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  1. Hello and thank you for showing your interest in this position. I strongly recommend to bring a visit to my employment agency and click my client's job posting to receive more details. On this way you can directly get in contact with the employer. I wish you all the luck and feel free to contact me inworld anytime if you need help. Forever yours, Heathcliff
  2. Dear Quiggles, That's correct, however I was not there with you at the moment you spoke with my client. So I can't give you any feedback about you being offered L$100 to write a 300 word posting. Forever yours, Heathcliff Harbrough
  3. Dear Kendra, Based on your 1st life experience I have most likely a matching job. My client is seeking for writers. Contact me inworld for further details. Kind regards, Heathcliff Harbrough
  4. This position is still available. Message me inworld for more details. Only serious inquiries please. ps: Are you seeking for staff? Visit Job Directory, post your job and we help you out.
  5. Businesslike i get attention, however I had my wow moment. A business owner recognized me. She did business with me 4 years ago before I left Second Life. She's back client again, wauw. That was a very special moment
  6. Wiiii yeah i noticed too
  7. Thank you all a lot for the additional feedback, the ratings looks better. Fieeeuwwwwwww I never used traffic bots, btw.
  8. Thanks for your great comment. I am shocked, 50,000 users online. That's nothing, compared years ago. Is it still worth to re-launch my job agency?
  9. I'm sorry to hear. When it comes to money never trust someone else. Especially resident to resident transactions. Try to get in contact with this person, stay calm. Maybe he had a good reason in 1st life.
  10. And and? ps: I am also an oldy returned from his grave
  11. Hello and welcome!
  12. New CEO, well well well interesting. How about SL? Are there still enough active users?
  13. Last time I've been online is 2012. I am back again but 'i am unable to post a new thread'. It looks like i'm banned, please advice? ps. I've already created a ticket, but no responds.
  14. Wauw it's a miracle this post has not be removed. First of all i am terrible sorry you are experiencing difficulties, your story sounds familiar. In my case it has nothing to do with Market Place. I am victim of fraud by my ex real estate owner. Report Abuse by me and my clients didn't work out. They gave me the same answer upon i've decided to contact the chat support. It is not the first time the support team disappointed me. TOS this, TOS that but if it comes to basics they keep on failing. Now i know Linden Lab's support is poor and I have taken my own measures to protect my business. To save money you cut in the support, that is what businesses do and in this case too.
  15. Hi MeredithElena Welcome to SL If you ever need a job i welcome you and the other new avatars to bring a visit to my job agency, click here and visit this location I wish you the best second life. HB