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  1. I see alot of posts here on forums about looking for friends but is there any places where people tend to more easily engage in conversations. I hang out at places like Freebie Galaxy and Social Island, but I wouldnt say either are really good for trying to meet new friends. London I gave up on because of the mass of AFKing people there... I would love to meet new people to hang out with and just chill. Maybe join some kind of rp etc. I have been on sl for years but im pretty much a noob still. I guess since im already posting on here, it would be cool if people who lurk around the forums want to hangout sometime ^w^ Thank you for reading ~💗
  2. Hello, my name is Blaze Rodriguez (xxVi3perxx) I'm a role-player and a Nonbinary Lesbian. I use a male avi since that is what I'm most comfortable with. My pronouns are They / Them / He / Him. I play video games mostly sims 4 on PC and for Xbox i play GTA V, Minecraft, Batman ETC. I'm looking for friends and all sorts of relationships. If you don't mind me being a role-player and looking for a friend, I'm always open. I'm on almost every day Central time 1pm - 10 pm. If you want to be friends feel free to message me on SL.
  3. hey I'm Valentina and I'm looking for friends I'm new to sl and have no one to do anything with, I love shopping, exploring, and trying new things. I'm kinda shy at first but not when I open up. If your interested Inworld IM me or private message on here
  4. Hello everyone! I have been trying to find some places to hang out in and find friends, but it seems very difficult to find a community so I decided I would give it a shot in here. I am a creator in my early 20's with my own SL store, and wish to find other like-minded people who like making things, taking photos or do anything else creative. Other than that, I enjoy doing hunts in SL, voicechatting, playing games (Dead by Daylight, The Sims, Death Stranding, etc) and singing. By the way, feel free to tell me if you know any good places to meet new people If you're interested in perhaps hanging out in SL to chat or explore and get to know eachother, let me know!
  5. It's been awhile since I've been any bit social in Second Life... along the lines of years, even. I don't really make content like I used to since selling my stores, but I still like dipping my toes once in a rare blue moon-- or doing the occasional commission/contract gig. I don't like visiting many populated places in SL much, as people are mostly silent or spamming gestures. So, are there any other socially awkward content creators out there who like to build/chat with friends? Mostly/sometimes, in silence, but with occasional sputs of conversation? I'm an old scool creator (16+years in SL). My creativity tends to work best when I can bounce ideas with other creative people, but in my SL absence over the years, my circle has shrunken down to a few, who are mostly on the other side of the planet to me. However, I see the forums are still active, so why not reach out and [figuratively] touch someone? Who knows who is out there? I used to make an okay-ish living from Second Life before I retired as an creator, now I'm [mostly] just creative for the funsies. I'm a jane of all trades; a generalist who can do everything from scripting to animation to 3D modeling to video/audio/sound production. Though, I often learn more towards scripting in SL; I've made everything from furniture systems to full on gaming systems in SL. I have considered putting my feet back in the game, professionally, but meh. Anyway! If you are a content creator and you like Dark Crystal, Fat Rat, Night Club, Marina and the Diamonds, Dorian Electra, terrible 80s cult movies, and wholesome LGBTQ memes (OneTopic fan anyone?)... send me a message in-world! Please, don't send a friend request out of the blue though, I reject them outright. I gotta vibe with someone beforeI make it official. Other less important things... I'm absolute ADHD/autism-sticken dork; 46, female, eastern Canada; and not looking for any sort of relationships [of any kind] beyond new cool, creative connections/friends. So, let's connect!
