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  1. Its better for your skin that way 🙂 Unfortunately, since I insist on exercising a lot (I need it as I am at that point in life) and I work in an industry that “encourages” a daily dunking - I get a minimum of one shower/bath a day and usually 2. My skincare program is almost my religion.
  2. We have the sort of the opposite problem; we have a *lot* of non-potable water due to contamination in the Karst water table. (Mining residue) I haven't drunk or cooked with tap- water since before my son was born, and due to the "treatment" tapwater relieves here, I bathed him in bottled water when he was a baby because the stuff from the tap turned his skin red. We had a straight-up "water crisis" going when he was born and I remember seeing the Army Reserve and Guard setting up their Reverse Osmosis water purification system and handing out gallon jugs of "safe" water as I was bringing
  3. I should point out that “co-bathing” with the right person is very special. So long as you don’t have anywhere to be any time soon......
  4. Nobody is compelled to say anything in any certain way. 🙂 I was pointing out how one might use a facet of SL Social Norms to say something and get around “offended” for some. Verbal judo perhaps? Its a big grid, opinions will differ 🙂 We all just do the best we can.....
  5. I think in most of SL (especially Adult-Content SL), if you expressed it as “dating people who are RL Married is a Hard Limit for me”, you would not catch any grief. Much of SL has been conditioned to respect peoples personal Kinks more so than their personal Opinions. So, if you express your dating preference as if you were talking about an erotic preference (which it mostly is) - it would be respected. ”Your Kink Is Not My Kink, But Your Kink Is OK” (or versions thereof) is sort of a mantra within the pervasive alt-erotic/BDSM community, so if you frame your thought within that pe
  6. I’ll approach this in a way that I hope is sensitive 🙂 I’m Poly-inclined and have met a lot of people in SL who like the IDEA of Poly. Unfortunately, they frequently come to irreconcilable grief when they dip a toe into the Poly-Pond. Part of that is a poor understanding of what Poly is, a bone-deep traditional “indoctrination” about relationships (religion plays a role in that frequently if the religion is heavy into guilt) or just mistaking a fetishistic perspective for a lifestyle. I’m a fan of Poly, but the Love of my Second Life is not so excited about it; so I stick with
  7. Shower in the morning after my exercise torture session. Baths as needed in the evening to manage stress, clean up, or if I have company planned. Bath-time frequently involves something aromatic and a trashy book I would not be caught dead with anywhere else 😉 The downside of showers;
  8. I heart Stevie Nicks 🙂 My Partner is amazing and never once suggested I should change. Unfortunately, SL has the rep of being Sin City so sex tourists are a thing. SL has a definite learning curve...socially.
  9. I have this strange fascination with shades of Orange..........I need to really try to control it....
  10. I’ll start this by saying that I am probably the opposite of a prude. On any normal day I make sure my behavior conforms to “accepted” certain social norms because (a) I love someone I want to stay with and (b) people tend to get all stabby over relationships and I want to keep the murder-rate low. Anyway, I DJ in Second Life and lately I noticed something interesting after I made a wardrobe-change while working (not WHILE working - before I went to work). I’d reached a point where “dressing for club work” was hard to distinguish from another (older) profession; and the some of
  11. I had an alien alt for roleplay. The prehensile tail got me in trouble...... Hey...I also had horns. They should have taken the hint.....
  12. I own a latest generation Intel iMac (32g) and a 2020 M1 Mac Mini (16g) and Sl runs well on both. I have to “manage” the Mini for photography a bit, but I expect that to smooth out after Firestorm for Mac ports more and more to the M1 chip architecture. I spent 21 years using software from MicroSatan and I’m not eager to contemplate going back 🙂 Probably, its just a “what flavor of ice cream do you like?” Issue tho....so if you’re happy; thats what counts.
  13. Speaking for myself, I think its wonderful for people to be able to express themselves through their avatars. My ONLY exception to that was the one time someone tried to intentionally disrupt a Photoshoot I was involved in and “beauty-shame” the models. That was annoying and - as it turned out - misdirected since this was a “for charity” shoot and not the SL Big Fashion they were after. But I also support freedom of political expression; even when I’m not drinking the kool-aid being served 😉
  14. Some years ago there was a Resident who sold - as a service - his time to visit the other Resident of your choice and “moon” them (he had a selection of animations). I’m not sure if he quit, was banned or might still be around.... ...but if you want multiple moons; he would be the guy to call.
  15. I don’t voice due to a stroke but I do multiple SL gigs a week, take tons of requests and do some creative stuff for ads and intros with LogicProX that I work I to my sets. Voice is a delicate subject as it runs the gamut from radio-quality to that guy with a bad mic who says “uhhh” a lot and talks over the music. I advocate for my style of DJing because I really have no choice, and because I am willing to spend the time to bridge whatever gaps that exist. You would not believe the compliments I get for NOT talking over the music by people who came to dance 🙂
  16. I beat my head against this one for many years. Added complexity: I also DJ and model within SL and end up drawing Bonus Stalkers based on that. Ultimately, muting and de-rendering are my best solution for random creeps. If “hey baby, you should do me some time” is the best they can do in an IM, I’m saving both of us time by evicting them from the SL I can perceive...... No argument, no drama - just an empty space where Sex Tourist #5986 used to be. Since there is no “one size fits all” definition of *What Is Second Life?*, we will always have conflict between the “its a ga
  17. I met my Partner on our Originals in the old (Original) SL Amazon Nations. After talking and shopping together for a bit, we discovered that we were into a whole bunch of the same - strange - stuff. We Partnered in late 2005 and including anti-stalker avatar changes, we are still actively together. One of our "rules" has always been "no RL contact" - so we've never had the chance to spoil a beautiful, virtual thing by getting fragile flesh and blood involved in it. ..its also kind of handy when you can log out of a disagreement before one of you says something unforgivable and come b
  18. N00b me would discover that my SL Partnering from 2005 was still alive and well.........and be completely flabbergasted. That's over three times as long as my most significant Real Life relationship and truthfully; it means a lot more to me. N00b me would probably come away from that *slightly* less cynical about relationships 🙂
  19. Right now I DJ at the Factory Music Venue & BlackRose FemDom (where I also take turns hosting). I do event photography freelance and at Velvet Thorn.... ...and that eats up like 90% of my SL time every week 🙂
  20. Those of us who’ve been in SL a while will recall the tag line; “Your World, Your Imagination”. Is sounds like you’re advocating to remove some of that “imagination”. For many like myself, SL is a place where our physical disabilities don’t matter as much. I can not just speak and move normally; I can FLY and TELEPORT. Best of all, by hiding behind my avatar I can be mistaken for “normal” and spared the pity of well-meaning people. There are bunches of social networks for people who want to use them as dating services or business networks, so why make sl “just one more of those”
  21. When I had my issue, I was using PayPal. What made this even more complicated was - at first - my bank, PayPal and Linden Lab were effectively blaming each other. This was after a change of political administrations and evidently someone was interpreting some new regulations "strictly"
  22. I went through something similar some years ago. My bank and/or LL’s bank had been reclassified as “offshore” by the US authorities and they were nerfing my purchases. Ultimately I changed banks and the problem went away. PayPal usually works, unless your source bank is on someone’s “shady” list. There are other issues like having connectivity/security issues with your local WiFi that annoy the banks security, but I’m not too in-the-know about that. I’d suggest calling your bank and asking them whats-up.
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