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  1. Thats awesome Rowan 🙂 I acknowledge that SL is a big place and hopefully experiences are mostly positive ! Still...sneaky Bias manifests itself in a myriad of ways that we normally don’t make a big deal of. ”You don’t voice so you must be cross-gendered in SL” which is really saying more about the gender preference or possibly the phobia of the speaker. But there are people whose friendship/good will is contingent on *you* very obviously fitting into *their* comfort zone. I guess if someone *is* here for sex, they might have a reasonable concern about not triggering themsel
  2. Often in club work, you encounter people who are virtually present but not participating (or watching) Local chat because they and their social group are on some version of Voice (this can be Skype, SL Voice or something else). I know this because I have a couple of friends that do this using Discord and who include me in their funny shenanigans via Discord Text People are free to do as they please, so no biggie there 🙂 That has nothing to do with the main topic; but with the prevalence of voice-communication overlaid with SL. So one does not need to be in a sex sim to encount
  3. This isn’t big-ticket discrimination, which is why it flies under the radar in SL. If you’re speech-impaired here, you’re subject to all sorts of shenanigans. Relationally and Inworld Employment-wise, you’re very much a second class citizen in the voice-centric world That is SL. Amazingly, I can still find DJ gigs - but so with any such group; you have to hustle twice as hard just to stay even. Does it stop me? No. Other people can only define or stereotype you if you play along 🙂
  4. Things may have changed, but I gave up my Original 2005 avatar for Amanda due to a stalker - after LL told me there was no way to hide from them and not much THEY could do for me as my Stalker kept making new alts.. Scanners can pick up your status no matter what. People can look in Groups you are a member of (in many cases) and see your status. I was told at the time that allowing a true Zero Global Presence had many issues associated with it, some stemming from the inworld economy and the nature of how SL was constructed. Hopefully this changes/has changed, as only the feeling
  5. I’m bisexual in RL but identify as homosexual (with exceptions) in SL. I’m in a LONG-term committed relationship in SL, but if my Partner suddenly wanted to Swing, take on a Poly partner or kicks me to the curb - these would be the exceptions; -Male avatar with female typist would be fine so long as she was not out to role-play the “darker side” of masculinity. Believe me; in 15 years I’ve seen that happen. -Female avatar with any-gender typist. If a male on a female avatar carried Herself well, makes me laugh, can be loyal and our kinks match, that could work. I’m not in
  6. So I’m listening to an old Mashup called the Rock Harmony 🙂
  7. “Starman” by David Bowie, from the soundtrack of “The Martian”
  8. Personally, I don’t care one whit about Voice or Cam. Voice is a problem for me due to disability following an early-life stroke/brain injury. SL is my “reprieve” from having to deal with this issue out in the real world Cam....I just didn’t care. I’m not planning to hook up in RL with anyone from the Internet, so all I need to know is how they choose to appear while in SL. *If anything* I think Voice harmed the SL Community. If you;’re about to type something heinous, you have a monument to consider it before you hit “enter”. On Voice, whatever rant a person was on ge
  9. Pearl, We live in a world where substantial segments of the population can’t see the difference between “Disagree” and “Hate” and the increasingly common solution to “Disagree” is to ignore the person and their life’s work. IMO, the only reasonable course of action in a situation like that is to Be Yourself. You can’t control what other people think, say or do. If you’re happy with yourself, thats good enough. Be Yourself. That way, when you get flamed anyway; you have the satisfaction of having at least been authentic. This is the Internet; everybody gets flamed 🙂
  10. “I shall never be ashamed of citing a bad author if the line is good.” ― seneca
  11. I’ve endured a couple of decades in the corporate world after surviving my military service. The sign out-front at our workplace has changed multiple times over the years, but any other changes were mostly cosmetic. If you’re a target for acquisition, this usually means you do something other people *want* and most of them are Wiley enough to let you keep doing it once their name is on the door. There are horrible exceptions of course; like being bought by someone with too much ego or too little business sense. My personal experience has always been in line with the old cliche;
  12. Running a club in SL has to be a labor of love, because 99% of the time its not financially viable. Thats *not* a reason not to try, but expect it to be a money-sink for quite a while - maybe forever. If you want to run a place where interesting people can mix and mingle and you don’t care much about being #1, you have a much greater chance of being satisfied with the whole thing. Advice: Be good to your staff. So many club owners see the $ going out with not quite as much coming back - and go straight to “shouty” mode. I have seen this multiple times over 15 years here;
  13. I delete people; (a) if we reach the point that mutual respect is out the window (b) if they get Stalky Conversely, in the last fifteen years I have had fourteen SL friends (That I know of) pass away in RL and they will remain on my friends list until I log to whatever grid they’ve moved onto. I’m not big on deleting people just because they stopped logging on suddenly; it may not have been their choice and I’m sentimental.
