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Found 11 results

  1. Looking for a sugar daddy to spoil me and buy me things. Only sugar daddies with L$ should hit me up.
  2. Raglan Shire wants You!

    Hello all! Raglan Shire is an online community within Second Life that is now in its 11th year. (11 years, that's crazy!) We're looking for friendly people of all types, shapes, beliefs to come join our community! Creativity is a bonus but not required! If you enjoy happy, friendly, encouraging & helpful folks, we're the community for you! Raglan Shire traditionally has been associated with small avatars (Dinkies, various tiny sized avatars etc.) but we are all inclusive & you do NOT have to be small to join in on the fun or participate. Currently, we have about 3500 members spread over two groups, The Friends of Raglan Shire & The Artisans of Raglan Shire. Our events are consistently attended by many people which make's for a fun and raucous time. We love waffles, Wootberry juice (Wootberries™ only grow on the Wootberry Tree™ which only grows on Raglan Shire!), crazy gestures & silliness, but we're also a caring, creative community who again are very friendly. Some Info: Raglan Shire is an archipelago of 8 sims and one of the most dynamically active communities on the grid. Every day, week and month there is something going on that people can attend or participate in. From 3 different game shows hosted each week to DJ's around the clock every day, to Poetry Slams every Monday on "The Great Tree Steve", Game Nights on Wednesdays featuring trivia, fishing & tuneage™... it goes on and on.Every month we have a theme and during those months (Shocktober™, Showvember™, Wootmas™ Winterfest, ArtWalk Month, Pirate Month, Sci-Fi Month, The Summer of Woot™ etc.) we hold events matching the theme...all year long! Take Shocktober™ as an example. We had the Raglan Shire Ride of Horrors™, a community created Theme park ride in which avatars ride a moving cart through a huge multi-level spooky building featuring 14 rooms inside with different scary decorations, sounds etc. This has been ongoing for 11 years! This year We debuted the all-new Roller Coaster OF DOOM™which was created by one of our own and featured peaks & valleys & loops as well as authentic coaster sounds. There was the Dragon Maze of Doom™ another ongoing event each year during this month that features moving walls & chilling traps & creatures inside the maze that competitors have to navigate while attempting to reach the treasure room (guarded by giant terrifying dragons). Also created by members of the community. Not to mention our Dark Carnival with rides & attractions & games of chance! During September which is our traditional Medieval Month, we feature a giant castle, The Joust (Raglan Shire members created the very first joust system back in 2007), The archery competition, The Stabby Stabby Competition (it's FUN) & so much more. We do things like this every month in addition to the daily activities mentioned above as well as feature lots & lots of Live Musical performances from some of Second Life's most talented performers! Currently, we host the largest Art show on the grid which we call The Raglan Shire Artwalk™ in the spring. Started in 2007, The Artwalk features on average, 150+ Artists from all over the world & is open to anybody to participate in. It features Paintings, Photographs, Drawings, Digital art as well as in world sculpture displayed prominently on the grounds on hedge ( yep, hedge!) & in our forests and parks spread over 4 sims & lasts an entire month. If you are an art lover, it is glorious. We offer themed art events during this time as well. We also maintain a year-round Art Gallery that features art from 2 artists from the community every 2 months. Did I mention our Legendary Mardi Gras parade? Or our Incredible yearly Talent show? No? Well, there's that too! The Main sim itself was completely rebuilt last year and is a sprawling tree city complete with sites and sounds, rides and zip-lines. It is truly amazing and a fun place to explore or hang out in at the various areas offered. We would love to see new folks join us! If you're an artist or a content creator of avatars, Novel/novelty items, vehicles etc, Raglan is a great place to display your wares in a shop. We offer Shop spaces of different sizes and pricing (very reasonable/affordable) as well as parcels of land of various size to rent and even have cottages, houseboats and apartment pods (on The Raglan Galaxy Space station.. which rocks... SCIENCE!) for folks to call home. We also go to great lengths to offer additional spaces to display Raglan Shop owners wares in a central location during themed events free of charge! But even if you're not a content creator, you are still invited to come visit & participate in our activities, as they are great fun & the people (real people, like you, sitting in front of a monitor someplace on this planet)are wonderful. Some folks have been with us for a decade now & we get new folks joining our family all the time! We even allow the ability to get involved where you can actively create and organize your own events/ideas. We will give you the tools to do this if you're so inclined! As an extra bonus, last year RacerX attached his sim to our Cluster which means... the Legendary Snail Races™ take place every weekend on the Raglan Archipelago! Giant Snail Racing Rules! So to sum it up: Friends, community, dynamic activities, events, live music, art and so.much.more. Again you can be any shape or size, we believe in leaving the real world status quo behind and only ask that you be friendly and kind-hearted. It's a truly fun place and we would love to have you visit and spend some time with us. See you in Raglan Shire! sincerely, Zayn Till - Magistrate of Raglan Shire *The preceding announcement has been brought to you by The Raglan Shire Community Tourism Committee. No Tourists were harmed in the making of this announcement* #StayCrunchy
  3. Looking for Spanish Speaking Friends

