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  1. Wow! If I had a $L for every time I heard that question I could buy a SIM!
  2. The movelock works ok but they can still move you a bit and then you pop back into your spot. Best trick I found is to find a stand animation that overrides the default ground sit animation. Some will work and some wont, I think its based on the priority level during creation,..anyway,....Do a ground sit then play the stand animation. Looks like your standing but technically your avi is sitting and they cant move you at all. woot!
  3. I dont see no skirt - please post a pic of you in that. I'd like to see that! ooo baby!
  4. Both Cindy & Resi gave good suggestions - The alternative it to learn to make and attach a sign to your avatar that's says "available" and sit in an empty info hub. I advise you take their advice, it's more likely to gain positive results. Good luck!
  5. Seek out places and groups that interest you and keep trying to meet people - don't ever give up. Just like RL when the time is right you will meet that person. If it's meant to be it will be. Best wishes
  6. I am not sure why any of this is relevant. I figured it out in 2006. Jeez!
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