  6. Hey yall, I'm new to SL, and I'm currently in search of new friends! I am down to earth, shy at first, goofy, and am the parent friend of the group. If you don't care, I most likely care enough for the both of us. I am genderfluid, I am open to all pronouns, but I do prefer they/them. I am AFAB, and in world I am using a female avatar.. If any of that even matters to you. I love hoochie-mama attire, bougie on a budget, baddie on a budget, throw back to the 90's early 2000's, whatever you wanna call it. I love all forms of styles but this is my favorite kind. I also want to find some friends that want to go to cool places and maybe take pictures or videos for social media (I am on TikTok, Instagram.. New to Flickr). I hope this doesn't get lost in the forums like the rest, but I think that's too high of a hope to have. Happy chatting! ~Rae
  7. Hi Everybody, My name is JulettRose and although I have been part of Second Life since 2013, I haven't really spent enough time meeting others. The past few years I have been so interested in building and creating that I just don't go out and socialize. Now, I just feel lonely when I am online. I am still working on building my private region called Euphoria Falls. It is an adult private region with lots of exploration and activities for all with beautiful rentals. If anybody out there is interested in coming to say hi, I would love to meet new people. I am still building, so please be patient if I don't see you pop up right away, just send me a message! I could use some input on my region and of course it is always fun to meet new people. Visit me at Euphoria Falls! JuliettRose xo
  8. Hello, Im Coco and I have a really small circle of friends in SL. Most of them stopped playing like my daughter and my sister. I have a mom tho. Not looking for family, but if happens I would like to find a sibling. Boy or girl (also for friendship doesn't matter the gender). Im a very introspective noodle who likes to stay at home. But if you're not like that I would enjoy it a lot! I love dance clubs, and I actually listen to the DJ cuz some of them are really good. Not gonna lie, I have several problems. I talk too much, Im jealous, I dont like clingy people but at the same time I want someone who cares, and who logs in SL regularly. Im from Brazil, I'm 33 years old. Oh, and I want people who are mesh. Like full mesh. It's a very ugly prejudice, but Im only human and I like pretty people to hang around. Take care, Coco P.S.: You can add me instead of replying here. Costanza.Lytton
  9. Hi friends My name is Millie and I am new to SL, so I thought I’d make a post to share my experiences so far and see if I can make some new friends along the way. Sorry if this is TLDR worthy. How I was introduced to Second Life: Simple, I was randomly recommended a YouTube video of a Gamer trying out Second Life! So I thought I’d give it a shot and here I am. Day one thoughts: ⁃ Why does my avatar look like one half of the high profile celebrity defamation case going on right now? (IYKYK) ⁃ Clearly MS Paint sponsors this game, evident by the low-res bulletin boards littering the place. ⁃ Free stuff is just a trap of confusing files and boxes. ⁃ Thank goodness for YouTube! Sorta. At this point I had bumped into every surface I came across, downloaded 30 of the same free top and almost called it quits. But thankfully, the greeter in the room reached out and made me feel okay with being such a “n00b”. Greeters/helpers - you all rock! I followed the signs and arrows and finally did my first teleport! I joined a social room with lots of people… and dogs. Of course I was immediately drawn to the virtual animals in game. Cute wagging tails and pixelated floofs? I’m HOOKED. p.s. I’m sorry to anyone wearing an animal avatar that I may have tried to pet that day! After listening to some people on voice chat complain about other avatar looks, troll each other, and lots of spicy language later I almost gave up. But then I got my first private message! Of course I know how the internet works so my first instinct was to be skeptical of anyone and everyone, but spoiler alert - this guy just turned out to be super friendly and helpful. (Without giving away their username, it was slang for “hr0ny man”, so don’t judge my skepticism.) This person took me on a tour of where to find the best free avatars, heads, and skins! Then they invited me back to their apartment to get dressed. Which I finally did thanks to them having the patience of a saint and not laughing at me for freaking out at the accidental nudity that apparently comes along with dressing oneself. Cue lots of frustration and laughing