  14. Interesting topic !! Random Info: I’m in a profession where I’ve been randomly subjected to “Meyers-Briggs” personality-typing for longer than I would rather admit (related to leadership and organizational development training). FOREVER I was constantly typed over-and-over as a strong Extrovert with “crusading idealist” tendencies (ENFJ - A). Then I had a left-brain stroke because too little sleep, half-marathons and a steady diet of stress can do that..... My Extraversion has morphed into something more introverted and thoughtful. These days I graph more on the “Intraversi
  15. There are (In My opinion) two Broad kinds of “SL People”; (a) - People who are here to Play a Game or generally goof off and be entertained or distracted. (b) - People who are here because this is a “world” they inhabit and people like them are their (sometimes dysfunctional) “tribe”. I’m on the forums because I am a “B” who works a *LOT* in RL and this lets me keep up with what the tribe is up to. I like techy, geeky, internet people & the unusual conversations That happen when all the Techy-Geeky-Caffinated-Whatever collides 🙂 ”Techy-Geeky-Caffeinated-Whatever” s
  16. I’m posting much less for two reasons; 01..Jerkazoids 02..RL politics and political activity being brought to the forums. I find it easier not to engage than to get my blood pressure up over manners or someone collecting Virtue points:-) SL is my escape from RL. I try to keep it that way. Peace.
  17. Were you referring to the heritage largely perpetrated by Hollywood and Washington DC, or the real ones? I was born and raised in Western America (cowgirl country), the ‘Murika I see so derided in the global media has very little to do with how I grew up. Neither did the pop culture depictions of our military match my experiences in Africa, Latin America and the Balkans. I earned my PTSD trying to identify which religious/political zealots filled various mass graves (in countries with histories much older than mine) and my objective now is to live quietly and pretend to be as sane as
  18. I have an Alt To get some time alone so I can, -Build in peace -Explore the grid as opposed to being limited by Routine -Not get IMs from strangers who think models and DJs are call girls who don’t advertise well -Visit other clubs and hear music that my social circle may not like -Have “time away” when things just pile up. https://media2.giphy.com/media/gHERSbsvcnucAtm6Di/giphy.gif?cid=4d1e4f29763c1e24766f49db22bea89d031e819d864636c2&rid=giphy.gif
  19. This is an amusing problem if you’re somewhat vocally-impaired, but one with a simple solution; ”Don’t hang around with people who care about that.” Mute/Derendering people who insist on being a pest about this is also useful. SL makes it possible to *only* have to deal with whatever you’re willing to put up with, if you use the tools. Note: This won’t completely stop a dedicated Stalker, so the trick is to rezz the mean ones out of your world before you get into a protracted argument with them and put them in Psycho Mode
  20. What you might be running into is “fear of Indirect peer pressure”. Overall, I think SL has lots of people who absolutely - in their own mind - don’t mind whose avatar is what. Unfortunately, many of those same people are reluctant to come out and be publicly supportive of someone who is “out” because they fear *their own friends* would not be very accepting of *them* if they do. I’m happy that you’re looking for friends and I’d be very pleased to be one 🙂
  21. One really critical thing you *need* to know about anyone you thing about getting *romantic* with in SL (feelings involved) is how the other person handles Second Life; (a) Its a game, nothing here counts, BTW - how DO I level up ? (Invest no emotion, make use of them if they give really good QWERTY and you feel like it, but no strings) (b) Wants to Partner on the first date. (Seriously?, Beware of the Potential Stalker.) (c) Talks to you about their interests and is interested in yours. Courteous to the “Typist”. (Potential Keeper) (d) Begins every conversation with an ana
  22. I have no issues letting the Market Decide. Personally, my hair color rarely varies so I don’t need the fatpack. My mouse-brown locks are considerably cheaper than 1K, so I keep a variety of styles 🙂 So, people will vote with their pocketbooks.
  23. My thought is that if your landlord is unresponsive, you need a new landlord. There are plenty of rentals in Sl with active, engaged staff.
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