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  1. Finding clubs where people actually TALK is a real rarity - but there are a few and being willing to be the one who initiates a conversation is a plus. Feel free to chat me up in-world :-) I may be able to help with the club scene and I enjoy making actual friends in SL ! Oh, and hit Nostoll up too.....awesomness :-)
  2. Another wild sexxed-up night at the Keen house....
  3. I was once attacked by a parrot. I still have issues about that......
  4. Landscapers often ignore using greenscape (shrubs/sculpted hedges/trees/etc) as a way to add to their SL landscaping. This has come a long way to being meshed and can be very prim-friendly. Fire or water? I say water - I especially like moving water with the right sound effects.
  5. I was setting out some animated goats this morning and ended up wearing them.......
  6. After a furry friend was shamed here in SL, I started a mutual-support group for anyone who wanted to be accepted here in the manner they choose to present themselves. That's given me a window into a few things that I might have otherwise not have known about (to say the least). One interesting aspect comes from someone who is male IRL and presents as an "un-augmented" female in SL about how many male avatars seek out people like her because of "compatible sex drives" - knowing she is male IRL (he is open about it) - this includes two offers to be "supported" as a full-time SL partner wit
  7. Question to the group... If replying to long-dormant threads is "necro-posting"..... ....is replying to a thread that's going to be deleted "casket posting"???
  8. I think my only constructive comment here is that this seems to be another case of SL being mistaken for FB. FB is generally expected to mirror RL, SL most times does not - we have men on female avatars, women on males, intersexed avatars, demons, vampires, furries, furry-demon-vampire-intersexed-alien avatars..... .....and it gets even more different from there :-) I love SL because here; we can OWN our individual strangeness....and I hope that never changes. Keep it Pixel y'all :-)
  9. Some Roleplay sims prefer older and "payment info on file" avatars in the belief that it lessens the occurance of disposable alts created specifically for stalking or griefing. I'm not sure it does that....
  10. I thought most people in SL who wanted to fight came to the Forums? :-)
  11. I'm just asking a question to see if anyone else might be interested in trying to make this work... I was once an avid "every night" role player - but time, family and work have really limited my ability to be an into RP 6 nights a week and "maintain the thread" of what's going on. Over the years I have had other friends drop off "the scene" for the same reasons. So, my Partner suggested that if enough folks -could- be available 1 or 2 nights a week (time slot, theme and location TBD) to run a specific RP thread - that might work for those of us whose lives have edged us out of the
  12. OK, so this is a commercial - but it appeals to my nerdy/geeky side and to my "little critters are cute" side....
  13. To this point; I play with Flickr and FB as an addendum to my SL and as a means of staying in touch while I am on breaks doing that thing that pays my bills and keeps my orange tomcat fed :-) Strangely, I don't do either one for my RL because "I manage people for a Big Company that gets butt-hurt when managers act like people on social media (which sucks)" I do understand the frustration with things that draw people from FB though - I much prefer SL myself....
  14. Dancing with my Partner at the Blarney Stone......ending the weekend on a sweet note :-)
  15. SL is great......here we don't just walk correctly - we can fly ;-) *Hugs*
  16. Chilaquiles verdes con pollo :-) ..and as someone else said....coffee would be my #2
  17. I originally came here in September of 2005 and have been in SL continually ever since, altho I have retired my original "Main" after running into a very determined Stalker with about 20 alts that LL was and is able to do very little about. I understand why LL has issues dealing with people who are that determined..., and walking away from that big Inventory was a better decision than dealing with the Griefer-of-the-Week. I came over in a mob; a bunch of us moved here from a dwindling and now-defunct MMORPG - so I had the advantage of having an immediate group of friends to do things with
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