at myself for about what felt like an hour and I was finally dressed. Then I was invited to stay and watch a movie. No, for real! They had a working “TV” with YouTube and other streaming things just hanging out on their virtual boathouse. Was this about to be a Netflix and chill situation? Nope! We just watched a slightly awkward, low-budget drama with a couple of awkward love scenes. Which of course made me hide my newly installed eyes and laugh like my parents were in the room with me or something just as embarrassing. Then I got to meet my first “creep” for lack of a better term. He mentioned his “roommate” has a dog, so obviously I said yes when he suggested he summon said roommate and dog. All was well and only slightly suspicious and catfishy at first. Then I got my first request to “voice chat” for pay. I’ll leave the juicy language used to your imagination. I declined, as that’s not what I’m here for. But no offense to anyone that is. Get that Linden coin! I went exploring a bit more and completely wrecked my avatar once I was left to my own devices. Thankfully stranger number 3 was just as helpful as stranger number 1 and got me semi back on track. But at this point it was like 3 am and I only had one nap that day so I had to GO. Dreams of flying into trees and missing eyeballs later, I decided to give it another go. Day two thoughts: ⁃ Is $12 worth it to not have to get accidentally naked in public trying to change clothes? Yes. ⁃ Where are all of the dogs and why have they suspiciously disappeared? ⁃ Why is this guy with his pickle out standing so close to me? After shelling out the big bucks for a premium membership (yes, they sunk their hooks into me almost immediately and bled me dry) I spent all afternoon trying to repair the damage from the mistakes I made the night before. When my avatar was half decent and only missing her shoes, I went out exploring once more! I met lots of friendly people and a couple not so friendly people. For anyone curious it was an immediate private message asking to be my boyfriend and “crying” when I said no, because that’s literally not how relationships work. Then spammed with compliments of my avatar, invites back to their luxurious beach, and told repeatedly he was a millionaire in real life and wanted to buy me everything I could ever dream of. And then immediately called a gold digger when I replied with my wishlist taking them up on their offer of buying me things instead of their offer of “romance”. Hey, maybe it’s tacky but I knew this persons game. (If you’re feeling extra nice, here is said wishlist lol - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/wishlists/shesdelicate) Thankfully the friendly people outwieighed the negative and I had a lot of fun dancing, shopping, and chatting! I’m still trying to find my confidence when it comes to initiating or jumping into the conversation. I appreciate when others take the first step and message me, then it’s practically impossible to get me to shut up lol. I still don’t know how to decorate my house (a few random boxes are stuck in the floors/walls) and shoes are still next level, but I’m sure YouTube can help me figure something out. All in all - I really enjoy SL and hope to make many friends while I’m here! Just a quick get to know me: I have a family cat and two dogs, I’m going to school for programming (I’m not very good at it yet), I love all things Disney, most shades of pink, Hello Kitty, Studio Ghibli, chocolate snacks, my favorite game is Animal Crossing, I enjoy crafting/making, reading, going on adventures, and taking naps. If you want to be friends feel free to message me in game! Username: shesdelicate TLDR: Saw a YouTuber play SL, signed up and ran into a bunch of people and things but eventually met some helpful strangers along the way. Now I’m hooked and want more friends!
  10. Hi there, yet another returning player looking for new friends I left SL about 10 years ago because of RL and getting interested in other online games. When I got back to SL a few months ago, I noticed that my friends list was pretty much always offline, and places that I used to like, weren't there anymore or simply abandoned. Because exploring SL alone gets pretty boring and lonely fast, I'm searching for some new friends. I like music (clubs + live), exploring, taking photo's, chatting, dancing (also slow dancing), and much, much more... I'm very Dutch, friendly, a bit silly and naughty, a free spirit, and single in SL + RL. Because I'm from Europe, it would be awesome if you are on the same timezone as me (SLT+9 GMT+2) or close to it. Feel free to drop me an IM or to contact me inworld.
