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  1. Indeed, when money is available to be used without affecting rent and food for the next twelve months. Priorities, love, and I make things last as long as possible since some things are more important for survival than others. My systems do what they need to, but these days gaming, not so much. But, they do what is most important. One day, when I can afford it without affecting any priorities.
  2. Took me awhile but I solved the issue. Was driver related. www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-2593100/crackling-popping-sound-laptop-speakers-headphones.html Never would have thought this trick. Now even with CPU hitting 100% due to the client running, SL sound is clean and crisp.
  3. I mean a chess game that works like when you sit at a Greedy table without having to constantly fix zoom, pan, and distance to see the pieces.
  4. My friends and I wanted to play chess, and I found a bunch of boards in SL at places. But, when they work, you have to pan and zoom in to see the pieces well. I wanted to know if anyone knows of a place where a chess board acts more like Skipee or Greedy, where the board is already fixed, and you zoom if you need to. Know what I mean? Something I wanted to try and see if it works better. Thanks.
  5. Ah heck, guess John Smithy right now is going to stay. Thanks, all.
  6. Scared? Of human things? Of course not!!!! The only thing that concerns me is that there is a possible spelling typo in my profile. That is what scares me! Thanks, Skell. I will have to fix that tonight.
  7. Oh, my bad. I did not know a picture was required as others posted with out. I shall rectify that.... thank you.
  8. Yea, I have no problem leaving the few inventory bits I have. My avi is the same since 2009, I think. But, no spaces?? Oh gosh no. But you know, I will create an account to try then and have a friend tell me what they see. Will give it a go and try it, and I guess if I not like the way the name then shows, then bla. I will stick to what I got with avi 1. Thanks, Ariel.
  9. So if I change my name, I will forever be stuck having the account name right under? Bla, I might as well make a new avi then, yes? Just not the visual I would want, you know?
  10. No, truth is SL is just messaging. Not real. Some people take it way too far. As far as what people are to their avis, I am not referring to disabilities or such. More like... other bits. However, Skell, this is not the post to have that debate. I just specified why I would not bother changing mine. If you rather have a debate on how people view SL, please move to another post. Thanks.
  11. I have been toying with the idea of tweaking the avi's name. Well, toying with the idea for years. I just have an OCD concern about it. So display name is "John Smithy." John Smithy O / \ | | | I am afraid if I change it to say "The Doctor," then when people see my avi, they will see a display name and account name: The Doctor john.smithy O / \ | | | Just as i see countless avis with both display and account names. I would not want my account name shown over
  12. My avi looks the same today as he did in 2009. Same clothes too. No reason to change. SL is just an instant messaging client in 3D, with dancing. He looks happy and is an extension of myself as people are treated as I would treat them in real life. Just as God made them, not as they want to be. So, he is good the way he is. No reason to fiddle with it. I did accidentally make him a Hobbit once. That was interesting. This him now at Inspire Space Park.
  13. I found that support group you mentioned, Nalates, and was able to ask. What someone told me worked, and I modified it a pinch. In PREFS, I searched for "fade chat after" and made my number of lines 0 and my fade after chat to 2 (lowest it goes). Then I searched for "use console" and enabled that. Now no more local chatting popping up and sits ins its tab like everything else.
  14. Someone gave me a calling card with my name and I was able to drag it onto a notecard and it became clickable. Thank you.
  15. I do not have a calling card with my name in my inventory. Can I recreate one, or wait for someone to come online in my friend's list that may have one?
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