    Hello everyone To keep things simple, I have basic proficiency in the language and I want to improve. I know a number of people who have learned how to read/write in English through SL, and I figured I would give it a shot from a Spanish-learning perspective. I am doing some self-study and would like a way to apply it regularly, even if it's just text chatting for now. I would eventually like to voice in Spanish pero mi español no es muy bueno Things I like to do in SL: explore, dress up, roleplay (English only because my Spanish is not good enough yet). Other things I'm interested in: Gaming, technology, anime, reading, travel I would be happy to do some kind of language exchange if you are working on your English. We can speak in Spanish some of the time and English some of the time. If you are interested, feel free to add/message me in-world @Kyonyx Djannovic
  4. When was your lowest point in SL and what caused it? Come November I will have been in SL for 11 years. Looking back I can see that there definitely was a low point. That one moment where everything hit rock bottom. Mine was 21 November 2009. One simple picture with a capture bemoaning the loss of a long time resident and wondering if the future would see a revival in a community. I was asked to pack up and leave, all over a misunderstanding. I felt so completely lost and forsaken by the bad turn of events. Rejection in SL is as painful as it is in RL. I realized that some of it was my fault. My real life was crumbling around me, a recent miscarriage and a failing marriage were taking its toll. I certainly wasn't a wholly positive person to be around at times. For the next couple of years, I foundered and wondered why I even bothered with SL, but I remained. I met a few good people who helped me out and by 2012 things vastly improved.
  5. Hi! We are Troop Honey Bee 754, an adult scout troop in Second Life, and we want you to be a member! Currently we are looking to add new members (18+) to our troop and figured posting on SL forums was a fun and unique way to reach other people in SL. We are a small troop that values honesty, friendship, community, respect and fun. Our home is called Honey Bee Farms and it is a living, breathing co-op style farm that uses the DFS farming system. Our sim is dedicated mostly to scouts and our events usually have a scout related theme attached to them and we try to spend as much time as possible with one another. We host monthly events, spend time together, watch movies, have a book club, play games, and of course do our badge work together. We try to foster a sense of welcoming and community, no matter what walks of life you may come from. We are welcoming and accepting to all, just so long you are friendly! If you're interested in finding out more about our farm, scouts, or just wish to come visit and hangout and chit chat come check us out or feel free to respond to this post! We're located at : Hope to see you down at the farm! Love Always, Troop Honey Bee 754
  6. A possum stole my mudcake, once.

    No joke. There I am, at the park. My four dollar amazing mud cake from Woolworths is sitting on a bench. As the sun is setting, I turn around from a conversation and there is this fat little possum! He grabs my cake, shoves part of it into his mouth. Waddles off, climbs a tree and drops most of it. I was.. too impressed to be angry. I'd like to immortalise the moment in paint, one day. Now that you're thoroughly impressed with my wicked life, let me introduce myself. I'm Jess- or Rain, whatever you prefer. I'm 25, I work with children (0-5, but also have worked with 5-12) full time and I'm currently studying. I live in Australia, I'm.. I love being on the internet. As much as I love hanging out and doing things, I find I don't enjoy going out and just 'hanging'. I'd prefer to create something/chill in my own space. I'm on Second Life bc one of my internet friends convinced me to try it. He cannot baby sit me forever, though. I have to admit, I'm kinda into being able to do ..whatever. Like the Sims, but much more debauchery. Oh, lord. I enjoy role play, hanging out, talking, etc, etc. I am kind of funny, every now and then. I'm too shy to just make my avatar walk up to other avatars. I still haven't figured out how to Second Life, so you get to laugh at me struggling to do.. just about anything, really. uh, yeah. hey. Come be awkward with me. I love Star Wars, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, chocolate, cats, napping, pasta, sewing, the SCA, White Queen, The Tudors- though, the historically inaccurate costumes kill me. If you wanted a topic to chat about, or something. (I'M SORRY, I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS?)
  7. Are you a male or a female that is currently single and ready to mingle? Do you need a bit of a confidence booster that guaranteed you to score your winning date? Are you a shy, nervous and self-centered individual that may hamper you in scoring a date? Do you have nothing to do and just want to have a great time? If you answer yes to any one of the four question, then you are in luck as the Prime Community Residence is hosting our weekly Speed Dating event at the cleanest, safest, community in the entire Second Life's grid. Held today, Wednesday 14th June, 2017 at 4pm SLT at the Prime Community's Event Center (Location: Falls/142/139/23) Hosted by Jesse D. Bernard. Registration cost as low as $20 L. So come on down to our Speed Dating event held at the Prime Community and find that perfect soulmate you so desire.
  8. Returning to Second life