  11. Well, I asked about OpenGL driver but again, I'm already fixing it by myself bc it seems to be something nobody is sure how to fix LOL. So, I was thinking about something else.. This avi isn't old, but I've been in SL for years and I've seen everything or almost everything. What I haven't seen, I have heard. It seems to me that ppl can make friends, a lot of us have each other's numbers, have each other's FB and some meet in RL too. Making friends is ok. Now, do you really trust someone to be your partner? We all say it's just a game but I've known ppl who left with a broken heart. Most of the times bc 95% of ppl have alts and just... lie about everything. For some SL is just a place to find sex partners or more than a gf/bf, where you can be male or female, even a unicorn if you want. Literally. I don't mean to serioulsy discuss this at this point in my life bc we all had all kinds of experiences, but I want to ask a happier question: how many happy ending have you heard about in SL and actually know about? You know, ppl who quit and go RL or log on together to play together and visit friends or whatever but you know they're together RL.
  12. Hi there, I was just getting back to this lovely world since 12 years ago, and got lost on how to tinker with my account so decided to create this fresh one, stupidly I deleted my old account (before I figure out how to connect payment). Is there any way to retrieve that old deleted account? I just discover that we have age here, and found it cool to get that 'old age' back 😄 Aside of that, I found that many places are quite empty due to time differences with my local time (usually online afterhour) GMT+7, only those social island etc, is there any city etc alive within my localtime? I'm looking for friends to wander around hopping thru these places, perhaps trying those interesting places (I discovered places like horizons, those riding track, etc) Currently I like being in Fox Hollow, due to its similarities with real town etc but its always empty there. So anyone who wanna make friends and hanging out afterhours, feel free to message me! See you
  13. Hi there! 😃 I have tried this before, but I'm trying again! I'm looking for some new buddies, preferably someone with common interests, especially for gaming, I do have some already but I thought it would be nice with someone who also use Second life. You may call me Pixelberry or Pixel for short, I'm a 27 year old female from EU, I have been on Second life since 2007, I have been struggling with social anxiety for decades so I'm mostly stuck at home, having a lot of time to waste really. I really love the autumn season, autumn colors, the cold weather, halloween and horror movies, my favorite horror icons being Jason Voorhees and Micheal Myers. I also really like anime and manga, but I do not watch or read it as often as I used to, my favorite genres being Horror, Psychological, Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy, scifi and *Cough* Hentai, but mostly just the "art" tho. I love games such as Call of duty: Warzone, Hunt showdown, 7 days to die, Don't starve together, Dead by daylight and other games, I'm the chill type of person who just plays for fun, so I tend to not like people who turn toxic towards others because they can't handle losing, or handle people doing mistakes. I have always been tomboyish when it comes to personality, I get along better and feel more comfortable around male friends rather than female friends, I'm not crossing you out, but I'm saying it is more likely that we will not get along, or at least it will be hard to. I'm also quite shy at the start, but I usually warm up to people, unless they are introverted and awkward like me lmao, so I prefer people who are the opposite of me honestly, because it is easier that way. I of course got flaws, such as having trust issues with strangers, being paranoid and really disliking crowds of people, but I do consider myself kind and caring, so I hope it balances it out. You usally can see me wearing my anime avatar or human avatar, but it has mostly been my anime avatar recently, I also do not dress uh "casually" so to speak, so if you dislike that then, you will either have to cover me up with a big paper bag or something else I guess! Anyhoot. I don't think I need to say anything else, I think it would be more fun to get to know each other rather than writing a whole bible about myself! 😅 ( In short, I'm looking for gaming buddies, with common interests preferably males or other tomboyish girls who speaks somewhat fluent english, I tend to be picky on who I befriend with, it's not your fault but my own, because of how I am as a person. What I'm not looking for is romantic relationships, as I am already in love with my RL boyfriend, hopefully you can respect that. ) I prefer getting contacted trough IMs ( Pixelberry resident ). Thank you, have a wonderful day! 😁
  14. After spending about 2 months in SL, I thought about how to make friends here at all? How to be a good friend? What does a good friend mean to you? It's very interesting to hear your opinion!
