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  1. I once encountered someone who was trying to shame people whose avatars did not match their RL racial demographic; they called it Racial Play-Acting and cultural appropriation and were quite indignant about it. I tried to politely educate them that they were shaming people who were filling Non-Player-Character roles in our RP sim, because we had no one PLAYING a Chinese scientist or a Colombian Politician.....but they were pretty invested in the notion that SL should always match RL. People like that confuse me....
  2. EVERYBODY is looking for the Naked party...
  3. When you try to walk through a door, and something prevents you.......you have been blocked :-)
  4. It was pretty freaky, especially as I was working at the kind of place where we were expected to be "normal and upstanding" people :-) I can FAKE that in RL pretty well, but its not me......... He finally realized that I didn't need or WANT saving from my strange lifestyle, but it was a hard sell because I look so damn NORMAL :-)
  5. I try to keep my RL firewalled from SL. I do have other social media related to my SL avatar, but that doesn’t overlap to RL. Once, when a (clueless) friend from both RL and SL accidentally leaked my identity to someone in SL - they promptly went “RL Stalker” on me and flowers started showing up at my RL workplace from someone I barely knew in SL. Ever since then, I have been leery. I’m always at work in RL unless I’m home and either asleep or in SL - so you might say I prefer my partner of 12+ years and friends here to RL anyway :-) I can’t log out of RL when people g
  6. It’s interesting to see how customs play out globally :-) You largely won’t see men holding hands in the US either, but elsewhere it’s not uncommon. SL is a great opportunity for the global community to mix, but that also involves a period of adjustment :-D
  7. There is definitely a difference between being a radio DJ (where you talk more), a Club DJ (where you mix more) and being an SL Event DJ where you have a host handling the people and most of your job is having an interesting basic playlist, fielding requests and helping draw guests to the venue. All three roles have their own subtlety that has to be mastered.
  8. Is it advertising if I mention a place where I work? The Factory does events starting at 4pm and the usual crowd is from all over the SL spectrum :-) My Partner and I work there, so I can speak for the LGBT-friendly part :-) I also like the Blarney Stone very much as well as Velvet Thorn. VT also caters to the FemDom / BDSM scene, so it might be outside the range of your question; but they are splended folks there and definitely good with the SL LGBT community. Feel free to check my Picks inworld for TP links.
  9. Of course, many handsome, muscular, well-dressed, well-inked and hugely endowed Male SL avatars also have typists that fit the stereotype you mentioned :-) Which is fine with me :-)
  10. If I can reply to this without it being considered advertising...then Baja Bay :-)
  11. On our original avatars, I met my partner in November of 2005 in the old Amazon Nations (Freelon & Themiskaya). Like the energizer bunny....still going.......
  12. The last time I heard, LL was pretty down on the selling of avatars. Things being what they are, they can’t deal with Griefers, but I can see them unleashing the Legal Hounds on someone selling their alt.
  13. It’s probably best to leave politics out of that particular discussion. I’m fiscally (not socially) conservative and one of the most erotically freaky people I know. I know a lot of others like me too :-) IMO being tolerant in SL means not slamming entire groups of people based on appearances or taste. In the parts of the BDSM community, I inhabit we kinda codify that thinking as “Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is OK” Do your thing, as long as I’m not Forced to participate beyond my comfort zone; I’m fine :-) My personal validation is not required for other people
  14. I wear my handfasting ring in SL and hordes of people try to ignore what IT means, why should someone be questioned about wearing a collar ? :-)
  15. My biggest disappointment has been my inability to find a dance HUD that allows two female avatars to dance together without having massive height-offset issues, sync issues, dances that look awkward, or some mix of all three :-) Its not a big deal, but my Partner and I -like- to dance together.
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