    Hello all! I have just recently returned to Second life after a somewhat decent break. So far I have spent some time running around and exploring some places, but haven't had much luck making friends as I am unsure where to go. I can be a bit shy too, so I suppose it's a tad hard for me to start conversations. However after the ice is broken, I am usually much more talkative, through IMs and the like. It would probably take me a bit to get used to using mic, as I haven't really ever done so. I'm horrible at speaking to people over the telephone in RL also haha. I really enjoy dancing, and exploring new places. I take a lot of pictures and love to edit them, trying to get better at this and maybe even pick up Photoshop! I have Role played in the past, but it was very spaced out, if I were to find a community where I feel like I can really find myself there, I would love to try it out. Not sure what else to say, so if you have any questions or just wanna chat, hit me up!
  9. Hello I am Clark and i would love to thank you for taking the time to look at my post. i am a builder, designer, decorator in sl, i also like to roleplay and have fun and a good time. but let me be honest for a moment i put a lot of time and effort into my builds and projects on sl i like trying to make everything have perfection and realism that i build. i am a really nice friendly person. i love to have some fun. but i also know when to be serious. i am looking for a female who i can become a partner with. in a relationship/friendly way. but i have 2 rules i have 2 follow, no sex and no kissing. to be quiet frank i am morely looking to be some ones arm candy and have a sugar momma haha. but where that sounds rude or harsh in anyway i dont mean it like that. yes i need money to do things and finish things but in the end of everything it will be putting money back into your pocket as well. i have plans, ideas, crazy ideas. i just need some ones help to bring them alive. and i figure if maybe i post something here i can find and make a new friend while getting some help and helping them. so in all ways this is a win win situation for both parties. I am in a relationship in RL but she doesnt mind if i date on here i figured i should let anyone who reads this know now instead of later. Again thank you for taking the time to read this. i hope you have an awesome day, please contact me in world to talk with me
  10. Heyas!! I am Gatsby aka EleanorsRigby, I am back on SL after a break and looking for friends. Currently the only person I talk to lives in Lithuania, I live in the US so the time difference makes weekdays in SL pretty boring for me. I live a mostly boring SL at the moment, I decorate and redecorate my skylot, at the moment it is like some odd Romani caravan park, I shop, take pictures of myself, and casually RP. I don't mind having someone to just RP general life with, or maybe even get into a community. I am into all sort of things that I suppose I will list below Marvel Cinematic Universe DC Universes as done by CW with the exception of Supergirl, I tried but I can't Dancing (I really love to get dressed in a leotard and take pictures in variously lovely venues Roleplay Binge watching shows (currently rewatching Primeval) That science fiction show with the blue box that is bigger on the inside Reading Tea People watching I am no opposed to being part of a family, though I've not found anyone that will put up with me just yet.OH! Since I turned off most group chats my messages don't get capped, but if you are worried about me missing a message just drop me a notecard and I will get back to you. I am usually online Mon-Thursday from 1pm-8pm SLT, Fridays I have a tabletop board game group with friends so I tend to be on from 1pm until it starts and then back on once it finishes. On the weekends I try to wake up early so as to maximize the time with my friend on the other side of the world and tend to stick around until late. So no worries about me not being on.
  11. Female Companion Wanted

    male, central time, caring, devoted and I've been told I'm a romantic. I would love to meet an easy going, fun and sweet lady for companionship in SL. I'll define "companionship" - NO LABELS as I find these come with jealousy, obligation, drama, stress. I'm not coming in SL to deal with any of that. We'll have a relationship where we go out to dinner, dancing, sailing or any fun activity, we can spend time cuddling by a fire, talking, taking vacations together, intimacy of course. I enjoy spoiling and pampering once a bond has been formed. I am only seeking one special lady to be my companion and will devote my attention to her WITHOUT the expectation that we need to spend every minute of our log in time together. She will be free to pursue other relationships beyond what we have if this is her wish. We WON'T be dating, partnered, married...whatever. My preference is a woman 34 years or older please.Message me inworld if you're interested in knowing more.