  15. I'm a British guy looking around SL for some good people who are into really deep discussion. If you're into book wormy stuff and book clubs even better. I want to set up some really good gatherings centred around debating topics too. I love nothing more than logging on and finding myself pondering something new with people. It gets addictive! So give me a hello in SL with "saw you seeking friends in the forum". My name in SL is Ishayu Resident. Looking forward to meeting you.
  16. Hi, my name is Tahlia. I am in world alot throughout the day and spend most of it standing around at my home. I am looking for friends that enjoy wondering around to new places, playing in world games, or just hanging out and chatting about whatever is on our minds. I do not have a preference on genders as long as you keep it strictly friends. I do not want a relationship. I also go back and forth from a child avi to an adult depending on my mood. so you must be ok with whatever form I choose to be in. If there is something you want to do that requires an adult avi i would be happy to dress appropriately. I have wonderful parents already and am not willing to leave them. Hit me up if your interested or have any questions.
  17. Hi, I'm fairly new to Second Life I'm looking for new friends and someone who would show me around! Male, 21+, Europe
  18. Hi, Hey everyone. Hope you're all having a good Sunday. I'm having kind of a lonely day today. If anyone else is feeling alone, feel free to IM me and we could go hang out for a bit. Peace THEHERO Snowfall https://flickr.com/photos/theherosnowfall/
  19. Binary Trance Club - Lineup: Thursday, Sept 02: 10AM SLT: DJ Shade Feat Host Morgana - 12PM SLT: DJ Novo Saenz - 2PM SLT: DJ Lord Kraii See you at the Party!!! օռʟʏ ȶɦɛ ɮɛֆȶ ɨռ ֆɛƈօռɖ ʟɨʄɛ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ʍʊֆɨƈ!! Live• [https://streams.sohogroup.ca/public/binaryclub] Limo• [http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats/222/223/25] Pics •[https://www.flickr.com/photos/nikoladreamsoftrance/] Discord • [https://discord.gg/DgAuFvZD97]
  20. MK Home Rental office (starts August 2021): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seafront/23/143/23 Dear ADULT-FURNISHED HOMES admirers, As MK Home Rental aims to keep on developing, we have moved all adult-furnished homes to the new location in a private region, with very less lag. We are happy to call the area: Apurva MK Beach-Hill Resort A beautiful beach and hill area of modern homes with dominating touch of admiration to nature/greeneries. Pick your adult-furnished home, whether to maximize the enjoyment of adult life in SL or simply as a retreat home away from RL. MK ADULT-FURNISHED homes only use high quality brands: Ruckus, Debauchery, Rawage, Lalou, VRDz, Fancy Decor, Apple Fall, CasperTech, and more. We do not force a community in the Apurva MK Beach-Hill Resort, yet strongly encourage respectful approaches to fellow residents. Our new location has new shared-beach area, shared pool area, and more to follow. Visit the new location of MK Home Rental Office starts from August 2021: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Seafront/23/143/23 you may also check this link to see what is available: CasperPanel - Available Rentals self house tour is allowed for 10 minutes in each vacant home, the security may remind you and that's fine. MK Home Rental continues to provide affordable yet high-quality ADULT-FURNISHED Premium and Regular homes, with extra prims. Premium Homes: 1) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH HOUSE; 2) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH COTTAGE; 3) ADULT-FURNISHED BEACH VILLA; 4) ADULT-FURNISHED HILL MODERN-CUBE; 5) ADULT-FURNISHED HILL CABIN. Regular Homes: 1) ADULT-FURNISHED SLEEK ATTIC; 2) ADULT FURNISHED SLEEK PARISIAN; 3) ADULT-FURNISHED NEW YORK ECOLOFT; and more to follow. Come join as an Apurva MK Beach-Hill resident now. ~ xoxo - millenakera ~
  21. Hey there. My name is Cait, I’m 31 years old and I’m a returning player. I first started Second Life 12 years ago where I played for almost a year before I quit until now. A little about me, I’m a gamer and a nerd that’s into anime, MCU, the Legend of Zelda series, and Final Fantasy series just to name a few. I also like to do writing and photography. Please send me a message @Yosho Sirnahin game or here if you’re interested! PS. Not interested in anything sexual whatsoever, strictly friendship only.
