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  1. So my Partner was DJing at Velvet Thorn today....... I actually went in-theme for the event despite the fact that I'm usually not a "Dancer Silks" kind of gal.... What we do for love....
  2. Here is a shot from Baja Norte / Baja Bay. I REALLY love the place; just make sure you find a windlight setting you like because the region default is very washed-out/pale.
  3. Wow, what a FUN question........ Amanda is not my original avatar; I started SL in 2005 - so my various shenanigans cover a bit of time :-) I've been a stripper in SL (not in RL except for my ill-advised wedding night) at the notorious Barbie Club I'm more romantically assertive here than in RL In SL, no closet can hold me.... in RL - everyone thinks I'm "very quiet" In RL, I have one of those jobs where I have to "represent" the company 100% of the time - so I have to watch what I say. In SL - not so much.... In RL I "coach" people and use respectful language in t
  4. Today has been a good day to sit in my comfy home-office chair and not accomplish much... Happy "Unproductive-Work-From-Home" day!!!
  5. This kinda ties to all the "sex in SL" posts. Humans have a sex drive and the search for procreation (even a virtual facsimile) crosses all barriers.
  6. If you're Caucasian and you have to look into the misdeeds of other Caucasians deeply enough, you start being mistrustful of them too. My big problem is that I really don't trust most *people* much any more; I've seen the aftermath of what people who "look like me" can do when we're behaving badly, and it was just as barbaric as anyone else's barbarity. That's a bad place to be in, because it leaves you isolated and in SL way too much :-) Pixel-people are somehow less threatening.
  7. So I am on my way home from my son's Basic Training graduation and I stop at a McDoofers in a small Arkansas town. Not my idea, but my co-pilot craves Chicken SickNuggets. This was NOT a good McDoofers and the whole experience was a hysterical catastrophe, from the profanity used by the order-taker to the frozen chicken SickNugget on the tray she got - but she had to hustle me out of the place when my "hysterical laughter" was triggered by the cashier... She made two separate "yowels" for help that were innocent separately, but back to back they (and everything up to that point) had
  8. Ok, I'll reveal a little of my inner perversity :-) Poseballs or scripted furniture are an afterthought to me; it's what's going on in the text that's interesting. Not EVERYONE can emote well, especially not the private stuff. Its not really about what I see, but how I feel about it :-)
  9. The possibility exists that you have evolved beyond the need for props like shoes on order to cause fits of envy in all around you. I spend too much on shoes... please tell me how you got there!
  10. Insanity runs in my family, at least he chose a branch that makes a semi-normal life possible :-) My son is probably smarter than I was at his age :-)
  11. I am sitting in an airport in Texas waiting for the rest of my party to arrive so I can go to the hotel and let them (the hotel) pamper me. (I want "the rest of my party" to stay far away; they had their chance) Hedonism, thy name is Amanda. Tomorrow I see my son for the first time in a couple of months as he prepares to graduate from Basic Training :-)
  12. /me cries big sad tears. "I am trapped in RL while traveling to visit my son! No new shoes for Amanda!" /me attempts to crawl into SL via iPhone and gets looked at very curiously by airport security.
  13. I see this still going round and round and people still demanding that SL be absolutely forced to mirror RL. That means in SL I am supposed to have the disability that constrains me in RL? There is this social app called Tind-something that allows people to Meat-Market their RL selves. Perhaps that would be a better venue for the Digital Realists than SL? Voluntarily of course as I am not "keen" on forcing anyone to participate in anything against their will. :-)
  14. One this date, June 25th 1876... Union troops from Pennsylvania begin digging a tunnel toward the Rebels at Petersburg, Virginia, in order to blow a hole in the Confederate lines and break the stalemate. Not all the troops were excited about the plan.......
  15. Well, two things in response to this; The Oath of Enlistment mentions; "to protect and defend the constitution of the United States". That document (like any other idealized framework) represents an Ideal standard of behavior wherein Rule of Law is respected, their individual freedoms are respected and they have defenders who will protect those ideals "to the death". But like Most Idealized frameworks; the Ideals themselves are noble - it's people who muck them up. I have no issue swearing loyalty to the ideals in that particular document . It's a case of Perfect Intentions sometimes
  16. Y'know, when I was 18 I decided to really annoy my parents. I completely skipped out on their "program" for my life (college/family/slow insanity) and enlisted in the US Military. Embedded EVERYWHERE in my training was the direction that I was not compelled to follow any Unlawful Order. Unlawful Orders being defined as "heinous crimes against humanity, attacking helpless civilians....." the kind of stuff you'd never want your military to do unless you WANT an evil military. I was very clear that if I ever decided to follow an order to do something evil; it as on ME and "I was just foll
  17. So I went out for the evening in SL and its turned out to be MUCH more comfortable than the usual evening..... ...and I'm OK with that :-)
  18. /me has been really busy RL this week.... ...... but not TOO busy to toss this dancing gopher onto the thread to help keep it alive....
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