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  1. Here is actually what brought about this acquisition: https://inews.co.uk/news/business/spac-hack-power-struggle-silicon-valley-wall-street-569880
  2. Not having read through ALL of the comments about this POSSIBLE acquisition of Linden Lab Research. Researching a bit into the two persons mentioned it all seems like normal business as usual in the corporate world. As to Linden and Second Life from the beginning LL has always held to what I call the 3 monkey policy. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Now of course over the years LL has implemented what one would call CYA policies that ALL of us has agreed to. (how many times have you signed on and clicked agree to TOS?? ). LL has been taken to court a few times over the many years
  3. So as we know in SL one can make many friends if they so like.A very LONG list in fact. Also one can now change their name. So lets open it up. Why ONE partner? Shouldn't that be up to each to decide? Exactly what is PARTNER? (The little box on one's front profile page). Well let's look at what LL has to say on this. There they state: Partnership is a vanity display for social purposes only. If one reads on in fact partnering does not give the partners anything EXCEPT one's name in one's profile partner box. So hey I say its time to up the vanity. I think there should be allowed MORE than on
  4. In searching for an answer of exactly how much memory a Homestead can use or is "allowed" I was unable to get a answer. So here I am in the forum. Can anyone give an answer of how a Homestead is placed on the server? How many Homesteads on a CPU? IF multiple Homesteads are on a CPU what are the allowed memory allotments? I guess this maybe proprietary information since it seems one can not get a real definitive answer as to how this works but would be nice to have at least some idea what one is paying for here in the SL. Also to help maybe understand what and how this effects a regions lag. T
  5. Okay so now we have a name change game. Before we had a rise in membership fees and larger commissions on MP and buying/selling $L. Well lets try something that might generate some revenue. Lets allow the ONE time transfer of inventory. Yes there are people who have given up on accounts. Some with years worth of inventory. Ohhh spent a lot of $L in doing so. So LL lets allow those who desire to "make the change" the ability to decide to move inventory. Now there are those especially creators who would say...wtf! Nooo way. I would loose sales....this is MY creation etc etc. Ok lets look at TOS
  6. One can Terraform in second life land so why can not Waterform on water? Thanks
  7. Here's an idea. Why not make Ban Lines INVISIBLE?? Problem solved. No one sees them and when people try and enter ones parcel they run into an INVISIBLE wall! Land looks cleanno sees anything and all can happy happy hippos. I know this is possible come on Linden IF your looking for aesthetics on this brand NEW land that looks nice and clean AND still provides people with privacy and security GIVE it a try. Then see how it looks and works 😋
  8. The first is that at 6am SLT on Wed April 17th, we are going to uncheck the box on the Linden Homes estate that allows parcel owners access restrictions to be more restrictive than the estate. Meaning: no ban lines. It's our belief that with a sense of community being a main goal of Linden Homes, ban lines send the wrong message. Parcel owners can still ban troublesome individuals by name on their parcel but they will not be able to put their land in virtual lock down by restricting access to group only. Ok so let see LL advertises NEW LINDEN HOMES!. Show cases them before hand. Now NOWHE
  9. So it seems the issue continues? or is it resolved? Some how I think the focus should be on the operation of the "Cache" file system. Since this operation varies with everyone's own system. Does adding animesh along with EEP create more issues than one realizes. How is it "cached"? I know when caehe was first looked at (2007 time frame) there was much discussion about VFS and fragmentation. Would this explain why there is random occurrences? How is the "cache" retrieved? How is it stored on each persons system? I am not a code person but over the years I have seen some pretty bad fragmentation
  10. We shall see Whirly. As of yesterday I still "crashed" or "disconnected" however we want to call it. There is an issue and it ONLY happens when tries to TP. Seems it should be easy to understand since tping has been around long time and worked fine (most of the time) until a few months ago.
  11. I understand some of the Jira that was created for this issue. What amazes me is no basic logic used to work this problem out. Instead people send messages to the Jira trying to replicate the problem or people write and blame peoples systems.! Just because YOU haven't had the issue doesn't mean it isn't happening! Seriously..it IS a problem. Now lets look back at when this appeared as a problem or at least started to creep across the grid . Until the roll out of Animesh and this thing called EEP there where few messages about "crashes" or "disconnects" reported. Also I notice that when one cra
  12. "it happens, things fail, it's the nature of the beast when you run a huge environment like SL, remember this is an active product in development since 2003, some of it is old and legacy and can not be easily redone. " One might remind everyone that it COULD be redone and made better IF instead of wasting money on SANSAR LL could have started a bigger and better platform for ALL SL residents. Back in the "day" people put up with bad platform because it didn't cost a lot. Land was free , nobody knew what the price of $L was going to be and when one was able to login it was fascinating just
  13. Now that Linden Lab has upped the fee for buying $L I was wondering if this increase has helped SL. We know that LL increased prims to lands and they reduced charges to land owners. So are all the buyers of $L absorbing the cost of these "improvements"? We see most improvements coming from creators in SL does the increase in fee help them? It is interesting that long ago Linden Lab used to publish data on all sorts of things about second life statistics that stopped so we really have no idea whether second life is profitable or things have improved. We do know that Sansar project has probably
  14. Greetings Whirly. Yes I do believe there is a bug going around groups. Interestingly enough the groups that effect me as to group call and those in those groups are groups that are NOT open to join. So I am not sure if "open" groups are effected since I have not tried making a open group call. What I did notice is that as I moved from one group to another because one would not group call the other groups also stopped working and giving the same error message. So maybe there is something corrupting the code or when one doesn't log out of a call in group the call "hangs" therefore not allowing i
  15. Hello Tommy. I appreciate your response. To answer your question no I have not tried the "official" viewer so I can not say if the issue happens there. Is there some reason why the 3rd party viewer would act differently with vivox ? I am using Vivox 4.6.0017.22050 I imagine that the "official" viewer uses the same. Does the number of groups effect its use? Again thanks for your response. In response to Alwin I find that group voice chat is nice tool when in areas that do not allow voice so friends I am with we can chat instead of type Yes we be lazy..lol. and for some who find typing
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