  22. Hi! Decided to come have a looksie around here, since in-world it seems like its getting harder and harder to find like minded people. We are a small goup of friends who like to do dumb stuff and hangout. We're kinda weird, but hopefully that won't be a problem. There are currently about 6 of us who are the most active, looking for new friends as our group has slowly grown smaller over the year. We bounce between rp styles and would love to meet new people interested in hanging out with us and maybe joining us for things like this as well as parties/hanging out during holidays, games, exploring.... being weirdos in general Most of us live together on a rented land, but theres also those who live on their own and just hangout at our place. So there is an option to become a roommate, if it looks like we hit it off. Were all between 19-30 years old, from different countries though. So our timezones are different. But most of our sleeping schedules are messed up, so were on quite alot. Our group has humans, furries, horses, wolves.... pretty much everything you can think of. Theres no discrimination of other people of any kind. And no bullying. Ask if you want to know something else. Shoot me an IM if you would like to meet and hangout! ^,..,^
  23. Ahoy TRANCE FANS! Get ready for a HUGE SURPRISE this Weekend at Binary Trance Club as we prepare to Sail into another State of Trance Weekends!!... SAT, June 26: 10AM SLT - DJ Stevanno, 12PM SLT - DJ Yennefer (debuting), 2PM SLT - DJ Canta, 4PM SLT - DJ Joaquin, 6PM SLT - DJ Smilo, Featuring Binary Hosts: Nemo, Omar, Lyric, Janey, LordKarn. SUN, June 27: 10AM SLT - DJ Jessi Heartsong, 12PM SLT - DJ Joaquin, 2PM SLT - DJ Armando, 4PM SLT - DJ Venom Andretti, 6PM SLT - DJ Joanie Joubert, Featuring Binary Hosts: Roxy, Lyric, Omar, LordKarn, Mousty. Tune in live: streams.sohogroup.ca/radio/8070/radio.mp3?1620714122 Taxi: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prized%20Possession/210/20... ɮɨռǟʀʏ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ƈʟʊɮ - ɮքʍ ɨֆ ʏօʊʀ օӼʏɢɛռ!! օռʟʏ ȶɦɛ ɮɛֆȶ ɨռ ֆɛƈօռɖ ʟɨʄɛ ȶʀǟռƈɛ ʍʊֆɨƈ!! Summer Surprise @ Binary Trance Club | Ahoy TRANCE FANS! Get… | Flickr
  24. Hello there My name is Viper, I'm looking to make some friends here on second life. I've been using SL since 2018 even though my account was made in 2011 but I never used SL until middle of 2018. I've been around to lots of sims and made a few friends over the years but mostly I'm looking for friends and maybe more if we both get along. I'm poly as well and wouldn't mind grouping up with others. but I am into various things like exploring, taking photos, blogging, clubbing etc. if anyone is interested feel free to message me inworld on SL or here in the forums I look forward to meeting up with you soon. ~ Viper Nova
  25. Hello! I've been on the SL for about 2 months, and I've noticed that there aren't many chatty people around except for maybe on the forums. Which is why I'm posting this. If anyone wants to hang out, we might have some interests, who knows. If not, I'm always interested in learning new things from people that could spark my interest. I'm on near daily, and I work a bartending job at Cheer's, so if you want to hang out there, though we by no means have to. I'll stop rambling now. Thank you for reading. Edit: Forgot to put down interests- + History + Reading + Amish (A type of old-way religion, though I'm only curious about them as people, since they are very isolated from Outsiders) + Attempting to build in both Blender and Second Life + There's probably a few more, but this list is getting pretty long and you probably don't want to read anymore.
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