how one might use a facet of SL Social Norms to say something and get around “offended” for some. Verbal judo perhaps? Its a big grid, opinions will differ 🙂 We all just do the best we can.....
  21. I think in most of SL (especially Adult-Content SL), if you expressed it as “dating people who are RL Married is a Hard Limit for me”, you would not catch any grief. Much of SL has been conditioned to respect peoples personal Kinks more so than their personal Opinions. So, if you express your dating preference as if you were talking about an erotic preference (which it mostly is) - it would be respected. ”Your Kink Is Not My Kink, But Your Kink Is OK” (or versions thereof) is sort of a mantra within the pervasive alt-erotic/BDSM community, so if you frame your thought within that pe
  22. I’ll approach this in a way that I hope is sensitive 🙂 I’m Poly-inclined and have met a lot of people in SL who like the IDEA of Poly. Unfortunately, they frequently come to irreconcilable grief when they dip a toe into the Poly-Pond. Part of that is a poor understanding of what Poly is, a bone-deep traditional “indoctrination” about relationships (religion plays a role in that frequently if the religion is heavy into guilt) or just mistaking a fetishistic perspective for a lifestyle. I’m a fan of Poly, but the Love of my Second Life is not so excited about it; so I stick with
  23. Shower in the morning after my exercise torture session. Baths as needed in the evening to manage stress, clean up, or if I have company planned. Bath-time frequently involves something aromatic and a trashy book I would not be caught dead with anywhere else 😉 The downside of showers;
  24. I heart Stevie Nicks 🙂 My Partner is amazing and never once suggested I should change. Unfortunately, SL has the rep of being Sin City so sex tourists are a thing. SL has a definite learning curve...socially.
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