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  1. Personally, I do believe in a higher power or at least an intelligence beyond conventional understanding. But that's the rub" "beyond conventional understanding" Human misinterpretation of any sort of higher-order has had all sorts of negative consequences. Human misappropriation of belief in a higher order has led to crusades/jihads where -everyone- claims God is on their side and where religion always seems to lead to oppression of somebody and forcing conformity to the political ruling-class's ideology. That sort of thing had me (in the 90's) living in a conflict zone an
  2. The revival of this may be indirectly my fault :-) I mentioned in another thread that sometimes people who have social interaction issues gravitate to the internet...... Usually a good old Block handles it, but some of them are remarkably well-organized and equipped with Alts that just keep right on coming..... No good answer to that either as LL can't really police alts. My solution is to cultivate a thicker skin.......it's been unfun for me but better in the long run than tilting at untiltable windmills. I can't control the sun, but I has plenty of sunblock!
  3. Accidental repost , nothing to see here..... :-)
  4. If this makes anyone feel better about "elite" Para Roleplayers, I saw this today after attending a reunion of sorts on Saturday for a roleplay sim I dearly loved. I saw lots of old friends and we talked a LOT about the depressing state of RP in SL and a common theme was; "It's sad that the off-putting role play groups are the ones whose sims seem to stay funded. Scattered about the Reunion we had all kinds of playstyles and some very good -people-. Unfortunately, we all have real-lives that keep us from being on 20 hours a day and real-world social interactions that arm us with the abili
  5. I guess I'm on the outs with -this- group :-) 01..I prefer Parapost, it just reads better. 02..I have never told anyone "parapost or I won't play with you". Being flexible means a wider base of people to play with. 03..Metered combat is like inventing metered sex and both would have one thing in common: neither are any fun to me :-) 04..The people who evidently were so assinine about forcing people to Parapost are probably part of the Shrinking RP Community problem,, and should be slapped with a wet mackerel for poisoning the well so profoundly. Para is an option,
  6. Wait, when you mentioned rules - were they like these?
  7. I'm not sure if this crosses the line on the Advertising Ban, but I have met many fun people at Drama Libre. They only have two events a week (the big one is Saturday nights) and them theme is always a performance-artish fun gig :-) Its also a rather bohemian crowd there with Tinies, Furries, Human avatars of all types and age-ranges.
  8. Well, I don't live in Britain and have an Insane Level Fiber connection, and I have the exact same issues at sim crossings. I think the issue is on LLs side at the handoff between servers, but someone more hardware-savvy might have more to say on the subject. Unfortunately, unlike Cindy I don't have cake - but I do have a fresh-baked Chess Pie.......
  9. When talking about sexuality, it's good to remember that this is SL and SL is not the same thing to everyone. When I was stripping and working as an Escort, it became apparent that there were MANY avatars of both avatar-genders who look at SL as a solely a sex-game. Therefore, they presume that other people see it the same way and act accordingly. They're doing what they believe is normal here - reaffirmed by the fact that sex is big business here. When I was in the role play sims more, it became apparent that there are a LOT of avatars who consider all of SL a Live Action Roleplay.
  10. I would never hurt Bugs! He's my big-widdle bunny! He guards the house!
  11. I'm sitting here wondering if I expressed myself a little too strongly at work last night.... But....after I did, they all left me the heck alone and I got way more work done :-)
  12. I'll admit this; as a native Sooner I was prepared to look down on all things Texas :-) I was pleasantly surprised by the driving, but also by the people there being so nice. I was there for my son's graduation from USAF Basic Training, so we did all the Touristy things you'd expect when he had a town-pass (Alamo, Riverwalk, Eating Like Pigs). My Spanish vocabulary got a much-needed workout and I really enjoyed the visit. Considering the nature of my job, the military usually sent me to places that weren't quite so nice :-) Don't get me started in Air Force bases either......it was kind o
  13. I live very close to there currently (work). I agree on the local drivers, and it became even more apparent when I recently road-tripped to San Antonio, Texas. It was amazing, once I hit the Texas border - the maniac drivers vanished. I was there in Metro San Antonio for a whole week and drove home and saw 1 (one) crazy driver who local law enforcement were "talking to" a few miles down the road. The drive home was the reverse, Arkansas was OK but when I reached Memphis - the maniacs were waiting. I'm about to retire (for good this time) and I'm seriously giving thought to movin
  14. Yes you have :-) The forums have changed a lil bit :-) Good to see you posting !
  15. Happy Rezday, and I think you probably are :-)
  16. I am really, really strange. I DJ and Host here in SL, so Flirting is an occupational skill with me. But...profile-perving to see who should NOT be flirted-up is kind of a sub-skill. Anyone with a Partner listed does not get the "high voltage treatment" (still made welcome tho), same for anyone who is obviously dancing with someone special. That's not drama-avoidance, that's me being respectful of something that *should* be special. SL isn't the same thing to everyone, neither are SL relationships (mine is considered strange by some) - so we all just navigate that minefield as best
  17. VERY Happy Birthday! You're 22 with 29 years experience ;-)
  18. Hmm, I'm biologically older - but I'm generally Adult-Rated, which is a step beyond Mature......... It would be just *wrong* to take advantage of a young and inexperienced avatar :-)
  19. To refer to pop culture in order to better get the feeling across; -Bladerunner/Aliens Universe is always at the top of my list. Dark, dystopian, altered humans, shady dealings, conspiracies. -Zombie Apocalypse does it for me too :-) Think "Walking Dead or World War Z" - trying to rebuild in the ashes and battling the undead and other humans alike. Big pluses for me; -No "godlike" player-characters. -Focus on developing players as opposed to exclusive cliques that run off the new people -No meters, rolepayed action scenes -Strong sense of community is
  20. Housework! So I can molest SL from a clean living-space........
  21. /me gets frisky and adds all those activities to her "to-do" list for Saturday.... Its a big list, but with a safe-word and access to a hardware store; anything is possible.......
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